Blog: To Do List

Okay, so I thought I keep a little tab on things and let on with what I’m currently doing as in blog posts and whatnot.

Songs To Be Translated:

  • Will Never Change My Love For You – Hu Ge
  • Where You Are (有你的地方) – Chris Wang
  • Love Journey (愛情旅程) – Angela Chang
  • In Love, There’s No Wrong Party (愛情里沒有誰對誰錯) – Jacky Zheng
  • A Date So Sweet – 183 Club
  • Discover Love (發現愛) – Alex To
  • Discover True Love (發現真愛) – 183 Club
  • Bai Bai De (白白的) – Angela Chang
  • That Year (那一年) – Nicholas Teo

Music Reviews: I actually need to re-organize my music collection again.

  • Kevin Cheng’s It’s A Long Story
  • Calvin Chen’s It’s Still Summer
  • You Sheng’s Mr. Perfect?
  • Elisa Lin’s Adventures Music Journal
  • Nicholas Teo’s Long Vacation
  • Nicholas Teo’s To Be…
  • Angela Chang’s Head Over Heels

Movies Reviews:

  • Linger
  • Tea Fight – YES, I meant to do this a long time ago but I kept getting into other obsessions. Major apology to Vic fans!
  • Love You 10,000 Years – I actually haven’t watched it yet though I have the dvd, lol. Talking about being behind.
  • Dancing Without You – Again, still haven’t watch though I got it.
  • Magic To Win – Got this awhile back.
  • Citizen King – Johnson Lee’s movie
  • Sleepless Fashion
  • Any Other Side
  • Saving General Yang
  • Touch of Light
  • Kiasu – Xiu Jie Kai + Dou Hua Mei

TV Series Reviews:

  • Gu Jian En Chou Ji 1984: Part III – OMG, I totally forgot that I didn’t finish posting it. BUT I need to watch the last bit again to remember accurately, lol. However, notice that I divided it into 10-years gap SO hope it wasn’t too much of a cliff hanger.
  • Legend of Star Apple – Episode 6 – YES, need to finish the episode summaries.
  • Love In Penghu – Episode 2 – Placeholder is done BUT actual summaries haven’t been filled yet.
  • Only You (TVB) – Episode 2 – YES, I finally finished it and had some notes, just need to write the posts and post it up, etc.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Episode 1 – NOT on top of my priority list but might as well put it here for tracking purposes.
  • Autumn’s Concerto – Episode 1 – Also the same as the previous but just keeping track here.
  • Bao Qing Tian: Huang Jin Meng
  • Refresh 3+7


  • Full Moon Curved Sabre – Prologue

Fan Fiction:

  • Hide & Seek – Chapter 7 – Vic & Cyndi
  • Honey In Tea – Chapter 1 – Joe & Janine
  • Payback – Chapter 5 – Xiu Jie Kai, Cynthia, Nic, and Dou Hua Mei
  • Stranded – Prologue – Wallace, Hu Ge, Ray Ma, and others
  • The Business – Chapter 7 – Wallace, Penny, Van, Tammy, and Enson
  • Poster to-do/re-do:
    • Afraid of Darkness
    • Haunting Past
    • Scheming Nature
    • Slanted Thoughts I
    • The Dating Game 1-6 (ALL 4 POSTERS LOOK LAME TO DEATH)
    • The Other Extreme

Other Randomness:

  • More “Favorite Quotes” posts.

*To-Do List will be update from time to time OR it will disappear when I finally finish aka all caught up with stuffs (LOL)…

Janine Chang, Mainland China Entertainment, Wallace Huo

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace: Janine Chang – Part II

The wrap-up was awhile back, but once again, I’m the slow poke that didn’t update, lol.

What compelled me to update at long last was this scene. Now I’m more eager to watch it.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Taiwanese Entertainment

My Heart Is Like A Cloud by Jimmy Lin

(Uploaded by: 鹉青)

Song Title: My Heart Is Like A Cloud (心雲 )

Lyrics by: Xia Ge  (夏哥)

Music by: Cai Zong Zheng (蔡宗政)

Bold = Chinese
Blue = Pin Yin
Indigo = English
Royal Blue = Vietnamese

tian shang de yun shi wo de xin
The Heavenly clouds are my heart
Mây trên trời là tim của tôi
feng chui guo piao liu bu ding
If the wind blows by, it will drift indefinitely
Gió thổi qua sẽ phiêu lưu bất định
誰能用真情 誰能用真心
shui neng yong zhen qing   shui neng yong zhen xin
Who could use true love and heart
Ai có thể dùng chân tình lẫn chân tâm
rang wo de xin bu zai xiang fu ping
To not let my heart be like duckweeds?
Để cho tim tôi không như cánh bèo trôi?

qing chen lu zhu shi wo de xin
The morning dew is my heart
Giọt sương ban mai là tim của tôi
zhuan yan xiao shi wu zong ying
Within a blink of an eye, it will disappear without a trace
Chỉ nháy mắt một cái là nó sẽ tan biến đi
誰能用真情 誰能用真心
shui neng yong zhen qing   shui neng yong zhen xin
Who could use true love and heart
Ai có thể dùng chân tình lẫn chân tâm
留住我的心 網住我的真情
liu zhu wo de xin   wang zhu wo de zhen qing
To keep a hold of my heart and entangle my genuine love?
Để giữ lấy tim tôi và quấn lấy chân tình của tôi?

wo yao gao su tian shang de feng
I want to tell the Heavenly wind
Tôi muốn nói với gió của trời cao rằng
qing qing chui san wo xin kou de yun
To gently blow away the cloud in my heart
Hãy nhè nhẹ mà xua tan đi đám mây trong tim tôi
wo yao zhua zhu lu zhu de xin
I want to capture the dewdrop’s heart
Tôi muốn bắt lấy tâm của giọt sương
pei wo cong hei ye dao tian ming
To accompany me from night till daybreak
Để đồng hành cùng tôi trong đêm tới khi bình minh đến

yi pian yun diao biao zhe yi pian qing
A patch of cloud represents a slice of love
Một cụm mây đại diện cho một mảnh tình
yi ke lu zhu dai biao yi ke xin
A drop of dew represents a piece of heart
Một giọt sương đại diện cho một mảnh tâm
feng zhui yun san ni wo lia fen ming
When the wind blows away the cloud, we’re both clear
Khi gió thổi tan đi đám mây, chúng ta đều hiểu rõ
lu zhu hua cheng wo de xin qing
The dewdrop will turn into my mood
Giọt sương sẽ biến thành tâm tình của tôi

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Aaron Kwok, Mainland China Entertainment

Eternal Wave: A Remake

This is a remake of the 1938 classic. This time, the movie is directed by Billy Chung. As indicated on the poster, the starring cast will include Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying, and Zhang Han. Additional names listed on the poster included Zoe Zhang and Simon Yam. Zhu Yi Long and Ethan Yu are also in it.

I learned of this movie when the cast was announced. But then I got distracted (and lazy, lol) so I didn’t post about it. I’ve been looking forward to it and it looks like it’s coming together well.

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BAZAAR Charity Event: Angela and Chun

One of the surprises for fans was their reunion at the event. They were assigned to the same team for activities, but didn’t arrive together. This was taken during the reception.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Sweety, Taiwanese Entertainment

Attention, Love! Magazines + Promos

Qiao Qiao and Wang Zi have been sharing different pictures of events they attended for the promotion of the drama and other side gigs. I thought they were so cute so sharing here.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.