TVB 2011 Sales Presentation

All the hype on Weibo has affected me lately so I decided to do a post on it this year. And possibly because all of my smart-aleck comments shouldn’t even be seen in different forums or I’ll be stocked up with rotten tomatoes for the next year or so. Therefore, keeping the rants on this blog might be a better idea–though NOT by much. (Considering how this blog has gone from semi-positive to WAY negative.)

Check here for full cast list or other info since I will only mention people who I’m looking forward to see.

Only You – They still haven’t aired this yet and putting it aside. Oh well, more waiting.

Back to the Three Kingdoms – So this is probably the only series that could be called quality ancient series for the following year. BUT are they going to go through with it, considering how they love to do it fast and fool us with those easy modern ones. Come on now, Steven, Evergreen, and Cheung Kwok Keung are together as brothers. (Well, sort of, kind of, since we get to see them kneel under the peach blossoms and swear to be brothers till the end?) AND it’s a Steven and Evergreen reunion since they last posed as brothers like sometime back? Also, a Steven and Ron reunion since The Brink of Law? Or did the miss their other reunions? (AND if TVB’s pulling this one out from A Step Into the Past with the time travel thing, I’m not sure. BUT A Step Into the Past was actually adapted by Huang Yi’s novel.) Talking about time travel, love those themes. SO could they pull it off without making it corny? I don’t know!

Colorful World of Sister Fa – Uh…familiar wig? Looks like Roger’s hairdo for Ah Wong! AND they’re probably trying to do something different for another Charray collaboration. However, I could only say I like them in Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion AND that’s saying something already. (The fact that I haven’t even finish The Drive of Life yet IS irrelevant since I felt it was too scripted and too forced with their relationship in there.)

The Boxing King – This seems interesting BUT maybe from the funny comments on Weibo with all the exchange between the actors/actresses involved. Kevin, Kate, Raymond Wong, and Selena. Sounds refreshing for me. BUT is the story going to come out lame? Hard to tell. According to Kevin, it’s going to start filming in March? SO probably not airing until WAY later. (PHEW)

The King of Million Phoenixes – I was looking forward to another Sunny and Jessica series BUT they just have to stick Myolie in here. So it sounds like another cat fight one so I might not watch at all. Sick and tired of it.

The Truth – Chin Pang finally get an important role? We’ll see. They’re definitely promoting Raymond Wong. (I just got used to him after watching A Great Way to Care BUT it doesn’t mean I’m against him OR anything since I could see his past record already–aka before the TVB days.) Not really in favor with the rest of the cast. Like I said in this one thread, I’m sort of tired of seeing Natalie in those loud roles (typecast situation) and Tavia fans/anti-fans have been fighting. SO I hope it focuses on something worth watching. BUT I usually don’t like lawyer series that much so I could skip.

The – Sounds too much like those weird variety shows so not sure. Might skip. I still have million of other series/dramas to catch up on.

Relic of an Emissary – NOT really looking forward to it. I spot guard costumes OR it seems like it. I don’t like ancient series involving too much of guards/imperial related themes. (With a few exceptions, of course hence the Three Kingdoms one.)

Psychological Warfare – Adam, Maggie, Moses…hmmm…weird team. But it’s okay. Since it’s a more serious one, I’m looking forward to it. Since I felt too much like Maggie was robbed in AWT. (And I didn’t even finish The King of Snooker yet though I was in favor of the ‘Adam, Joyce, and Derek’ team.)

Mahjong Flying Southeast – It’s like a tradition to invite Yuen Wah to participate in mahjong related themes now? If so, invite Roger too since I would love to see them act random again. Not even sure if they’re filming it at all.

Counter Terrorism Response Unit – Eddie Kwan made it back into a series poster? WOW! That seems like ages ago. Looks intense from the poster. Are they going to film it at all?

The Great Eunuch – NOT looking forward to it though I’m in favor of the cast. Same reason with the whole imperial related themes AND because I’m sick and tired of Qing dynasty related ones. More cat fights. More fight for power. Blah.

The Mole – Roger looks so goofy! AND I actually want a ‘Roger, Sonija, and Derek’ collaboration again. PLEASE? Not even sure if they’re filming this. Looks too new. AND Roger’s the only one I don’t mind watching with random/lame themes.

Household Army – Finished filming already? Or something. Come on, air it already. Didn’t see it before but this is a dream come true for me! Kevin, Ray, and Timmy in the same one! Hopefully get to watch them act all random! OR are they on different sides? That would suck though. It looks too goofy to be so? Hope Ray’s not robbed.

Dwelling Choice of Men and Women – The two ‘Michael’ are together too much. Someone separate them, PUH-LEASE. AND Michael and Sonija’s reunion since Au Revoir Shanghai? Awww… (They’re one of the couples I don’t mind with age gap since Sonija has the matured look. I DIDN’T say old, I said ‘mature’.) And yay, Joyce’s in here! Might also be interested in Ron, Mandy, Oscar, and Him’s characters.

