183 Club’s First Album

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Old album, but for sentiment’s sake, I’m digging it out and reviewing it anyway. First thing I want to say is: I regretted not getting the other version. ‘Cause I got the simple version so I could take advantage of a certain deal. I swear it was a bad idea. Free stuff isn’t all that. So yes, I wished I had gotten the other version where I could have the MVs as well. But I guess what has passed already passed. Can’t whine about it anymore. Or at least it wouldn’t amount to anything anyway. Maybe except to remind myself to never go for free stuff in the future.

So, moving on to the actual album. Quite a good deal. ‘Cause it was their first album at that time, it was interesting in many ways. Because it sort of veered away from the overly pop theme that many fans were used to while listening to different soundtracks they participated in. However, the pop was still present. It was just taking on a different form.

1. Chess For 2 (兩個人的西洋棋). Strong, powerful song for the opening.

2. One Umbrella (一把傘). The epic song that punned on their band’s name. So sad yet so touching at the same time. Love Jacky and Ehlo’s voices in here. Then the others accompanying. Beautiful ballad.

3. Deceive (欺騙). ‘Til this day, I still don’t get this song. Not regarding the language either. But the way it was written, lol. But still a nice song to listen to.

4. Conquer The Whole World (為你征服全世界). This song surprisingly brings back a lot of memories. Or maybe because the MV had indicated of different appearances and/or events they attended at one point and with fan’s support. Those were the days, right?

5. Anniversary (紀念日). Again, love Jacky and Ehlo’s singing in this one. So sentimental also.

6. Lemon Dream (夢裡). This song made me soooo sleepy. LOL! I swear. I remember it being on my playlist for “sleeping aid” ages back, lol. I guess it still is. I’m not saying it’s not a nice song. But I guess it served its purpose with being a dreamy song, lol.

7. I’m So Hot. Fun yet hilariously silly in many ways as well, lol.

8. Love On Sale (愛情特賣). I used to not like this song as much and also felt annoyed that there was talking in the song, etc. However, when I ended up liking Xiao Qiao, I enjoyed those parts more and felt like it was a nice contribution to the song.

9. Once Again (再一遍). I didn’t come to appreciate this song until later. But it’s a really nice, touching song. Not to mention this song was written by Jacky’s brother, James. (James joked at one point that he had written this song for money, lol.)

10. Hero. This song used to be one of my favorite songs when I listened to the album in the past. I think it still is until this day.

Doing this review had brought back lots of memories. And in a way, it made me feel kind of soapy, lol.

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