Dramas of Fall 2009

Since we’re entering autumn and there are quite a few dramas airing, what are you looking forward to? I think this is a really exciting season. At least for me, there are a lot of dramas that I find interesting and hopefully they won’t disappoint like in the past. Most of the dramas have been quite low profile so it might surprise us more than those that receive tons of promotions but failed in the end. So let’s hope the best for each.

Love Buffet – Fahrenheit and Sweety collaboration–sort of with some members involved. The funniest thing is most fans are supporting the QiaoLun pairing. Maybe it’s because they’re seen together more and how Calvin has to run back and forth between locations for this and Momo Love. This started out quite low profile but was later spotted and blogged by many fans. The production was very lively and even the manga creator was quite excited about it, even picking out Aaron for one of the main leads.

Momo Love – After the change of cast and a change of the script, the production team start anew with a new goal. Considering how Director Winnie works, this should be quite slow pace, however, it should be worth the wait. However, unlike the last production that someone decided to step in and butchered it, he had freedom this time to finish what he started. Not to mention, it isn’t airing yet so plenty of time. Major cast in this one as well, leaning more on the guy side since there seemed to be only about 2 girls in here aka the leads, not counting others. Fahrenheit and Cyndi have been in quite a few ADs together (although it might be due to some manipulations of graphics) but still a familiar feel to some fans so hopefully there will be plenty of support for this one. Words have it that Ken Zhu has a hand in directing this drama so let’s look forward to his creativity side.

Next Station, Happiness – After all the change of cast, it was finally decided as a Van Ness and Ady collaboration. To be honest, I was having doubts of seeing Ming Dao with either Yoo Hana or Ady An since it felt wrong. (However, I would still support it if it was that way since I am fans of the three anyway so would see what happens.) Van Ness and Ady look more compatible to me and after seeing the trailers, it seemed like it would be an interesting pairing. (Who knows? I might end up liking Van Ness with Ady after watching this.)

River Lovers – A Leon and Genie collaboration. A very refreshing pairing. Not to mention Remus Kam is in it as well. (Hopefully he gets a notable role since it looks like he has a major role at the press conference.) It is neither a SETTV or GTV drama and have been very low profile to the point of non-existence if it wasn’t for Leon, Genie, and some of the others from the production team updating us, we would not have much news. The press conference at the very beginning of the shoot was it. It has finally wrapped and it is just a matter of time before it airs.

Lucky Day – From my last post, it is very obvious that I’m waiting for this and it will be airing at the same time during the filming process. Hopefully, there won’t be some rush or other types of plot gap for this one as it happens with dramas that are airing while still in filming. A Wallace and Tammy collaboration. A technology slash sci-fi theme sounds promising all right. Let’s hope the plot delivers.

One word to sum up all these dramas–refreshing! Yes, full of new pairings so viewers might have a different feel instead of the same couple over and over. (But of course that would depend on taste as well.)

Those are on my list of must watch, which are on yours?


2 thoughts on “Dramas of Fall 2009

  1. I think it is more promising line-up of drama than we’ve seen for quite awhile. As a member of Hong Ju Zi Fans I’m especially looking forward to Love Buffet to see how our Joanne Zeng goes with the two boys from Fahrenheit as her leading men.
    I have a suspicion that River Lovers is going to be a bit corny without much plot. But Leon and Genie are such attractive leads, and it was apparently shot in several picturesque locations in TW and the mainland, that I’m looking forward to it anyway. I heard that it’s going to air on the public television channel. Is that TTV? We’ll see, I guess.

  2. I think I read it somewhere but I forgot which station, lol. Yes, we’ll see when it comes. I think River Loves might take the cute path based upon some of the customes that Genie wore for it but let’s hope it’s not just another typical drama. However, the shoot was quite short so at least it won’t be dragging? LOL! You’re right, Leon and Genie might be worth it after all.


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