Status of Drama Watching

Some of you following my updates on dramas aka the episode summaries must be pondering what’s really going on. It might be driving you crazy OR NOT. But the truth? My back-up drive crashed already (and I haven’t gotten a chance to get it fixed yet) so I can’t watch some things and then put the caps in there. I could store it on my laptop but it’s space limited and I would have to eventually burn it into a CD for storage and to clear up the laptop. Also, I’ve been so busy with school and can’t really catch up on some of the ones I’m actively watching. This post is to inform and also tell you guys how soon I will resume watching some of the dramas.

The following I will pick up possibly the upcoming week since my schedule would let up a bit and I have one week of break:

  • Endless Love (aka Ai Wu Xian) – Possibly would finish it sooner since I quite like this drama. It’s really fast pace yet not too dramatic. Leaning on the realistic, down to earth side. Not to mention I like Will and Sandrine’s refreshing chemistry.
  • Liao Zhai II – I know the stories are different and it doesn’t required much to recap it like I’ve been doing along the way. But just want to update on it anyway. Since I’m not doing caps, it’s faster but I have to watch it slowly by story or I’ll forget what’s there before it ends, LOL. It’s still releasing in Viet or maybe is done already but I have to finish up classes so I can’t check for sure until this weekend.
  • Rookies’ Diary – I’ve been following this and I don’t mind the length considering how it’s not over-hyped. Hey, some of my favorites are in here too. I couldn’t believe that I also explored some other potential actors in here as well.

The following I will not pick up anytime soon (due to needing back-up drive):

  • Autumn’s Concerto – This is both because of the reason above AND I’m not that into it. Regardless of how much I like the new chemistry between Van Ness and Ady, I was turned off with how Ady was reduced to a weakling once again. I thought she was a hard-working girl at the beginning with how she was carrying the fish bucket and browsing around the market like that. I tried to convince myself of how she wasn’t like other girls–AND she wasn’t. But it was getting into the familiar formula and the frustrating dramatic moments so I decided to put a hold to it. The backup drive crashed like several months after so I had more reasons to delay. Who knows? Maybe after this extended break, I would change my mind towards it.
  • Chinese Paladin III – I already watched the whole thing in Viet-dubbed but I’m lazy to continue the episode summaries ’cause of space reason and I keep having to place the disc into my laptop to do caps. Yeah, it’s a bit tiring at times so I decided do it once in a blue-moon. But I might come up with different topic for debates regarding it so it’s not all lost.
  • Legend of Star Apple – It’s a re-watch actually so I could do the episode summaries and get obsessed all over again just for the sake of it. But I can’t watch it anymore ’cause of the crash.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Um…I said it before, not really looking forward to it since it’s a bit cliche. I wanted to watch for the cast. Then I got tired ’cause I felt like it was too trying again. Typical characters and all. NOT because someone ‘could only do so much’ BUT the chemistry couldn’t convince me. Even now. It has nothing to do with good acting or not. It’s a matter of the story. This means that once I get the drive restored, I will do it slowly with the caps. OR put it below the priorities of the other ones. 19 episodes? Honestly, what in the world could they be talking about for 19 episodes? I’m just honestly tired of long ones lately, especially those intense ones from SETTV. Again, nothing against the cast, just SETTV’s long-winded dramas. So yeah…

The following is possible dramas I would pick up because it’s going to air soon:

  • Liu Mang Xiao Zhang (流氓校長) – It’s airing already? Haven’t seen Qiao Qiao in something for ages now. It’s good to know that a drama is out. Jacky’s in here too! A bonus! I can’t wait to see it. Though I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t be too silly. I saw some of the teaser trailers and thought it was a tad overboard. BUT hope they don’t get carried away with it. I like a good mixture of comedy and seriousness, not too cheesy or lame.
  • Love Buffet – Considering how much stuffs have happened revolving this drama, I thought I follow it through. At least check it out for myself and then decide if I should continue. It has to do with the script changes that were made. So I’m not sure what’s become of it anymore. (I didn’t want to search up as much news anymore since I didn’t want to spoil myself of the details and ended up being bored when I actually watch it so yeah…) I heard it’s airing soon, but hope it’s this year? Like soon, soon.
  • Channel X – I just want to check it out for the refreshing cast and possibly a more serious yet closer to reality theme. Joe and Amber could convince me. I don’t know. Anything is possible.

5 Replies to “Status of Drama Watching”

  1. I enjoy reading your episode summary of Endless Love. I finished watching the shows but have found new revelations in your summaries…please keep going when you have time! =)

  2. @James – Thanks for commenting.

    I’m glad that you found something new with my summaries. I was going to finish Endless Love (among other shows) but got caught up in some other things again. So I’ll pick it up again later. Thanks for the encouragement! =)

    1. I’m glad to hear that you will pick it up again when you have more time! =) I don’t even remember how I came about watching Endless Love because I have never watched a Taiwanese drama before, but I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I had to watch the drama with English subtitles (born in Taiwan but immigrated to the US when I was 5 so I only have real basic understanding of Mandarin/Taiwanese) , which is why your summaries have really helped peice together some missing pieces for me.

      I will be watching Sandrine Pinna in Yang Yang this weekend so I hope it will be as good (or better) than Endless Love. Thank you again for your continuous efforts on the wordpress!


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