Momo Love: 1845 Images

Honestly, I never planned to capture so much of the drama AND didn’t plan on counting it like this. BUT when my back-up drive crashed and I had to save all the images from photobucket down again, it came to that number when I put all the images in one folder. It took like the whole day to save it. Maybe other dramas might surpass the number without me realizing it. But this one was crazy all right. Also, IF I hadn’t been so into watching for the few episodes, there would have been more caps. Or maybe I’m lucky not to do so many or my hand would’ve been broken already trying to save all of it again.

1st Place = RED
2nd Place = GREEN
Third Place = PURPLE
Lowest # = BLUE

Let’s get down all the statistics, huh? (LOL)

Episode 1: 10

Episode 2: 30

Episode 3: 108

Episode 4: 94

Episode 5: 130

Episode 6: 71

Episode 7: 136

Episode 8: 109

Episode 9: 223

Episode 10: 225

Episode 11: 316

Episode 12: 176

Episode 13: 208

Misc: 9

Moving on to indivivdual figures! (Aka the breakdown!) Some might overlap with the amount of people in one picture BUT I decided to put it into one group instead of individual so it might not be as accurate in those areas. Also, some were just random ones like sceneries or the likes so wasn’t relevant to include.

Jiro Wang/ Shi Lang: 44

Cyndi Wang/ Tao Hua: 68

Ken Zhu/ Chen Qi: 32

Gabe Lan/ Chen Cheng: 11

Sphinx/ Chen Zhuan: 26

Godfrey Gao/ Chen He: 9

Jing Lun/ Yu Yi: 82

Honduras/ Shi Ba Ba: 4

Cynthia Wang/Shi Xue: 1

Annie Chen/Kai Li: 6

Jia Ying/Hui Qi: 34

Calvin Chen/Xue Zhi Qiang: 23


Jing Lun/Ken: 8

Jing Lun/Gabe: 7

Jing Lun/Sphinx: 3

Ken/Godfrey: 8

Sphinx/Godfrey: 29

Sphinx/Gabe: 6

Sphinx/Ken: 2

Sphinx/Calvin: 1

Sphinx/Godfrey/Calvin: 5

Sphinx/Cyndi/Jiro: 5

Sphinx/Jia Ying: 2

Ken/Gabe: 10

Godfrey/Gabe: 9

Cyndi/Jing Lun: 28

Cyndi/Godfrey: 15

Cyndi/Ken: 18

Cyndi/Sphinx: 8

Cyndi/Gabe: 18

Cyndi/Cynthia: 4

Cyndi/Jia Ying: 4

Cyndi/Calvin: 30

Cyndi/He Mi: 3

Cyndi/Annie: 2

Jiro/Cynthia: 4

Jiro/Honduras: 14

Jiro/Honduras/Cynthia: 3

Jiro/Cyndi/Honduras: 9

Jiro/Jing Lun: 14

Jiro/Gabe: 3

Jiro/Jia Ying: 22

Jiro/Cyndi/Calvin: 26

Jiro/Cyndi/He Mi: 4

Jiro/Calvin: 6

Jiro/Godfrey: 2

Jing Lun/Cynthia: 5

Jing Lun/Rui Sha: 8

Jing Lun/Calvin: 2

Jing Lun/Cyndi/Calvin: 1

Jing Lun/Cyndi/Jiro: 12

Jing Lun/Cyndi/Ken: 13

Jing Lun/Jia Ying/Jiro: 1

Calvin/Jia Ying: 4

Godfrey/Jia Ying: 9

Cynthia/He Mi: 1

Ken/Jia Ying: 4

The four crazy brothers – Ken/Gabe/Sphinx/Godfrey: 127

The Chen Clan (together – more or less): 449


Jindi (aka Shi Lang and Tao Hua): 290

TianNi (aka Qi and Kai Li): 13

JunRu (aka Cheng and Xiao Xue): 31

XiangMi (aka He and Xiao Mi): 15

JiaLun (aka Yu Yi and Hui Qi): 114

Jindi & JunRu: 13

Jindi & JiaLun: 3

JunRu & XiangMi: 2

*NOTE*: Except for Jindi, which was created by skyo and various fans, the rest were thought up by me when I slammed ’em together while doing this post. IF there were coincidences, then I’m sorry. I don’t stalk every single site or community online.

Okay, a random post. But that’s something all right.


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