Yes Sir, No Sir – NOT really since it seems random? I don’t know.


The Great Imperial Bodyguard – Steven, Selena, and Kenneth team. Sounds promising? I DON’T know, have to see if it’s in the promo clip AND if they’re really going forth with it. Not to mention they’re doing Ghost Writer II? I rather they do this and leave the other one alone though.

NOT on the list but haven’t even moved since last year:

Forensic Heroes III – Oh yeah, this is too funny. They’re probably never going to film it! Since it was said that Kevin, Mandy, and Ray were taking over BUT it was said it’s now Wayne, Charmaine, and Ron? OKAY… There were past rumors of Ron, Bernice, and Myolie too. SO too much surrounding this. They might as well abandon it. I have no problem with the Kevin, Mandy, and Ray theme though since for once, TVB would be copying me. *mwuhahahaha* So kidding here BUT not really since IF anyone reads my lame fan fics know I placed them together–among a bunch of other cast–in this one story. BUT nah, too bad of an idea since people would be scolding them like crazy since the whole Forensic Heroes thing is already ingrained in people’s head. AND not to mention, Wayne even get bashed SO why would it be better for others? My thoughts? Cancel it, please!

Reunion – What happened to this? PLEASE…No wonder there isn’t much to look forward to this year since they’re saving all the interesting one for later or something.

Heaven and Earth – They should’ve aired this instead of CBML. Come on now! Moses and Charm might get a higher chance and it might be more of a competition with the awards IF they had aired this first. And they changed the name to When Heaven Burns. LAME? No comment…

Seven Days Love Isolation – Another what happened? Saving all the Steven series for next year OR something since if they air it this year, he might have a higher chance of winning. *grumble grumble*

Transferred Connection Temptation – And another Steven series. Heard it’s airing soon? BUT how soon?

Female Fist – Sort of interesting but not really that desperate to watch it.

RUMORS (aka nowhere near filming/completion):

BTROC Sequel – What happened to this? I don’t care if they abandon it though since there has been so much hate revolving around the cast already.

Ghost Writer Sequel – Last minute thought so they didn’t put it in the promotion? Hmmm…

Oh shoot, they’re cramming all of Kevin’s series together for next year. Thanks. More hatred towards him now. *roll eyes*

Oh yeah, according to some sources, the clip will be air on November 27th AND these are compiled from several sources from the Presentation booklet. I didn’t care to comment about the talk shows, etc since I don’t watch those as much. (OR should I say never?)

*NOTE*: Like past years with the presentation clips, NOT every single series will make its way into being filmed/aired on time. SO…don’t be surprised IF you don’t see it floating around by next year.


4 thoughts on “TVB 2011 Sales Presentation

  1. First, I must say that I don’t find your post negative at all — actually, it’s WAY more positive than I would have done (that’s why I didn’t write up a 2011 sales presentation / proposed series post on my blog).

    Not going to comment on everything cuz this response would be VERY long (and then I might as well write a post of my own, since I’d have so much material…hahahaha). Oh, and my comments will be random (not going in order of what you have listed).

    Anyway, before I forget, I heard that Household Army will be airing in December of this year — at least that’s what Liza Wang said during the TVB Light Switching Ceremony…BUT, you never know — TVB could change things last minute….plus, it sort of makes sense, since Kevin only had 1 series this year…

    Ok, regarding the other series…

    I must say that I have to agree with you on the Three Kingdoms thing — that one does sound the most interesting, plus I like Steven, Evergreen, and KK, so looking forward to that collaboration (IF it actually happens, that is)…I just hope that they don’t butcher the storyline, since you know how TVB is with book adaptions and historical pieces…

    I already know I’m not watching the Sister Fa series because 1) I am so sick of Raymond and Charmaine due to TVB’s over-promotion of them, plus I’m not too keen on the rest of the cast, and 2) I see this series as a female version of Life Made Simple or at least resurrecting the Ah Wong theme, but except with a female in the Ah Wong role — IMO, no one can do Ah Wong better than Roger and to be honest, I have serious doubts about TVB’s creativity, so I have a feeling much of the series is going to be deja vu…

    REgarding King of Million Phoenixes — those are my sentiments exactly! I love Sunny and don’t mind seeing him with Jessica again, but putting Myolie in there totally ruined it (and the fact that she is pairing up with Sunny AGAIN totally disgusts me — I still have that bitter taste in my mouth from her pairing with Sunny in War and Destiny — I series that I would have really liked if it weren’t for her)…

    I’m ok with The Great Eunuch, mostly because I think Wayne will do well and that role sounds challenging — though I don’t mind the whole Qing Dynasty thing again, I definitely understand where you are coming from in terms of the over-repetition of that theme…

    Forensic Heroes sequel — ok, I already ranted enough about this in other threads, so will spare you the pain of having to hear it all over gain..bottom line — TVB better abandon it now before the backlash gets too out of hand (and yes, I’m saying this despite the fact that Wayne is one of my favorite actors)…goes to show how much I loved the Bobby/Frankie pairing and the original FH….

