Birthday Celebs: August 2009

I decided to start this mania just for the sake of fun and to occupy the blog further with all the randomness. So, what is in for this month?

August is the eighth month of the year (obviously) and is dominated by the sign of Leo, giving Virgo the rest of the dates from 24th onward. Its flower are gladiolus and poppy. The birthstones are peridot and sardonyx. (Yes, trivial stuffs. But not really–had some help from: here and here.)

Margie Tsang Wah Sin (曾華倩) – August 6th: Hope that she had a good one. (I was hoping she would join Felix and Michael in their new series but far-fetched.)

Wilber Pan Wei Bo (潘瑋柏) – August 6th: What did Mr. Perfectionist do this year?  Still trying to be a perfectionist, of course. Honestly, please take care of your health and loosen up a bit, Mr. Pan. We still want to see you singing and dancing for years to come.

Esther Liu Pin Yan (劉品言) – August 8th: Born on a triple 8, hopefuly, it will bring her luck this year also. Will she come back to celebrate her birthday with friends like last year?

Andy Hui Chi On/ Xu Zhi An (許志安) – August 12th: He already celebrated with some fans so that’s out of the way. Or is he going to have some other side parties with friends later?

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing/ Zheng Jia Ying (鄭嘉穎) – August 15th: Still filming that new series with Tavia Yeung so he’ll be busy. Maybe there will be a chance of the crew celebrating with him? (He will probably get a break somewhere in Septemeber or not since he will start filming that new family drama with Roger Kwok in October. Yes, another Roger and Kevin series!)

Jessica Hester Hsuan (宣萱) – August 18: According to news, Jessica chose to participate in an upcoming cop drama with Michael Miu and Felix Wong instead of joining Roger Kwok and Kevin Cheng in a family drama. (I guess we can’t see another Ah Wong and his wife’s collab?)  Still, that leaves August open for her a bit to celebrate or probably she’ll be busy with other events? Can’t wait to see her upcoming series though. (Of course confirmation could only follow when there are more solid evidence. Probably a good sign of it would be some press conference or promotional events, which we will have to wait for September to arrive to see.)

Dean Fujioka (藤岡靛/ 藤岡竜雄) – August 19th: Probably working on some sort of project at the moment. Wonder what he’ll do by then. However, hope he has a good one also.

Tang Feng (唐豐) – August 19th: With his busy schedule, will he find time to fit in his birthday? Probably yes since it’s one of the most important days, right? Who knows? He might update us this year.

Jacky Chu/ Zhu Fan Gang (祝釩剛) – August 22nd: He’s turning 30 this year. Yes, the big 30 and is still in the process of resurrecting his career. Will he actually take time off to celebrate his birthday this year or will he continue working hard despite the special day? Will the others, specifically 183 Club, celebrate with him this year?

Remus Kam – August 22nd: Coincidentally, Remus was also born on the same day as someone else, except in 1976. Currently filming River Lovers with Leon Jay Williams, Genie Zhuo, and the rest of the cast. The production team has been suffering from health problems because of the weather. Hopefully everything will be fine with them soon.

Alam Tam (譚詠麟) – August 23rd: Apparently, Mr. Tam is turning 59 this year, not ’25’ like he always wish.

Jiro Wang Dong Cheng (汪東城) – August 24th: Jiro is currently working alongside fellow band-member, Calvin Chen, and Cyndi Wang in Momo Love. Fans are still pondering as to how he will celebrate his birthday this year. And if the crew will have a surprise for both him and Cyndi since their birthdays are close together–with hers on September 5th. (A bit far-fetch but still possible.)

Him Law (羅仲謙) – August 28th: D.I.E. Again will be airing around the same time as his birthday so will he have a double celebration for it? Hopefully he will get to show his acting skills in there. He will also be busy filming a new modern series with Joe Ma, Flora Chan, and the rest of the cast around that time.

*The list above is ordered by date, not by names in case you’re confused. Also, I only included of my favorite celebs or the ones that I actually tune in to the most. It did not mean that the were no other August birthdays.

Just-for-Fun: Whose birthday are you anticipating the most among your favorite celebs?


4 thoughts on “Birthday Celebs: August 2009

  1. Another Leo, although his birthday is in late July, is Leon Williams. Leos are meant to be very outgoing and dramatic–no wonder so many of them are in the entertainment field. Not that I totally believe in astroglogy, LOL.

  2. I happened to read this post again–almost two years later. Tang Feng and Jacky Zhu’s respective careers have really kicked off since then. To me, TF was the real star of Rookies’ Diary. And we’re still waiting around for the Chu brothers to bring out their album…
    ANd Remus Kam was great in River Lovers!

  3. @vgag – I’m a tad surprise but I guess it’s fun to back-read at times to see some changes?

    Anyway, to me, RD was successful because of every one of the main cast. Since there were actually a variety in characters, not just one or two people. Then there was also the powerful theme about the military.

    YES, we’re waiting for that album like we’re waiting for Jacky’s like two years ago. What’s news, right? LOL! I’m tempted to send hate-mails into their inboxes. JUST KIDDING…I meant encouraging messages…

    Coincidentally, River Lovers was airing on some channel right now and Leon was sort of talking about it in his Weibo like days ago. It might have been a week or two back. I still haven’t watched it. LOL!


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