Fahrenheit Reunion: Calvin and Chun

The other day, Calvin posted some pictures of him and Chun, tagging Chun in it. I thought it was hilarious.

(And how in the world did I miss Chun having a Weibo account since November 2013?)

Anyway, I went to Chun’s Weibo and discovered him also sharing a picture of their latest with an equally hilarious caption: He loved me since Fahrenheit. It has been twelve years already, I should reluctantly marry him and let him be my second (other half).

That reminded me of the days they were filming Romantic Princess together and both were goofing off so much that BTS became my favorite parts of the drama. What was more, one time Chun was giving Calvin this obnoxious look that caused Calvin a NG. Calvin apologized and immediately threw Chun under the bus for messing him up, lol.

*Images were captured by DTLCT.



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