183 Club Reunion: SS小燕之夜

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I finally managed to get caught up with this episode. OMG, it was definitely their Christmas present for us fans. Though very happy to see this reunion, I silently and greedily wanted it to be longer. I don’t know. It has been sooo long seeing them interacting on some talk show again that it’s hard to not get all sentimental over it. What has changed? What hasn’t changed? This episode tells it all. (Well, mostly!) You really have to watch it to get into it though. But my favorite parts of the segment are as follow:

Jacky had suggested that they do their usual chant and introductions like before after having greeted the host and lining up already. So they did. YET they messed up. Then what got even funnier was how they were actually getting it right with the powerful “Hello, everyone, we’re 183 Club” BUT no one knew who was supposed to say their name after Johnny introduced himself. (A crow flew by, lol. NOT really but there was an indication that someone had taken too long.) That little pause didn’t last long since they ended up arguing over who was supposed to be second, third, fourth, fifth. Nice?

Picking on Johnny being a neat freak. This was the first time since there were several more times later. But Sam said that if anyone didn’t believe it, they should go see Johnny’s car. Johnny’s car was really neat, comparing to normal people. Johnny said it was courtesy, BUT Sam said that even Johnny’s trunk was really neat too. (LOL!)

The part where they disclosed everyone’s changes, etc. Ming Dao had already become ‘the boss’. This has been a while now after he left J-Star. But those who don’t know, he has his own company now and also produced several dramas already. Ming Dao also took that time to promote his solo album. (It took two years to make since there was a lapse for the time he went to serve in the military as well.) Back to the update, Johnny went back to basketball and even became a sports commenter. The host was actually impressed with his attires yet wondered why the commenters have to wear formal outfits since anything having to do with sports would involve sweats and all. Soon, they were picking on Sam’s casual wear, lol. Yet Sam said that it was already a good thing that he wasn’t wearing pajamas, lol. Ming Dao took a jab at him and asked if his latest trend was pajamas style.

The part where the host said that since they have someone who would always “have a lot of opinions” (Sam, lol), they should have someone who would always agree with them. Ming Dao demonstrated this part by saying, “Yu Rong, after we finish filming, let’s go out and eat.” Ehlo quickly responded with an “Okay”, lol. Sam said Ehlo was always like that, always agreeing with them and hasn’t changed at all.

The host was asking how they resolved problems within the group, i.e. what if Sam and Ming Dao were disagreeing and even Jacky jumped in with his own ideas, what would Ehlo do? Ehlo said that he would be okay standing by the side to watch. (LOL! Smart guy!) But the real answer was Johnny would always settle disputes by collecting everyone’s ideas and then tidying it up (lol) so it would fit with everyone.

The part where Ming Dao said that at the beginning he didn’t have as many opinions about matters so he just stood at the right side. Johnny jumped in to say that he was standing at the left side, lol. So they did a handshake and a little sympathy between the two of them, lol.

Everyone got up to salute Ming Dao for being able to remember the dance steps to “Perfect Lover” (完美情人), lol. Especially when Sam was the one they acknowledged to be the best in dancing among the five of them. Sam had said that he had forgotten the dance steps for their songs already, considering how he’d already forgotten most of the lyrics for their songs. And Jacky, though trying to remember, had actually danced the steps to “Enticing Trick” (迷昏計) instead of the correct one. Ming Dao had disclosed that he really liked the song (“Perfect Lover”), that was why he remembered.

When the host asked who was the most likely to forget lyrics, etc, the other three (Ming Dao, Sam, and Johnny) pointed at Jacky and Ehlo. (The other two got shot with invisible arrows! LOL!) They soon clarified Jacky was the worst. Yes, Jacky admitted that himself! (SAD…but it wasn’t news, considering one of the biggest moments was on a certain competition that he had a long pause.) The host looked worried and said if he was the lead singer and he forgot, how would the others fend? Ehlo was saying how Jacky had a system (or something) but Sam jumped in so I lost track. Yet it was funny that they were taking turns to defend themselves regarding the forgetting lyrics matter, lol.

