Dramas of 2010

Usually, I divide it up by region but since I haven’t updated regarding this as frequently, I’ll try it at one go this time around.

Hong Kong:

A Pillow Case of Mystery II (TVB) – They’re finally airing this! It has been like ages. I was wondering what was happening to it OR if they warehoused it. (Still doesn’t really affect me since they would probably release it overseas BUT still…) New team (if you watch the previous one, you would know what I mean). A Bobby and Jessica reunion. And a Jessica and Leila reunion. And…well, if you’re watching a TVB drama, it’s hard not to see same groups of people over and over again. But this is one of the ancient ones I’m looking forward to.

Fat Mong Kwan Ying (ATV) – Okay, don’t know when they’re going to release this. BUT I want to watch so badly. There are so many people that I can’t wait to watch in here.

Gun Grey Metal (TVB) – They changed it from Interpol? Seriously? It was getting repetitive with the ‘Interpol’ line but it can’t be avoided because of the theme, but did they have to change it to be that lame? I was expecting Felix and Michael to be chasing some other cowboys down in their distinguished cowboy images with Jessica and Nancy cheering on the sidelines (of course can’t forgot those lovely gowns they wore back then in the wild west days in those Western movies). Aside from that, a Felix and Michael reunion. Something to look forward to and crossing my fingers, hoping that I can trust Felix’s taste since he did return for this. (With Michael’s persistent persuasion–of course).

Heaven and Earth (TVB) – Somewhat similar cast to those WAB or DOP again BUT it’s all right. I can swallow this–maybe. And hope Maggie gets a role worth watching this time. I’m just curious since they’re supposedly doing a different theme. I could always drop it.

Little Miss Unreasonable (TVB) – Hey, I’m a sucker for a Roger series and would try it out, considering he hasn’t done an ancient one for a while? I remember liking Dong Xuan in Eight Heroes so that’s another thing to look forward to. It’s a comedy but with Roger, I don’t have to worry since I know he could do comedy and not be over at it. (Even if he’s over with it, you could still laugh ’cause it’s too funny watching him. At least to me.)

Only You (TVB) – Seriously, are they going to compensate for Kevin and Yoyo regarding to Last One Standing? Just wondering, like how they were compensating for Roger and Yoyo in The Threshold of a Personna (though that sort of failed too ’cause of the script). They had me at Johnson and Evergreen–though I could always drop it (of course). And is Natalie going to get another ‘loud-mouth’/rude/rash role? If that’s the case, it’s just a shame. I mean watching someone portraying those types of character too much is just kind of unbearable. She needs something else and hopes that she will get it since I rather she’s some supportive, boring girl than the siren going 24/7. (TVB tends to mess up on showing the innocent side and straight-forward attitude that you end up wanting to slap people more than feel that that person’s still innocent and should be sympathized with.)

Reunion (TVB) – Roger, Ron, Sunny, and Derek. Oh wow, can’t turn it down. Okay, Ron’s not as experienced or impressive as the rest of them, but he turned some projects down to work with Roger so have to support him for that. We’ll see what happens. And let’s see, was I the only one feeling a bit robbed (okay, maybe A LOT) with The Brink of Law? So I hope to see more of Ron and Kate in here. Words are flowing around that they will be the couple who will always be together–from start to end–let’s hope it’s true.

Seven Days Love Isolation (TVB) – Another Steven one and Sonija’s reunion with him. I never knew that they had some misunderstandings in the past but since they sorted it out now, it seems hopeful that they would make it work. If all fails, there are always Evergreen and Kwok Fung (though I wonder if they would get roles worth watching for). Hopefully the suspense will deliver.

The Mind Reading Detective (TVB) – I don’t know. I’m a sucker for those mystery theme. Might be worth checking out. If all fails, I could always sit and stare at Raymond Cho for the rest of time. No problem! (LOL) But I have a feeling this one is going to be a suspenseful one. NOT completely sure but hope it won’t disappoint.

Transferred Connection Temptation (TVB) – Okay, I’m a sucker for Steven Ma too. Not to mention I’m quite all right with Fala and Yoyo–though quite worried that Yoyo’s taking on the villain role (again). Hope she won’t overdo it (or try to shine like some people).

