Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2013

I first learned of this through Xiao Xiao Yu’s Facebook page. I thought it was some drama she did in Taiwan. However, a closer hunt down of the title, I found out that it’s a mainland drama. It has been a long time since her last ancient drama so of course I’m happy.  This series is a new version of Adam Cheng’s series. Or at least have some connections to it. However, I actually like the costumes for this series so far. At least the ones that I spotted. Some of the hair will need getting used to but not as bad as some of the recent productions I noticed.

The main lead of the series is Han Dong. (YES, he finally takes a lead role.) Anyway, can’t wait to see him in a different role. He’s supposedly portraying a medic.

The leading lady is Yoki Sun. She’s a fairy. (Or how some of the descriptions had it.)

I’m not sure what role Xiao Xiao Yu’s portraying since she didn’t even disclose it, just posted some pictures up from time to time.

There are more cast (obviously) but I don’t really know what roles they’ll be portraying either. Though it looks promising from whatever bit some of the cast were willing to post on Weibo. I haven’t watched Adam Cheng’s version yet so don’t know the idea revolving around these types of story, but it must be half medic related and half fantasy, considering how some characters are fairies.

The filming actually wrapped up already since the cast involved had moved on to other productions already or had returned home for some rest and considering new projects. But so far, it seemed like a promising year the upcoming year for dramas.

I will update more on this series when they release more stuffs. (I only managed to find like one video clip of news coverage about this on YouTube.)

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners



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