Poll #2: Update 7


(image credit: as marked)

Poll went down to 415 after I took Ady and Hu Ge out. YES, I finally did it. It’s not because I no longer like them. I do. It’s just that taking them out creates less pressure for me. And it would make it less hectic and frustrating for some people with the wait and wondering if I’m playing a cruel joke on them by making them wait. Then the poll jumped up to 464 after some massive voting. So yeah. Thanks! No, that wasn’t sarcasm. I meant for real, lol.

Wallace Huo – 136 Votes – Mr. Huo is still leading and going strong since his fanbase is huge nowadays. Not that I mind. Just pointing that out. I’m safe on him since I updated from time to time of recent. Not too bad.

Vic Chou – 42 Votes – Um, I know, I know. I’m slacking again, but I can’t help it. Will try to update like before this year ends, nice?

Janine Chang – 41 Votes – Meant to update more on her but I need to finish some dramas first.

Joanne Zeng – 36 Votes – Been updating on her, so I’m safe.

Nicholas Teo – 32 Votes – Interestingly, I updated more on him of recent as well so safe.

Xiu Jie Kai – 32 Votes – Somewhat updated on him. I need to catch up a lot of his dramas. So there might be some discussions and/or episode summaries coming up. But don’t hold your breath. I can’t promise.

Angela Chang – 30 Votes – Updated on her a bit of recent. She came back and updated so I jumped on that as well, lol.

Zhao Jun Ya – 23 Votes – I slowed down on him but I think I’m mad safe since the majority of this blog ended up being about him.

Yvonne Yao – 21 Votes – Somewhat updated of recent.

Sophia Chou – 12 Votes – She jumped up, yay. I just need to find something to update on, lol. I still stalk her though.

Ruby Lin – 12 Votes – I’ve been updating on Ruby here and there, so I’m safe.

Penny Lin – 11 Votes – Yes, I’m active on updating on her as well so I’m safe for now.

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu – 11 Votes – Been slacking on her, but she’s 2nd with being the most updated on so I’m safe.

Van Fan – 9 Votes – I meant to bring out more posts about him. Just need to get focused.

Eric Suen – 8 Votes – Slacking on him. I meant to watch more stuffs, but most of his dramas are seriously dragging for me, lol.

Jacky Chu – 4 Votes – I’m lazy lately and he’s sort of back into exile again. So we’ll see. He’s still one of the top people I update on so it’s not like it’s too much of a loss.

Bianca Bai – 4 Votes – Updated on her of recent. Will find an excuse to update more later.

So I wanted to wait until September to update on the situation with polls and all. But I guess since I did update on the majority of them, I couldn’t help but celebrate somewhat. PHEW, right? See you all next time!



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