Twilight Investigation (TVB) – Might be a skip for me though I’m a fan of Wong Hei. And not to mention Johnson’s in there. YET I don’t know how much of it would stick to the ‘investigation’ part since they tend to go astray with overly suffocating romances and other dramatic moments.

When Lanes Merge (TVB) – I’m actually looking forward to it. Yes, it’s another typical cast and might be a let down, but some promotional pictures from Weibo convinced me. I can’t wait to see Sonija trying out a different role though. Yes, they always make a hype about how ‘different’ those roles are at times, BUT for once I want to see a role of Sonija that’s more down to earth – and possibly less tense of a personality than some of her previous? Even if some of the cast is making me have second thoughts but I got convinced like right around the time of reading ‘Raymond Cho’. Gotta support Ray, right? Besides, getting to see him pairing up with Elaine this time around. Might be something.

Women Hurt Most (TVB) – Is Maggie going to get a decent script this time? We’ll see. I could always drop since I swear the previous one was wasting her time.


Rookies’ Diary (FTV) – I have been ranting about it since the last post so of course I’m looking forward to it. It has been ages that I get to see Tang Feng and Xiao Xiao Yu in anything so have to grab at the chance. It looks quite promising and hope it doesn’t go down the corny lane. Yes, some jokes might be a tad in the ‘corny’ area but I hope the rest of the cast could pull it off with the clever element and all. Unlikely that it might be as successful but I could always wish since it doesn’t look like some idol drama.

*Note*: I’ll update on my to-watch list later on since some of the dramas aren’t confirmed as of airing dates yet.


5 thoughts on “Dramas of 2010

  1. Hi there!

    Excellent preview of upcoming series! I learned more from reading your post than all the other ones out there (LOL!)

    Anyway, a few of the series sound interesting, but the ONLY one that I’ve been looking forward to since I first heard they were filming it is “Gun Metal Grey” — mainly because of the Felix/Michael collaboration…after all, they haven’t done a series together in 25 years! But I totally agree that it was lame of TVB to change the English name (what was wrong with “Interpol”?? Even the previous name of “Cops” sounded much better than “Gun Metal Grey”!!)..the name as it is right now sounds like a Western (and I HATE westerns). I sure hope that this is not an indication of how the series is going to be like because I will be EXTREMELY disappointed…plus TVB is not on my good list right now with the way they’ve been given all the veterans (most of my favorites) all the sucky scripts lately. I hope this one doesn’t follow that pattern — though I’m getting more and more doubtful because there are so many veterans in this series….

    I didn’t think I would want to watch “Reunion” because I’m not a Ron or Kate fan and absolutely can’t stand Toby. But it does have 2 of my favorites — Roger and Sunny…plus Derek is in it as well. Hmmm…I’m starting to have second thoughts about this one — depends on whether the Roger / Sunny / Derek combo outweighs my hatred of Toby…well, I guess I could always “skip” her parts….oh well, we’ll see how I feel as the air date gets closer.

    With regard to “A Pillowcase of Mystery II” — I’m still debating on this one. Well, since it’s Bobby (another one of my favorites) and Jessica isn’t bad either (I definitely prefer her over Charmaine), I’m leaning more towards watching…but I really wonder how they are going to tie up the Bobby / Kenix relationship from the previous installment — knowing TVB though, they are probably going to do something super-lame, which is the part that I can’t stand. I guess this will be another “wait and see” situation for me….

    Heaven & Earth — If I have to watch the WAB / DOP / GOL cast one more time, I swear I am just going to puke! Why can’t Chik Kei Yee (the series’ producer) get the picture that WAB was one of those rare runaway hits that was unique on its own? I mean, he has been trying to “re-create” the success of that series for the past 6 years (hence all the series with that same cast or at least a variation of it)and IT ISN’T WORKING!!!!! I highly doubt that Heaven and Earth is going to deliver either….the original trailer from the sales preso looked promising because of Nick Cheung, but since he is not in it anymore (of course, since he is super busy with his movies), I lost all interest in it.

  2. @vgag – Hope you like it, not much of the TW/Mainland China stuffs since I still need to check around for airing dates but ya, more next time.

