21 Jump Street: Season 4

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As promised, back to recap on season 4 because of the cliffhanger from the last season.

“Draw the Line” continued with Ioki still in a coma and Hanson still spending time in prison. They had to put in the scene where Doug was trying to hook up the TV but he ended up hooking it into the phone jack! LOL! I was not surprised that Booker was the first one who figured it out that Hanson wasn’t the one who shot the dirty cop. I had a gut feeling it wasn’t Hanson BUT I didn’t want it to become a bias. NOW it all made sense since Hanson was in for the rest of the season so IF he had committed the crime, how would he be around? Anyway, more funny scenes unfolded after Booker managed to get Hanson out for a short period of time and went to Doug’s place. Doug wasn’t home BUT he answered? That was funny! Then Hanson and Doug acting like twins? I was beginning to enjoy the whole Booker, Doug, and Hanson team. It seemed to be out of control at times but they were able to work together and then created some humorous scenes as well. It was sooo sad YET hilarious at the same time that Booker was sent to exile for all the unauthorized things he’d done! LOL! But the heartfelt hug aka the reuniting scene between Hanson and Doug outside the prison ground was really something.

“Say It Ain’t So, Pete” reunited Hanson and Doug as a team working to uncover some gambling ring going on. Doug posed as one of the bouncers who checked for IDs at the door while Hanson posed as a college student. Harry returned to Jump Street, trying hard to cope with his condition while Judy pestered him–on the edge of annoyance, but she was just concerned for him. The ending scene was priceless! LOL! Hanson was just standing on the side, waiting for Doug to take the other guy out AND counting money, lol.

“Come from the Shadows” was really sad since it covered many stories that involved the suffering that was going on in other countries, specifically El Salvador. However, the ending where they played baseball together showed some teamwork and bonding. The flashbacks of Doug and his wife was touching. No Hanson for this one. Strange…

“Old Haunts in a New Age” brought the Hanson and Doug team back together. They found out there was this strange, creepy girl. Apparently, she was able to predict things before they actually happened, specifically fires. It got even funnier with the whole job that Doug thought he got abducted and Hanson didn’t even believe him. Hard to! And Doug was making me hungry with the way he was attacking all the foods on his plate. Even more creepy things happened as the plot unfolded since they found a skeleton while cleaning up and Sal fainted straight away. Poor Sal! The funniest thing was they were playing Ouija since Judy made them. And Capt. Fuller was standing there watching them being silly. Then we discovered what Doug meant by ‘UFO’, lol! That was priceless! It was the ‘Good Year’ ad plane! Capt. Fuller had a good laugh over that all right. It was funny! I guess the team didn’t take ‘NO hocus pocus’ too well since they were at it again, trying to call up someone. And Hanson almost ruined their fun but luckily Harry stopped him in time, LOL. But Hanson managed to expose the man anyway. The Halloween costumes gathering was really fun! LOL! Doug’s entrance scene was the funniest (obviously) since he managed to fail every single ‘impressive’ stunt. Great one for a Halloween episode as an overall.

“Out of Control” drove it to the max–at least the intensity factor. It seemed like both Hanson and Harry were still affected by the incidents that happened since the last season and coming into this one aka the whole scene with Harry being shot and Hanson jailed. They really came to question their own existence in the force and much more. And Doug’s persistence paid off since Harry finally admitted he was having problems at the end of the episode. Nothing special about this case but I thought it went further with making Hanson and Harry looked back on what happened and questioned whether they had moved on or not.

“Stand by Your Man” was extremely shocking in a way that it brought into the scene one of the main characters being raped (aka Hoffs’ case). It showed a lot more support with the whole team toward Hoffs and how they helped her cope with it. Regardless of her reactions and what happened afterward, they did not give up on her, helping her overcome the emotions she experienced.

“Mike’s POV” seemed kind of obvious but intriguing to see Mike struggling inside after the crime and wanting more and more afterward. It was indeed scary that the way to get money was by killing someone and then using the money to buy things that you thought would impress others and/or leading to many other opportunities but life wasn’t like that. Hanson and Doug teamed up for this one with Doug being the cool dude (like he always was, lol) and Hanson being the nerdy looking dude–too much on the side of weird, but it was his advantage as to not draw attention to himself. It was really Hanson’s turn to fight with Mike and payback time for Doug since he had to fight alone in the other earlier episode.

“Wheels and Deals” welcomed Booker back. Relying on himself for the job, it wasn’t easy since he had no backups and Crane was so cunning. Running out of options, Booker found his way back to Jump Street and sought out the team’s help. Things lightened up several notches and it seemed somewhat hopeful with Jump Street’s help. It was funnier that Hanson got to be the boss while the others were away! (He was eating grapes and putting his feet on the desk like he was the ‘man’–which he was at the moment while the others were away.) Then Judy found out and gave Doug a piece of her mind. (More like a slap.) Hanson finally got some action in at the end though. At least it wasn’t all for nothing but it was funny how he had to leave the ‘boss’ spot. But he still got the important role at the end with arresting Crane and all. Two great episodes of Booker coming back and then the full force of the Jump Street team working together.

