Chinese Paladin: Mt. Shu Sect

The main sect involved in the whole battle against evil for both parts. Yet I felt that the group in part 3 was more righteous. It probably made more sense since part 3 was the prequel to part 1 and that the people of earlier generation were less technical about how things should be done and care more about the well being of mankind. At first, I was really pissed off at the Mt. Shu students for acting high and mighty at times. But in the later parts, they were seen more righteous and admirable. Not to mention how they did not hesitate to help mankind all around–regardless of how ungrateful those people were. And perhaps they’ve formed a bond with Jing Tian and  the others so they were willing to fight that one guy to retrieve Mao Mao’s flesh.

Regarding those love complications regarding Chang Qing’s character and much, much more, I’ll have to save it for a later post since I feel it needs much more time to consider with so much going on with that story alone.



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