PaPa: Voice Blog

papa_meI don’t know how long the trends have been going on, but it seems to be getting more and more popular of recent. Perhaps people are tired of just typing with their fingers and just want to say something and then publish. OR perhaps they love talking more than writing something. That’s fine too. The point? The recent place to stalk some of the celebs is at PaPa. You have to log in via your cell phone or other types of devices that allows you to download apps. You can sign in using your Weibo or Tencent Weibo account. Either is fine.

What I discovered so far is that it helps me with my listening skills when tuning into their messages. Then they even share songs with the rest of us, which is cool. So far, my favorite person to follow is Van Fan because he not only updates on daily greetings (mornings and good nights), but also share songs. YES, it’s a really good way to promote music and the like. The second runner up on my favorite list is Eddie Peng. Though he’s kind of goofy and random but listening to his is kind of funny. Third most favorite is Elaine Yiu, she actually speaks in Mandarin so it’s easy for me to follow. (Sorry, my Cantonese is actually getting worse for some reason, lol.) My fourth person would be Alec Su. What about the 5th? NOT sure, still deciding because some of the people I followed haven’t really gotten on there yet or haven’t posted their first message quite yet. Even Joanne Zeng only posted one message and then stopped since then. Probably more used to just typing it and all? Interestingly enough, Van Ness Wu had joined of recent and posted his welcome message already.

Aside from several people of the above I mentioned, there are many more who had already joined and had posted their voice messages from time to time. (Though some I don’t follow, but I know they’ve joined via searching for celebs, etc.) In a way, it’s kind of cool, like I said before. You get to hear their voices in normal daily life buzz instead of the rehearsed ones that sometimes they already perfected it because it was required for some role or event. Yes, a lot of randomness and you get to understand them more.

The thing about this is, you can either just click on the heart to show your “love” for the entry or you can respond to it by voice or regular comment. So, what do you think?



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