Ming Dao recounting of Sam’s past ‘forgetting the dance step’ moment. Sam had actually forgotten how to dance that one part but had pretended that there was something wrong with his microphone. Later on, he continued again with the others. Ming Dao sat down (after the recount) and said that Sam had told him of the story afterward, even saying that he actually had forgotten, etc. Sam had said at the time that if he’d faked the whole microphone malfunction, then everyone present would be even more forgiving. Jacky and Sam were clapping when Ming Dao was standing up and mimicking Sam at that moment. Ehlo was just laughing. After Ming Dao was finished, Johnny asked Sam if it was true and Sam said since Ming Dao brought it up, he sort of remembered. Ming Dao continued on by saying that he was standing behind Sam at that point (yup, Ming Dao usually stand behind Sam when they have dance tracks) and was wondering where Sam was going, lol. Sam finally took over, defending himself, lol. He said that usually, he would be able to see what everyone was doing and followed the dance steps accordingly yet that day the lighting was too bright SO he couldn’t even see anyone hence needing to think up of a solution quickly to resolve the matter. He remembered those situations about technical difficulties and all so he went with it. Jacky was saying poor Ming Dao and if Ming Dao had thought their dance steps had changed, lol. Then Johnny jumped in to explain that Ming Dao usually followed Sam and he (Johnny) usually followed Jacky and Ehlo (since Johnny was on the left side behind Jacky and Ehlo).

When they sang “One Umbrella” (一把傘). Seriously, it brought back a lot of feelings, especially how I miss seeing Jacky and Ehlo sing the main parts, etc.

The part where Sam was mimicking Johnny and how “out of it” Johnny was regarding the e-circle. He said that Johnny didn’t even know about Ming Dao releasing an album. What was even more surprising was how he didn’t even know that Jacky had changed his name. Sam went on to mimic how Johnny was asking him why did they (the people who arranged the show) bring in someone who they didn’t know to be in their band. (LOL!) It was when Johnny was looking at the name list and was puzzled, lol. Johnny blamed it on Jacky–and eventually the others for not updating him. The host said that he wasn’t playing basketball on a different planet so it was strange that he didn’t know. Johnny clarified that he wasn’t really paying attention. BUT he did say that he only paid attention to their personal stuff and wasn’t in on the career side. Sam cut him off and said that it was just that Johnny didn’t care much for them. (LOL!)

The “neat freak”/ mysophobia (fear of germs) moment, lol. Johnny was known as the neat freak, but he denied it SO Jacky jumped in to say, “People who are neat freaks always say they’re not.” Karma was really getting back at him since after Sam told the others to look at Johnny’s car (and how neat it was), Ehlo pointed out that Jacky was also a neat freak. Jacky jumped in again to say that if he was an 8, then Johnny would be a 10 (ranking on the neat freak scale, lol). Ming Dao got up from his seat to do another demonstration again, but this time mimicking Jacky and his shoes, etc. LOL! It was a riot! Jacky even got up to help Ming Dao with the recount so it was easier to get what Ming Dao was talking about, lol. Though they were talking about how much Jacky cared for his shoes and all, the host soon pointed out that Johnny’s shoes were even cleaner than Jacky’s, lol. Yup, Johnny’s shoes were like in shining state with the closeups (even without the “shining” effects placed in by the BTS crew).

Johnny’s revenge on Ming Dao. LOL! It was long overdue, considering how the guys kept picking on him and his ‘neat freak’ habit, lol. He was mimicking Ming Dao on how Ming Dao had set everything out accordingly so that as soon as he hopped off the bed, he could just get into his clothes and shoes and be ready to go. LOL! (It was the time they were still living in dorms together.) The host soon commented that Ming Dao was suitable for the military, but Sam soon disclosed that Ming Dao usually wakes up late (lol).

Sam exposed more of Ming Dao’s habits. He quickly recounted the times they filmed together. After they had their makeups done, they moved to the outdoors and got ready for filming, but Ming Dao just tossed his bags aside and sat down in a chair (this part had to guess with Sam’s gestures) and slept. Ming Dao jumped in to say, “You also slept, and you still dared to talk about me?” (LOL!) The host moved on to say that it would be impossible for Jacky to do the same, right? Jacky said that he could sleep standing up, lol. Finally, the host asked about Ehlo. Ehlo said that he never sleeps during work. Sam jumped in to ask that Ehlo still couldn’t find a way to sleep. Ehlo said he still couldn’t. He elaborated that he couldn’t just sleep like that during work because he needed his full concentration and if he slept, he might wake up not remembering anything. The host jumped in again to say that it has been 40 minutes already and Ehlo could finally talk. (LOL!) Ming Dao said that no one forbid him to talk and the others told Ming Dao to shush so Ehlo could talk (lol). Sam then asked of Ehlo’s record and Ehlo said three days and three nights without sleep. The others went wild–like they were really shocked. Johnny soon high-fived Ehlo though. Ming Dao spoke up again to say that he remembered that Ehlo has a bit of morning mood. (Busted, I guess, but that probably explained why he doesn’t sleep on-set or while they have to perform, etc. He wouldn’t want to yell at people upon waking up.)

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