183 Club Reunion: June 2017

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The other day, James (Jacky’s brother) posted an article from Apple Daily of the guys hanging out and getting caught. What was controversial about it was how Ming Dao was seen with one of the star actresses from the popular TV drama Nirvana In Fire (琅琊榜), Angel Wang. Ming Dao and Angel previously collaborated in a reality show called We Are In Love (我們相愛吧).

Aside from that, their gathering was missing one person, which was Johnny. So the gang felt incomplete. According to the article, Ming Dao’s management team hadn’t disclosed anything regarding the band’s future professional-wise. However, it was mentioned that they are still pursuing their individual careers at the moment.

It was also mentioned that Jacky’s new drama, Prince Coffee Lab, will be airing in August.

What the article failed to mention was that Ehlo’s new drama A Railway Life (車站人生) is currently airing. It’s also available on DaAi’s YouTube channel. (Click here to watch.)

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