2018: Year End Update

I must say that this has been one tough year. Or more like another tough year. There were major changes in my personal life hence the lagging in updates also. However, I did accomplish some goals that I set out to do regarding this blog. You might not notice the difference but I had already moved my blog from WordPress.com to SiteGround via WordPress.org. The formatting got lost for half of the posts, which I’m still in the process of fixing slowly and also trying to get rid of posts that no longer show any relevancy. Although this blog is about randomness that I managed to conjure up over the years, I at least want some sort of depth in content going forward.

Also, I managed to watch more or less some of the shows on my to-watch list. But still haven’t found time to finish the reviews yet hence a long lag in progress. I seriously just want to focus on updating this blog but reality is keeping me from it. It’s getting to the point that I’m very frustrated with it. I also wanted to update my stories as well but found it harder and harder to think. Again, reality.

For this coming year, I hope to get back on track and find some sort of ground to stand so I have time to focus on this blog more. Aside from that, I’m often updating my Facebook page for this blog more. Or more like my randomness are on there because it’s just faster to write something or forward another post than conjure up a quality post here.

That’s it for now. I’m no longer doing those year-end wrap-ups where I list a bunch of posts because I think it’s a cheap attempt to insert links in. So yes, I might do general updates but won’t be that way anymore.

Here’s to a better year for all.