Status of Drama Watching III

I thought I cleared some dramas out of the way recently so I’ll update. Or at least I’m qualified to update, LOL!

Past Dramas:

  • Endless Love (aka Ai Wu Xian) – Finally finished and the mini reviews for the rest of the episodes will post every Friday. I must warn everyone that I got quite worked up along the way so some of the things I said aren’t pleasant, but the outcome ended up surprising me. SO you can choose to read those or not.
  • Rookies’ Diary – YES, I finished already and the episode reviews will post every Monday until the end.
  • Hana Kimi (TW version) – The reason I even put this in though it wasn’t in my previous updates is because I just recently watched it and thought I place it in as well.

Current Dramas:

  • Evil Spirit 05 – Episode 3 – I’m watching this with my mom and probably will finish faster than some of them. Not sure. But I think my faith in Lee Wei’s acting resurrected.
  • Father and Son (父與子) – Episode 2 – I just started watching this. Of course I’m not going to do the episode reviews because I know it would be long. Daily drama, right? It’s kind of difficult for me because of the dialects but I’ll watch it anyway to see how it is. I do like the cast since they’re practically from RD. Oh yeah, will do some discussions posts later as I watch.
  • Love Together (愛讓我們在一起) – Episode 2 – This is going to replace Rookies’ Diary’s slot for Monday posts after RD clears out. I’m getting back into it after clearing out the previous one.
  • Only You (TVB version) – Episode 4 – Okay, I think I posted like 2 episodes of this already? I was kind of lazy to continue on with the summary. But whenever it is I would pick it up, I’ll make sure to do the summary.
  • Rookies’ Diary 2 – Episode 13 – I told you guys in the other post that I won’t be doing episode summary/mini reviews for part 2 since it was really affecting my watching progress. Not to mention how tiring it was. I also didn’t want to do it because of how the platoon got wiped out already. (NOT that extreme but yeah…) I won’t even lie and say that I was looking forward to part 2 but because of some of the cast yet not really having high hopes. But it surprised me after several episodes with the new characters as well. Though I’m too lazy to go back and do recaps. So what I’m going to do is do discussion posts once in awhile if I feel like it.
  • Sisters (姊妹) – Episode 14 – I started watching this like when it started airing. I didn’t even plan on watching it in the first place but saw some of the trailers on Facebook and some of the cast’s posts. So I checked it out and actually liked it. NOT quite as enthusiastic as I first started but will continue watching to see what else would happen. This might be lagging for me though since RD and F&S are sort of my priorities for now.

Upcoming Dramas:

  • Home (回家). OMG! When in the world are they going to show this? I’m going crazy with all the trailers. I’m not really a fan of war dramas since there are just too much controversies around it – and rightly so because of the effects on so many parties involved. But this one looks promising and maybe because I’m a fan of most of the cast.
  • Sunshine Angel – I was wondering what in the world happened since the release date keep shifting that now I’m like not sure what’s going on anymore. Please air this some time this year, people.

NOT On-Hold anymore:

  • Autumn’s Concerto – I thought since I cleared some out of the way, I should finish this once and for all so I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. If anyone’s looking forward to reviews or whatever, it’s going to go into the Wednesday slot for posts. Might not be anytime soon though since look at the ‘Current’ list.

On-Hold – STILL:

  • Channel X – Need to clear some of the things up before I could watch this. I so want to watch it though but just that too many on hand right now.
  • Chinese Paladin III – I actually want to watch some new series that the main cast in here participated in so sacrificing this again.
  • Legend of Star Apple – The fact that Xiao Xiao Yu got some votes will make me reconsider to re-watch and do recaps. But don’t hold your breath.
  • Love Buffet – YUP, still need to find time.
  • Love Keeps Going – I didn’t say anything about this in the last post but some people know that it’s on my list. I’m going to get on with this after I finished ‘Love Together’ but instead of replacing the Monday posts slot, it’s going to post on Fridays.
  • Monga – It’s too long AND I have to clear some things off first. I know it doesn’t make sense when two of the dramas I listed above are possibly longer. But having both of those is like enough for now, lol.
  • They Are Flying – Need to clear some things off first.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Xiao Xiao Yu got some votes, I might pick it up just for her BUT NOT SOON. Notice this is not even a priority for me anymore.

Until next time…


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