Wallace and Ruby: More Happy News

13239036_646934915463301_122113784580219688_n(image credit: as marked)

There were rumors flying around like several days ago about Wallace and Ruby getting married. (Not sure how the paparazzi got wind of it so fast. OR they just happened to somehow guess correctly this time.) I didn’t really pay attention since I scrolled right past it after just reading the headlines, considering how there was no mention about it on Wallace or Ruby’s pages. However, Wallace and Ruby finally responded (both on Facebook and Weibo).

wedding_announcement_07042016_rubyTranslation: Yes, Hua Ge (Hoa ca) and Sis are getting married. Thank you for everyone’s concerns.

wedding_announcement_07052016Translation: Wallace said: Today, I was asked by a lot of friends. Yes, Ruby and I are getting married. Thank you for everyone’s concerns.

So, yes, it’s official! Those for the couple can hold another celebration for them. Two in one year, eh? The rest, please refrain from all the attacks. (Yes, there have been attacks and threats of people–from fans of both sides–to disconnect following the two. You don’t have to support them, but the name-calling is kind of unsettling. That’s just my two-cents really.)


With that out of the way, time for more positive moments. What’s coming up? Wedding pictures! Well, we’ll have to see, but I’m so updating.

(And what took me so long when every other major outlet had already announced it and discussed the matter to death? Internet trouble, sorry!)



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