183 Club Reunion: October 2016

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(image credit: Ehlo Huang’s Facebook)

Laziness made me slower than the media. But yes, the gang had a reunion of their own. I first saw it on Ehlo’s Facebook page when he was getting sentimental about old times. When I went on Weibo to search around at first, there were no signs of others posting it. Later, I checked back, Jacky updated a bit more, instead of Ehlo’s cryptic messages. Anyway, apparently Jacky was back in Taiwan and they had a meetup. It had been two years since their last meetup, at least for all five of them. Jacky, typical Jacky, teased us about a possible meet up the next time and that it would be onstage again. Don’t we all wish so? But what was nice to know was that they weren’t strangers, but had grown closer over the years.

Anyway, Sam and Johnny later updated as well regarding the meetup. Sam was being cryptic like Ehlo, but what was similar was regarding the subject of marriage. Johnny also mentioned marriage as one of the topics of their conversation in his update. Oh yeah, recently there was this rumor going around about Sam getting married so I guess that was part of why they brought it up in a post, and Sam felt the need to use it as a joke in his post as well. Who knows? I rather wait for the guys to update, especially Sam himself than rely on the so-called media’s speculation. Going back to Johnny, aside from the meeting, he mentioned aside from his friends he knew since growing up, 183 Club team was his other close friends.

So that was the latest and possibly a gift from the guys to us fans. Until next time, right?

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