Qing Shu by Van Fan

(Uploaded by: jamiz3)

Yes, this is another Van Fan related entry. In fact, I’m tempted to create a category just for him so it would be easy to find when I want to go back and read some the stuffs I’ve already wrote so it would not overlap. (In fact, it’s there now since I just went and created it.)

Anyway, I’ve been putting this on repeat until I could sing along with it that it’s not even funny. I must confess that I haven’t purchased the DVD of Cape No. 7 to add to my collection yet. That also means I have not watched it either. But it doesn’t matter. I could still be addicted to the soundtrack because of Van.

I really like how he sings this one because of how he doesn’t try to exaggerate the emotion but just does it in a hollow sounding way that makes it even more sad. Although I have not watched the movie yet, but I thought this song suited very well with the storyline and the melodies were so addicting to listen to. It was a good choice by making it the main theme of the movie. Considering that it’s called “Love Letter” made it even more connected to the movie itself. (Not to mention straight to the point too.) Having Van sing it made it even real because he could bring the right emotions towards it.



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