    Heaven and Earth — well, my theory on why they chose to air CBML this year rather than this one — TVB’s original intention was to promote Raymond to get TV King, but that obviously failed with his mediocre performance in MOL and his other series GTL failing miserably…so since CBML became a ‘surprise hit’ so to speak — despite being a lame comedy not really worth watching (TVB probably was not anticipating the good results for the series at first), they switched gears and are now promoting Moses instead…I actually would be ok with HAE under normal circumstances, but I didn’t like Dance of Passion and it looks like the same cast (plus I’m sick of producer Chik Kei Yi trying to recreate his War and Beauty success every year — it’s like, give up already, since you’re never going to get the same results again..get over it!!!!).

    As for the rest of the series, well to tell you the truth, none of them look interesting — I’m sort of sick of watching the same cast over and over again and even the ones where they have veterans come back (i.e. Adam Cheng, though technically he wasn’t away for long)don’t seem interesting to me (I guess it depends on which veterans)…

  2. Three Kingdoms – Though many people say that Mainland productions are boring (or so I heard), but I thought regarding these types of production, they at least have more potential in not butchering it? AT LEAST NOT by a wide margin? BUT since TVB’s incorporating some sort of sci-fi/fantasy element into it, they could get creative. Wonder how they would install the rest of the storyline IF they do go forth with it. It would be the only series like we agreed on that would be worth anticipating. I read around a bunch of places while trying to find more info with the 2011 Presentation that MOST people are in favor of it, BUT there’s always a doubt whether they would go ahead OR was this just another promotional tactic?

    Sister Fa – Honestly, I was kind of being nice, BUT it looks too silly. SORRY to fans BUT I rather see some normal mushy story between them since I think the only person who could be LAME without being ridiculous is Roger. (AND possibly Steven and Wayne.) So this one is like umm….okay. AND like you pointed out, they’re re-creating something of the past since they can’t seem to come up with something else. Might be trying to get Charray into the limelight after the failed attempt this year.

    That also explains why as you pointed out about why they aired CBML instead of other ones. AND of course H&E thing is like whatever. I’m sick of the cast too as I mentioned before in the other post (when I thought it was airing this year). And I definitely second you. The idea with that team IS like it’s them over and over again, you don’t want to watch anything with them anymore even if it’s interesting. Maybe if the creators would quit it and break that group up to scatter them around more, I would watch stuffs often. It’s like ‘MOVE ON’.

    King of Million Phoenixes – This shows you how much TVB thinks of Jessica, LOL. Though I know she’s not like phenomenally awesome BUT at least have some respect for her since she contributed a lot AND being her last series, they shouldn’t pull that trick with using her to get the hype up of another cat fight related theme.

  3. Three Kingdoms — well, considering it took them 4 days to film the 2-3 minute sales preso clip, I would think that this would be a keeper (why waste all that investment?)…but I guess it’s hard to say, since this is TVB after all…

    With Sister Fa, TVB is definitely trying too hard…and I know I’ll probably incur some wrath when I say this, but it’s true — the storyline and characters really don’t matter because to be honest, as long as it has Raymond Lam in there, his fans will watch it, even if the series sucks.

    Heaven & Earth — yup…I mean, ever since War and Beauty, how many have there been (Dance of Passion, Gem of Life, etc.)? I don’t think it’s ever going to stop though, since you know how TVB is in the creativity field (basically they have none)…and if HAE does well in the ratings, well you know for sure right there that we’ll keep seeing them for years to come!

    Million Phoenixes — agreed. I’m actually surprised Jessica continues to film series for them because they don’t treat her well at all (if I remember correctly, didn’t they snub her last year in terms of nominations for TV Queen? NOt that her performance was great and not that she had any chance at winning, but to nominate the newer ones whose acting skills are no where near hers and leaving her out?)…goes to show how much TVB (dis)likes her…

    Oh, and I forgot to mention about the variety shows…not interested in any of them…unlike most people, I really don’t get the hype around the 3 gods — the only one among the 3 who really has talent is Johnson (he actually can sing in those particular artists’ voices) — the others are just doing the whole parody thing to get laughs from the audience. Plus I’ve never liked those types of parody / mockery / impersonation shows…

  4. Three Kingdoms – Yeah, I thought with much efforts, they would go forth with it. AND usually it’s harder to do ancient ones than modern, right? I honestly want to see something like that. They could cut back on those LAME ones and focus on this ancient series. Since we already talked about those comedic ones that are taking place in the ancient times.

    The same cast with H&E, GOL, etc – Thank you for reminding me IF they do succeed. Eek! BUT it’s true.

    Jessica – Exactly.

    Variety, talk-shows – I did forget about it. But now you mention it, it’s the key reasons why I rarely watch variety shows nowadays. I also agree with Johnson’s imitation. He does the voices justice. Unlike others who are just trying to mock others. The thing with mocking other is, how do you like it when you get the same treatment? I’ll tell you more on MSN later SINCE I might stock up on rotten tomatoes AGAIN if I mention it here.


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