ICAC 2009: Episode 2

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Ah Chuen (Sonija Kwok), Zoe (Yoyo Mung), and Rainy (Halina Tam) are three best friends since high school–who are  also known to be sworn sisters. Their lives have taken on different paths as in career and leisure but they still remain close after all these years.

Ah Chuen is happily married to a Taxi driver,  Zeng Wing Hong (Derek Kwok), and is pregnant with their first child. They have quite few good news having worked so hard all these years for it. They have nothing more to ask since they are satisfied with their current status. Bad luck strikes when Wing Hong is involved in an accident and being the party at fault for not reacting fast enough thus causing the consequences. In compensation, they have to pay 1 million for the damage.

Zoe, on the other hand, is still  dating her boyfriend of seven years, Lee Chi Lun (Raymond Cho), who is a hard working man. Although Zoe is proud of Lun and is supportive of his efforts, her family thinks otherwise. Zoe silently wishes to get married too, but does not dare to open her mouth, fearing that Lun will misunderstand it for persistency. Facing the pressures from both Zoe’s family and his boss, Lun wants to prove to them both that he could succeed.

Rainy chooses a different path from her friends, wishing to become a successful businesswoman. Though single, she is proud of her work and hope that her efforts will pay off one day. Perhaps her urges to bring in several more major customers and/or projects is her downfall because it leads to her succumbing to other alternatives of seeking financial benefits.

A possible solution presents itself to solve everyone’s problems when Lun’s boss presents a new land redevelopment project involving several areas, including a rundown apartment building. Lun, who was lured in by Rainy several times of a possible collaboration, finally consults with Rainy of the new project thus leaking out the secret. It is supposed to be a way out for them all, especially Ah Chuen and Wing Hong’s urgent financial needs. Not to mention Lun finally having a large sum of money to impress Zoe’s family and in getting married.

The gig is actually to move into the apartment building and wait for the compensation fees to arrive thus reaping in at the end. Ah Chuen and Wing Hong will pose as two strangers moving into two of the apartments in that particular building. They will pretend not to know each other so that they will be compensated twice the amount. Rainy will arrange all the details since she’s a realtor agent. With Lun’s information, all plans should work out in the end. All they have to do is be patient and wait for the result.

When Zoe learns of their conspiracy, she protests and objects against the whole matter, knowing that it is illegal since they have traded inside information and used it for their own benefit. However, Lun convinces her of the possibility of saving Ah Chuen and Wing Hong’s financial crisis and at the same time help them earn enough for an elegant wedding.

Ah Chuen and Wing Hong are more than grateful with their friends offering a solution to help them ease off the financial pressure. However, they do not know the consequences of it or the actual laws covering that section. Ah Chuen even asks Rainy about the matter at first and Rainy covers it up by convincing Ah Chuen that they’re just helping themselves and aren’t harming anyone.

Zoe watches silently as all plans proceed. It is just one more month before they could collect their money and star anew. They have no idea that the ICAC are investigating the matter in the background, following their every move.

Lun and Zoe finally move forth with preparing for their wedding. Ah Chuen, Zoe, and Rainy also return to their high school to help in the yearly event, practicing their hit song ‘Yesterday Once More’ with Ah Chuen holding onto the microphone and performing while Zoe and Rainy accompany her by playing the music on their guitars.

Coincidentally, one of the ICAC investigators, Sam Sam (Fiona Sit), is actually the junior of the three girls. It is a bit ironic to see Sam Sam having to arrest her seniors if they could find evidences that proves the three to be guilty. While she’s being torn between admitting the cold facts in regard to what her seniors have done, she also has to reconsider what she has been trained to do all along–with the guidance by Henry (Raymond Wong).

As they are leaving the wedding parlor one time, Zoe spots Rainiy taking money from someone–possibly after having sold her new learned information to that person. Zoe is once again thrown into the obstacle of knowing and not telling. Perhaps it is a relief for everything to finally end as the ICAC team finally push forth to arrest Lun and Rainy because they have more than enough evidence.

Thoughts? It was actually a very touching story and the most in consideration for a lot of matters. It was good to put in how Sam Sam was torn in between her job and her seniors. The group of five are not bad in actuality but it is the circumstances they are facing that they choose to seek another alternative. Ah Chuen and Wing Hong do not know the consequences of it but Zoe knows yet she does not tell. Perhaps it might have been better to stomp on the urge to move forth with such a plan but it is not easy since the obstacle they’re all in. When pressured, people choose other alternatives and possibly any to just find a way out. I think the one most guilty has to be Rainy since she has always wanted personal gain whether it is from Lun or someone totally different. She says that they’re just helping themselves yet she ends up selling the information to others as well, bringing in even more money for herself. I could understand that Lun would go crazy with so much pressure and the need to prove himself. But he’s not any better that he pressures Zoe into it with the whole “we’re just trying to help Ah Chuen and Hong” thing.

Cast? Was surprised that they put Sonija, Yoyo, Halina, Derek, and Raymond Cho into one but it was really cool to see their collaboration. I especially love both pairings of Derek/Sonija and Raymond/Yoyo–once again. It’s nice to see their pairing though it does seem repetitive yet just for a short span of about 40 minutes.

It was interesting to see Raymond Wong getting to supervise over someone this time around and guide her through the process. However, I rather have Jessica for this one as well and how she would continue to work with Raymond as a team. It would be interesting to know just a bit more about her character.

With all that said though, this is actually my favorite story since the friendship between Ah Chuen, Zoe, and Rainy were admirable though Rainy was more for her self gained than the other two. The song ‘Yesterday Once More’ was a nice companion to their friendship and past.

*Special thanks to *.marshmalloww for helping with some of the character names above.


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