Angela Chang, Bianca Bai, Eric Suen, General, Jacky Chu, Janine Chang, Nicholas Teo, Penny Lin, Ruby Lin, Sophia Chou, Sweety, Van Fan, Vic Chou, Wallace Huo, Xiu Jie Kai, Yvonne Yao, Zhang Xin Yu, Zhao Jun Ya

Poll #2: Update 7


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Poll went down to 415 after I took Ady and Hu Ge out. YES, I finally did it. It’s not because I no longer like them. I do. It’s just that taking them out creates less pressure for me. And it would make it less hectic and frustrating for some people with the wait and wondering if I’m playing a cruel joke on them by making them wait. Then the poll jumped up to 464 after some massive voting. So yeah. Thanks! No, that wasn’t sarcasm. I meant for real, lol.

Wallace Huo – 136 Votes – Mr. Huo is still leading and going strong since his fanbase is huge nowadays. Not that I mind. Just pointing that out. I’m safe on him since I updated from time to time of recent. Not too bad.

Vic Chou – 42 Votes – Um, I know, I know. I’m slacking again, but I can’t help it. Will try to update like before this year ends, nice?

Janine Chang – 41 Votes – Meant to update more on her but I need to finish some dramas first.

Joanne Zeng – 36 Votes – Been updating on her, so I’m safe.

Nicholas Teo – 32 Votes – Interestingly, I updated more on him of recent as well so safe.

Xiu Jie Kai – 32 Votes – Somewhat updated on him. I need to catch up a lot of his dramas. So there might be some discussions and/or episode summaries coming up. But don’t hold your breath. I can’t promise.

Angela Chang – 30 Votes – Updated on her a bit of recent. She came back and updated so I jumped on that as well, lol.

Zhao Jun Ya – 23 Votes – I slowed down on him but I think I’m mad safe since the majority of this blog ended up being about him.

Yvonne Yao – 21 Votes – Somewhat updated of recent.

Sophia Chou – 12 Votes – She jumped up, yay. I just need to find something to update on, lol. I still stalk her though.

Ruby Lin – 12 Votes – I’ve been updating on Ruby here and there, so I’m safe.

Penny Lin – 11 Votes – Yes, I’m active on updating on her as well so I’m safe for now.

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu – 11 Votes – Been slacking on her, but she’s 2nd with being the most updated on so I’m safe.

Van Fan – 9 Votes – I meant to bring out more posts about him. Just need to get focused.

Eric Suen – 8 Votes – Slacking on him. I meant to watch more stuffs, but most of his dramas are seriously dragging for me, lol.

Jacky Chu – 4 Votes – I’m lazy lately and he’s sort of back into exile again. So we’ll see. He’s still one of the top people I update on so it’s not like it’s too much of a loss.

Bianca Bai – 4 Votes – Updated on her of recent. Will find an excuse to update more later.

So I wanted to wait until September to update on the situation with polls and all. But I guess since I did update on the majority of them, I couldn’t help but celebrate somewhat. PHEW, right? See you all next time!



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