On The Set: Part XVII

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QQ: Tang Feng!
TF: Uh…I don’t like that look. What happened?

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QQ: Why did you go around spreading rumors that I like you?

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TF: Uh…I didn’t do it. I was messing with you yesterday. I didn’t know you like me for real. If I’ve known…I would’ve made sure no one knows.

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QQ: What are you talking about? Who likes you?
TF: Um…if you don’t like me, why would you be upset? Let those people spout their nonsense. Great way to promote our drama, don’t you think?

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QQ: Wait a minute. Do you think that restaurant we went to yesterday has hidden cameras and recorded what you said to me?
TF: It’s possible.

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QQ: What are we going to do?
TF: I told you to forget it. But if you really want to find out, we can go investigate further.

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TF: Hello?
QQ: Tang Feng?

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TF: Xiao Kui? I meant…Qiao Qiao, what happened? You sound like you’re crying.
QQ: I found out what happened. Can you come now?
TF: No problem. I’ll just tell the director to wait for me until I get back.
Everyone in the back (thinking): This guy must be crazy to make the director wait for him.

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TF: There she is! At the same spot where I found her last week.

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TF: So…what happened? Can you tell me now?
QQ: It wasn’t the restaurant since they didn’t recognize us until they saw the article in the newspaper.

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QQ: It was a misunderstanding because the reporters kept seeing us together. Then the rest of the crew teased us yesterday so I thought it was you who spilled it.

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TF: See? I told you it wasn’t me.

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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