Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 37

Still maintaining the fierce image. It’s beginning to become a pattern.

YUP, she asked him.

How mean, lol.

LOL! True in a way. And since she mentioned him filming part 2 of Rookies’ Diary, it explained how he had become tanned again. Staying in the sun for an extended amount of time and all.

Games: 新功夫世界 Online, 南帝北丐, 潘朵拉 Online

Time to set the score straight, lol. He has every right to bring the past up, actually. She asked for it.

Keeping him in line again, lol. He was really quite carried away with trying to rap. (Honestly…)

Moving on, lol. Or more like he was trying to change the subject so he doesn’t have to buy her the game.

Woohoo! Everyone’s favorite time, game time, lol. Man, I hope no one was standing there, the direction where he just threw the game box, lol.

Ooh, tennis. Lucky they’re not playing it on the Wii or they would end up whacking each other with the moves, LOL! She knocked him out, lol. (In the game, not for real.) Trying to rattle each other with the constant word attacks? LOL!

She couldn’t take it and froze? LOL!

Wah, where in the world did that come from? LOL! YUP, she remembered wrong, he had to correct her on some “terms”, lol. Or did she do it on purpose?

*All images were captured by DTLCT



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