    @llwy12 – Really? I didn’t write much about plot details though. Just more like ranting about it. I think half of the stuffs on there, I won’t even watch, LOL! Just curious though. BUT I’m waiting for them to surprise me. We’ll see. TVB rarely gets onto the ‘surprise’ zone lately (as you know already).

    Gun Grey Metal – Exactly my point. That’s why my comments for it were full of sarcasm! LOL! I don’t really hate Western since I do like some of the tv series they made back then BUT I hate how TVB misled us into thinking it’s a ‘Western’, which according to the trailer, it should not be.

    Regarding ‘Reunion’ – I honestly have the feeling that they’re going to focus more on Roger and Sunny and the whole Derek conflict than Ron or Kate or Toby. BUT I could be wrong since they make it like a ‘guy’ series more than the girls ones, considering it’s not really a strong group of female cast. (That’s just my thoughts though.) Oh yeah, remember how you said Roger almost didn’t sign with TVB again? I think they might NOT rob him this time or upset him too much with trying to promote their favorites. Sunny might get robbed BUT Roger wouldn’t. LOL!

    A Pillow Case of Mystery II – I think it’s sort of like ‘The Gentle Crackdown’ that it goes out on the same theme with the magic pillow but with different characters and plot. BUT I don’t know. Since I only saw one trailer and that wasn’t telling much either. It would make sense that they do a different plot since the majority of the people from the previous are gone.

    Heaven & Earth – Seriously, I remember not really paying attention to WAB that much either though there were some things worth noting. Then it got quite repetitive with TVB coming out with those ‘cat fight’ theme over and over. They don’t get it that once awhile is fine BUT if they slap it in our face too much, it gets beyond tolerance. I didn’t watch DOP or GOL at all. I remember reading about Nick being in this one BUT then things failed and it went down the typical lane again. SO I think I’ll just check it out of curiosity and bail, lol.

  3. DTLCT: Haha! Of course! Plus I always find your posts most amusing anyway! Lol…and you know how much I love TVB-related rants!

    Gun Metal Grey: Yup…absolutely! I still can’t get over the name change thing…not just because of the ‘western’ thing, but also because GMG sounds sooo cheesy. Based on what I read, it sounds like the series is supposed to be more the “Infernal Affairs” type, which if that’s the case, then the previous name of “Interpol” would suit the theme better. So that’s why I have a feeling that TVB is heading in a different direction with this series (which is definitely not good news, given TVB’s track record).

    Reunion: Hmmm…I think you’re right about it focusing on Roger and Sunny (at least I hope so)…I like both actors, so I don’t want either to be ‘robbed’, however like you said I have a feeling Sunny is going to end up with the short end of the stick again (as always)…gosh darn it — when is TVB going to give Sunny a decent role for once??? The only ‘good’ thing about this series is that Roger and Sunny are collaborating again — I believe their last series together was “At the Threshold of an Era” back in 1999 (if I remember correctly)…of course, since I just finished watching ATE again, looking forward to seeing the 2 of them together again (though of course I would prefer if Gallen were in there somewhere…lol!!!).

    Pillowcase of Mystery II: That makes sense…and once again, you’re probably right — though it would be weird though because Bobby would still be playing the same character. At least with Gentle Crackdown, they changed both the male and female leads, so at least they could ‘get away with’ changing the story completely….I guess we will just have to see….

    Heaven and Earth: Agreed! Though I liked WAB and really felt that it was an extremely well-made series, I don’t like how TVB became greedy and started trying to mimic the success of the series non-stop — ANNOYING! Also, you definitely didn’t miss much by not watching DOP and GOL (script sucked, though acting was good)…that’s another reason why I don’t want to see the same cast again. Basically, as far as I’m concerned, HAE lost all potential when I found out Nick wasn’t going to be in it. One last note: my prediction is that this is going to be the modern day version of WAB, since the cast seems to be almost exactly the same except for some of the female leads….

  4. @llwy12 – Now that you mention it, I almost forget about ATE! How could I? LOL! Yes, this will probably be Roger and Sunny’s ‘Reunion’ (okay, that was corny).

    A Pillow Case of Mystery II – That’s just my guess. And you’re right, it is weird, but look at it this way, they both had Wayne in the other one? So this one is just a switch around? LOL! If that even helps.

    Glad I didn’t miss a beat by passing ‘DOP’ and ‘GOL’.


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