183 Club Reunion: December 2013

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Just the other day I was browsing old songs that they sang, etc for old time’s sake. Yet today I finally checked Weibo again to find some good news. YES, the reunion is finally happening.

And this time, it’s not just some random get together at some restaurant either. (Though that did happen as well.) They were guests on the show “SS小燕之夜”. I’m still hunting down for that segment. But I’m guessing it hasn’t aired yet. Since active fans would be really fast to post it up for the rest of us to see. Not only did the guys posted about it on Weibo, but James had also mentioned the appearance on the show on his Facebook. James had also mentioned “Enticing Trick” (迷魂計). I’m wondering if that was the song they sang on the show. Yet I can’t wait!

Jacky had promised that this wasn’t it with their appearance on this particular show only. Although his words are debatable at most of recent, I sure hope something else is happening. With someone out of the picture AND not controlling the way they progress anymore, who knows? Maybe they could make a comeback.

I know I’m jumping ahead, but I couldn’t help it. It has been too downhill on many levels for me of recent, so I just need something to hang onto. At least regarding them.

EDIT: Go here for the reunion segment recaps.

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4 thoughts on “183 Club Reunion: December 2013

  1. This is exciting news. From the photos, it’s clear that they all looked very well and were clearly enjoying themselves. How did they sound, I wonder? Jacky at least has done a lot of serious singing and work on his voice since the 2007 break-up.
    Fingers crossed for a live concert while I’m still here in TW!

      1. It would be nice of James Chu wrote them a new single or two. Maybe they could bring put an EP with photos?
        But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

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