Sunshine Angel Going Wuxia

So Sunshine Angel‘s finally airing. I guess not paying attention makes me an idiot for complaining in the other post. But anyway, what about it?

The most surprising thing and I almost thought I had clicked into the wrong drama was seeing some wuxia sequences at the beginning. However, I enjoyed every bit of it. It was nicely done and somehow, I really miss seeing Chun in those dramas, especially after having watched 14 Blades. His cool ability to slither within all those structures and dive from his enemy, to the point where he had to pull out his sword to defend himself brought much excitement to the opening scenes. The chase and the crafty wall climbing, etc reminds me that of a chameleon, which was so cool.

Then Rainie appeared to save the day (lol) since Chun was outnumbered by his enemies and losing ground. (But note that he had fought on, without backing down or showing fear of his enemies.) It was so different and funny in a sense that it was not those ‘hero in shining armor’ saving the beauty from harm but it was reversed. She was the heroine saving her prince charming from harm.

The scene did not end there because they soon joined forces back-to-back (literally) to fight off those men in black (lol). It was so cute despite the dangerous and intense atmosphere. Then I was hoping that they could collaborate in the future in some equally cool wuxia drama. (Because those who had watched Rainie in Liao Zhao would know that she looks quite good in ancient costumes too.)

Anyway, those wuxia moments were short-lived because it was just part of Rainie’s dream. Or more correctly, Yang Guang’s dream of saving her prince charming from harm. (I guess it’s her dream so whatever works with her wanting to be the heroine to save the day! YET rather refreshing than seeing the repetitive formula of the guy saving the girl.)

But since we’re back to reality, what’s up this time around? Rainie’s hair is back to normal for this drama. Or at least as normal as can be. (I appreciated the efforts of her other dramas and the different image for the characters in there yet it made it a bit on the edge of unrealistic or hard to relate to for me, that’s all.)

What about Chun? He cut his hair differently for this drama. It gives him a new, convincing and confidence image for his character–who was supposedly a bit bossy as his intro scene shown him jogging by the seaside and ordering his assistant around over the phone.

Moving on to the pairing. Like I wasn’t looking forward to it before after seeing various pictures that were released during the filming, but now I’m even more eager to see how their chemistry would develop throughout the drama.

Won’t spoil the plot for you guys but thought it’s promising so far. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint–after making us wait for so long. (Or at least I was waiting.)

*All images were captured by DTLCT



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