Dong Jiang Heroes: 36 Mins Promo Trailer

So, here’s the an official promotional trailer for the drama:

Exciting, isn’t it? (Not regarding to the tragedies, so don’t misunderstand. I meant regarding the anticipation of the drama itself.) At least it is for me, because it sheds even more light into what this drama is about. And it seemed like they’re serious about the production. And had put a lot into this production. Not just throwing a bunch of pretty people together and let them stroll around in their pretty outfits to throw off people with senseless plots. This is indeed an intense one, obviously from previous stills released. But now, there are even more details into the plot. At least fractions of it, to the essence of the plot. Even if there are humorous scenes at one point, showing how the main leads met, the brief comedic moment soon fade to make way for other nerve-wrecking scenes.


2 thoughts on “Dong Jiang Heroes: 36 Mins Promo Trailer

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  1. From the trailer. It looks like some of the violence will be quite graphic, but at other times less serious and more slapstick. I hope the horses were ok after the Japanese ride into those traps. I had to love the bit where You Tian whacks an enemy over the head with a small log, though.

    1. I have no idea how they did those scenes. But they might have do it differently or at a distance but somehow the angle makes it seem closer? *shrugs* Those camera tricks, I’m not sure. But yeah…

      The violence scenes are indeed quite graphic in here, but I think it matches up to the intensity of theme and nature of the story. Those who are more into the soaps might not like it. But I must say the quality is back to the times they did those historical dramas. I’m on episode 4 already and trying to see what else they’re doing for the story. The pace is decent and the scenes really highlight those hectic moments well.


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