Esther Liu and David Chen Reunited

I saw Esther posting different articles around the project she was working on. (Click here and here for articles.) But of course, I’m always late so  I didn’t jump in to update until now. Anyway, I think this is Esther and David’s reunion since The Concerto, but I’m not too sure so correct me if I’m wrong.

Oh yeah, did I update on Esther having established her own company already and have been working hard with that among other things? (Click here for Frigga’s page.) She has also been writing her own songs and working on her new album called “Rebirth” (重生). And the project she’s working with David is a movie. It takes place in Paris. Esther chose the location because it’s like a second home to her, considering how she had spent 3 years living there and studying and all.

Here’s a glimpse:

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.


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