The Four 2013: Chu Li Mo

Janine’s return to the ancient world came in the role of Chu Li Mo (楚离陌). As the post title indicated, she’s portraying a role in the new adaptation of The Four aka The Famous Four Detective Guards. I was reading it awhile back but got lazy that I didn’t blog about it until now. Yet I was so happy to see her in another ancient drama. (And glad it wasn’t part of someone’s production. Yeah, hunted down more information and had to confirm it through some of the official trailers to make sure. PHEW!)

In this series, Janine will be paired off with Hans Zhang. (Supposedly from some info and trailers.)

Hans will be portraying Leng Xue (冷血) aka Cold Blooded. Leng Xue’s actually my favorite character from The Four Detective Guards novels and also from some of the adaptations. His background was actually quite cool because he was raised by wolves hence receiving the nickname. (I think, but could have been that I merged it with some of the adaptations by accident.) Anyway, his sword techniques really fascinated me when reading the novels. Wen Rui An (温瑞安) sure know how to exaggerate (lol). I’m looking forward to see how they develop his character in here. I know this is another loose adaptation since I saw some really bizarre things in the trailers. But I’m willing to accept and just go along for the journey this time around. Why? Honestly, The Four Detective Guards sagas had been adapted soooo many times already. Even the first adaptation done by ATV, they had to pay Wen Rui An for using the title and the character names since WRA wasn’t done with some of the stories at that time to be used for the plot. So they paid the rights and then conjured up their own stories. That was why it just spurned on into its own without having any relevancy to the novels later on. Besides, I’ve watched previous beyond bizarre adaptations already (except for the movie), so I think I should be able to take this one. It’s like mystery/ solving cases theme so I wouldn’t mind if there are changes.

Anyway, back to Janine’s character. I’m not sure if she was in one of the novels or not, because I’m not all caught up yet. (Couldn’t find the translated versions for some of them. But I don’t mind the wait since the mystery/cases are worth it.) However, I remember reading one of the collection of stories that Leng Xue’s love interest was actually this one girl from a rich family whom he and Xie Shou (鐵手) met on one of their cases together and she sort of tagged them while they were solving some future cases. Not sure how that went since I ran out of translated stories. But that was kind of cute. For this one, I hope to enjoy Janine’s performance and her collaboration with Hans. I saw some of the trailers already and thought their story might be worth watching (as well as some of the cases).

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