General Updates IV

Remember when I declared the previous layout as the permanent layout? You should’ve read the part about ‘unless I find something else I like’ part since this is what’s happening. This one also allows me to choose themes and allows the pages to not include the sidebar without me doing too much of the crazy manipulation so I changed it.

What else? Obviously the ‘Special Profiles’ page is still very much empty but I’ve been occupied with other things so it’s not going to happen just yet. Whenever it’s ready, I’ll get it going.

Oh yeah, did anyone notice Photobucket made some changes again? OMG! It’s driving me crazy with their fast changes. I love them but they’re killing me with having to make new directions for the tuts. Lucky this time there isn’t much so I’ll fix the 2nd tut when I have time.

Oh yeah, my desktop crashed already so I’m relying solely on my laptop right SO that would be dedicated mostly to school time and work-related stuffs so I wouldn’t kill the laptop too. (*knocks on wood*) So things will be slow. Maybe might be better since most of my updates, aside from the episode reviews, have been too random for people’s taste.

Enjoy the rest of summer! Stay hydrated!


2 thoughts on “General Updates IV

  1. I’m finding the changes on Photobucket unnerving. For a few months when I first started my blog, I hosted my images on Photobucket. I think I was too ignorant to realise that I could upload them from my own computer to my wordpress gallery. One day when I have some spare time (if this ever happens), I want to move all those images from PB to wordpress. I also want to follow your weibo tute soon. Is that one of the ones affected?

  2. @vgag – The photos aren’t affected in anyway. But I think in a sense of navigation and layout, it has been changing. I have the premium account for Photobucket since I really like them. I think what I’m complaining more about is I have to catch up on doing bits and pieces of the tut I already did. More of a revision, you know. By the way, I do know we can upload it directly into our WordPress gallery, but I sort of use my photos for a lot of stuffs so didn’t want to restrict it to just uploading it to gallery. Glad you’re thinking of that option though since it would be less headache-y, lol.


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