Here To Heart: A Janine and Zhang Han Reunion

I’m excited to learn about their new drama together! This is their third collaboration. Before The Four, they were seen together in Fairytale, but Zhang Han was only appearing as a cameo in there.

I was already following the drama’s Weibo when I learned of Janine’s new project. Then I got confused because of conflicting information being released so I didn’t update yet.

The confusion was regarding to the male lead of the drama. I didn’t know if Zhang Han was replacing Huang Xiao Ming (who was initially seen on the posters) or if he was starring alongside HXM and Janine. Now that it became clearer that Zhang Han was replacing HXM, I decided to update.

I’m really looking forward to this, because I loved Zhang Han and Janine in The Four. They’re collaborating in a modern drama this time so I gotta see how it would be. Hopefully, the story would be great. Considering how this drama is adapted from author An Ning‘s novel of the same name.

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