Melissa & Joey on ABC Family

I saw the AD for this before it premiered and quickly named it as “Michelle & Joel” (and only family or friends would get this one). Anyway, I do not have the ‘ABC Family’ Channel on TV so that made it even harder to watch. But finally hunted down the webisodes so I could catch up.

Thoughts? Impressive. YES, I haven’t enjoyed any of the latest comedies so I thought this one would qualify for something worth watching. Witty but not over-the-top with its sarcasm. It managed to add in some flavors of family along with current trends and/or events going on in society, mocking it on and off.

I’ve only watched 8 episodes so far but enjoy it all the same. It really got me into watching comedies again because most of the comedies nowadays are too bland OR possibly because it’s too similar. Also, there’s no ‘hype’ feeling in this one so it actually won me over. They weren’t trying too hard to shove it in the audience’s face with cranking the hype up by adding certain things in there. It was just a regular family comedy–like it was supposed to. Not trying too hard at all. Good stuffs. Can’t wait for more.



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