A Chinese Ghost Story: 2015 Adaptation

When I saw HuaCe put up a poster on their Facebook page, I wasn’t sure if they were just being random or if they were going to re-make the drama. A search around the net and I found this. I must say that I’m curious, and also waiting for further news from their official page. I’ll probably be stalking their Weibo more actively since I haven’t been back there for a while now.

Zhang Meng will be portraying the female lead.

Han Dong will be the male lead.

Before, I would’ve objected to the pairing, but after watching their previous collaboration in DOMD, I can’t wait. And the fact that I was sore about the main couple in the previous version that I watch, I’m more than happy to see how they do this one. (Not talking about the Hu Ge and Yang Mi one since I enjoyed their story and collaboration.)

*All images were found around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.



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