Wallace and Minions


Translation: Hua Ge’s most beloved is this, so (he) could only accompany ‘it’. The rest of the ‘together’ rumors are false.

Because of the rumors and speculations flying around of recent, HuaJae had to come out and clarify some matters. However, that is not a good reason for targeting some parties. Yes, I do understand the frustration of having to deal with obsessed fans, but those are the few among the group that cause the most trouble. Regardless, it’s not the other party’s fault unless she really did ‘try’ to pull some tricks with publishing ‘vague’ or ‘suggestive’ posts to get attention. I’m not naming names because I’m doing this as a general post with speaking up for some of Wallace’s past co-stars that got blasted also. (At least the real innocent ones that didn’t stir anything but were still being targeted.) If you’re a true Wallace fan, seriously, stop. He takes his work seriously and works so hard to bring us the joy of watching his dramas. So the least we can do is not make him look bad in front of others–whether shipping fans or not. I’m not against shipping, because I, myself, am guilty of shipping quite a few of Wallace’s past pairings too–for the dramas only though (and for fun hence writing fan fics). Those that I don’t like or don’t see the chemistry, I just don’t mention on here. But I don’t see the point of fighting or stirring anything among other fans. (At least not anymore if I had ever participated in those silly wars in the past.)


Anyway, yes! Wallace’s into Minions too! The bike’s adorable! I want one too!


P.S. In the past, Wallace usually do not clarify rumors because he believes that if he’s innocent, time will make it obvious/known. However, because of the seriousness of the escalated, damaging rumors/libel that had caused him so much trouble of recent years, especially with the court case too, he had to be more careful. It’s not about ‘establishing boundary’ because he hates them either (in case some fans want to use that excuse). He just has to be more careful and I think it’s only fair. Not to mention it’s fair for the other party too not to get dragged in.

*Images credit: HuaJae Studio



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