Allen Chao: The Singer?

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Apparently Allen Chao used to be a singer as well as being an actor. (The Internet sure has its good side with discovering some info, eh?) But in the old days they weren’t ‘selling’ themselves, rather they were more focused on the music. The cover of the album said it already. Music symbols in the background. Adding in the name and the album title. Slap on some picture to show who was singing. Then they were good. They let their singing decide.

(YES, I’m so mocking the current generation here. BUT then again, not really, just finding it really funny that simple singing had gone SO far and astray from the main point of ‘singing’. I must admit I do fall for sucky moments when I wouldn’t mind having some ‘goodies’ along with the albums too. But there’s still a line somewhere along the way. Of course there are some people who follow the path of art and not other packaging to distract others from their singing. But the rest are lost cause.)

Anyway, Allen Chao still sing from time to time on different shows. It’s kind of interesting to watch and learn who he used to collaborate with for his singing career, etc. (Click here and here one of the shows.)


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    1. YES, I was surprised too. Maybe because back then there was a lack of Internet hence I didn’t know some things about him (except having watched his past dramas) versus now with more information available.


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