Wallace Huo: Six at Once

I  recently stumbled upon this article about Wallace that I never knew the truth behind before since my very first series of Wallace was Tian Xia Di Yi (World’s Finest) and I had to double back to watch his earlier Taiwanese dramas. My admiration for him grew stronger after reading the article since I think he’s very brave and determined–although he claimed to be not good in certain things. Through that same article, I found out that he actually filmed all six of the Taiwanese idol dramas just in one year. I was like, “Whoa! Seriously? Is that even possible?” But then I thought it would be since some of them he could be guest stars. (That would explain a lot why he had the same or almost the same hairstyle in each.) He even revealed that he got confused and/or lost with all the roles since it was all at once. (I must admit I was getting confused which one he’s supposed to be at times too although I thought he had potential. Though I still think Xing Wang from Westside Story was the best character among them all–even if the plot sucked so bad it was not even funny.)

I think the thing with most production company is they try too hard and we get so overdosed with that certain actor/actress that we became sick of him/her. However, I think Wallace’s a different case since they see the opportunity to turn him into another typical hunk in a drama, bringing in more money by luring fangirls in with lame plots and exaggerated characters. However, I’m glad that Wallace escaped from that trends and braved himself by leaving all that and starting over with more serious roles. I think it’s easy to get so tempted since it was all there for him after so much exposure for just that one year. But he looked past all that and knew that he did not want to be looked upon as an idol. I think this holds true for all the artists who are serious about their passion for acting, singing, or whatever else–and not just about the ‘fame’ factor.

Although he said that he tried and was satisfied or at least satisfied with his exploration journey of it, but I really want a new album out someday. (He’s not the best singer but he does have a unique voice.)


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