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Solitude by Kinki Kids

(Uploaded by: lee l)

The very first time having taken into notice of the band was actually because I was watching Remote at that time, which starred Domoto Koichi and Fukada Kyoko. It was also my very first Japanese drama. I love watching mystery and detective show and I really enjoyed this one since there were a lot of brain work puzzles in here, especially the first case with cracking the codes and fighting against time before the next target was hit. What was even more hilarious was the typical collaboration between a clever and witty detective and a clueless girl. That was the formula, however, there were other many things to lean toward. Maybe having more patience than the usual viewers, I sympathized with Ayaki Kurumi (Fukada Kyoko) in many ways, especially how she thought it would be fun to be on an adventure and soon learned that crime solving was not dubbed out as simple as those heroic stories often portrayed. There were many hilarious scenes unfolding afterward despite the fact that Detective Himuro (Domoto Koichi) was a shut-in. Perhaps the drama creator wanted to jab at the audience’s hope because they kept giving hints and/or clues various times that Detective Himuro will end up with the clueless yet lovable Kurumi. Or because the creators wanted to maintain the silliness of the storyline and keeping things consistent so they kept the ending an open-ended one.

Anyway, to get back to the main point, I really love the song “Solitude (Honto no Sayonara)” sang by Kinki Kids, which was also the ending themesong for the drama. I really like their style and how their voices blended really well with one another. Although I’m more a fan of Koichi than Tsuyoshi–mostly because more exposure to Koichi’s dramas, but I like both equally after watching their show Domoto Kyoudai (Domoto Brothers)--although they’re not real brothers. Even though they might not appear close (since there are many clues as to their activities off-work), but they work very well together as a band, giving us great music all these years.

They are really a legend, not only because the amount of times they’ve been on the world’s record for having their songs as #1 when it debuted–consecutively, but because of their hard-working attitude and their style. It was also because of them that I’ve became a lot more interest in Japanese music in general. Recently, they seem to have separated to work on individual albums. However, I hope that they will have new albums together soon. They’re one of the bands that I still have high hopes for and hope that they have not separated yet or plan to separate in the future.



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