Yong Gan De Xing Fu by Sweety

(Uploaded by: yapyen66)

I put this one on repeat for a while now and I thought I might go crazy. (NOT really, but yeah…) The strange thing is I knew it was from Green Forest, My Home yet I did not care to get the soundtrack at the beginning. Or did not look it up sooner. Now it’s not available on YesAsia anymore and I have to seek other alternatives. If anyone finds it around their location, could you please tell me? Because I’m almost desperate to get it. (Thanks!)


One thought on “Yong Gan De Xing Fu by Sweety

  1. I went out and bought the Green Light Forest OST a few years ago. It has Leon Jay Williams struggling through ‘Forever’. His singing has improved a lot since them. I always loved the theme song. It originally had lyrics in Japanese. Sweety’s version is very spirited and uplifting, LOL.


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