Dong Jiang Heroes: The Wrap Up

I thought I wouldn’t update on this for a while, at least not until I get even more concrete details. But I couldn’t help doing another post because of the wrap up.

Jacky posted an entry on the 21st about almost getting hurt in an explosion incident. He was glad he didn’t get injured right before the wrap up. PHEW, close one, right? ((EDIT: It’s a false wrap up since according to the Hengdian page, they were still shooting some scenes. So the message could be he almost got injured and wouldn’t make it to wrap up? But anyway, still…)

There’s also another article I found on Sina that discloses about some changes made of the historical figure Liu Hei Zai, plus info on Jia Qing’s character in there, Anna. Jia Qing sure looks gorgeous in that wedding dress.

A new search on the title around Weibo showed some more information that I haven’t spotted several months back, considering how I still can’t find their official page. (Probably they might not have it yet since it usually pops up as the first result if they do have it.)

Anyway, found out about another female cast in here, Sabrina Qiu. Not sure which role she portrayed but she posted some pictures up.

Actually, aside from Sabrina, there’s also Daisy Sun but I totally forgot to search for more pictures of her until today. Her role seems tragic. Well, during such hectic times, most of the characters would go through different types of hardships, but hers seem the most tragic among the female cast from the posted pictures so far. Will have to wait and see more details.

More stills from the cast:

Until next time…

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners


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