“Parental Guidance Suggested” had them spying on this one family suspected of burglary. Doug and Harry were sooo dead with Judy–IF she wasn’t so focused on spying on the neighbors. So funny Sal was hauled away! Poor Sal, they had to focus on work and did not want to be exposed. Too bad.

“Research and Destroy” focused on a chemistry lab suspicious of manufacturing drugs. Hanson, Harry, and Judy were sent in as students. Hanson looked so cute in the nerdy outfit! And Judy got a pursuer! LOL! Hanson and Harry were sooo dead for abandoning her! My favorite part aside from Judy’s attempts to drive the ‘pest’ away was the part where Hanson and this other guy were going on this trail to find clues. Hanson got the chance to show off his skills on the rope! Danger!

“Hi Mom” was another Hanson and Doug case. Even Capt. Fuller was playing an active role to help them. They also brought Capt. Fuller’s son back in this episode. Doug eating episodes again! Geez, that guy makes me sooo hungry with those foods he managed to find. That scene with Hanson and Doug walking and talking was kind of funny–since Hanson was seen with a banana in his shirt pocket.

“Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom” opened up with the Jump Street team freezing themselves ’cause the heater broke. Sal just had to take a vacation at that time. Great way to keep warm–by arguing, lol. Poor Hanson and Doug had to cut up their cards and tossed away their magazines. They weren’t giving up anytime soon though since they returned to find the hypocrite kid getting their magazines and money from the donations box to flee. Poor them! They were starved to death and had to resort to other desperate measures in order to survive. Then after Judy learned that the guys were in Florida, she teamed up with Harry to go on strike! Poor Capt. Fuller was left to cope with the situation. And Capt. Fuller was indeed their leader after all since he managed to convince Judy and Harry otherwise by setting up a Hawaiian theme-like atmosphere so they would stick around. He was really straying from his own principles he had with him the day he came to Jump Street, LOL! Doug handcuffing Hanson? Priceless! The ending turned into a touching scene since Doug was considering of going to find his wife while Hanson said he would accompany Doug.

“La Bizca” continued with Doug and Hanson on their way to El Salvador. Hanson was suffering through the heat while Doug slept away comfortably. And when Hanson was finally able to catch some sleep, Doug had to rouse him up. On the other hand, sad, sad condition. Tragic. It really paved the suffering and chaos the country was going through. They got lost listening to the old man? Aww…shucks… Not really but they were in much more trouble after being discovered and eventually tortured. Hanson definitely lived up to his friendship with Doug on this one. They seriously did go through thick and thin together. After being rescued, they finally made it back to camp and found out the sad news of Doug’s wife passing away already.

“Last Chance High” brought back the McQuaid brothers. And they thought they were fierce! They got hanged high for a while! And awwww, Doug being a parent figure. So funny with the interviews. Hanson and Doug doing dishes together! LOL! A first for Doug doing something that was related to the ‘cleanliness’ episodes. Victory for the McQuaid brothers! Funny ending scene!

“Unfinished Business” brought into light the hatred people could inflict upon others and this time, it was about the attack on handicapped people. Indeed, one of the worst kind of hatreds. On a comedic side, Doug had to be Capt. Fuller’s secretary at the beginning of the episode since Capt. Fuller was hiding from Rebecca (who wanted to be placed on the case). Hurray for Rebecca! She totally stole the show on this one with her ability to catch the dude and some more. Great, intelligent woman… This says it all with how people shouldn’t look down upon others who are different from them.

“How I Saved the Senator” was squeezed almost to the back. One of the best episodes and comedic scenes unfolded because of the recounts of what happened. Aside from wanting to slap the heck out of the annoying reporter, the recounts were really amusing. Harry started the story off with some nice Asian background music and some philosophy lessons, LOL! It would take about two centuries before he would be done since he just started with his childhood stories. LOL! But have to give him credit for such a creative style of storytelling. (Reporter: What does this have to do with the Senator? Harry: Background story!) Bruce Lee fighting the bad guys? So funny! And Hanson was the one knocking the other guy out! That was funny! Intense all right, the chase and then the battle with the big boss. It was his master! No wonder he needed the background info! Judy had to sabotage Harry. (Doug: You’ve been reading too many Jap comics!) LOL Then Hanson had to jump in with his ‘Charlie Chaplin’ version of the story. That was priceless! Little Tommy’s little effort was not appreciated after all. Poor Little Tommy! But finally spotted Judy and Harry in the plot since I wasn’t really paying attention before, except for Little Tommy’s story. And then there was also Capt. Fuller around the time they had the chase scene. Extremely hilarious yet still reserve the classic moments of those old silent films! That was awesome! Johnny was really awesome as Charlie Chaplin! AND then it was finally Judy’s turn to tell her tale. Then we get to witness her singing (aside from the main theme). She might be like right after Harry with her speed of telling the story, LOL. Honestly, when was the essential part coming along? HAHA! There was also this one old man having his head in the soup bowl like how it was in Hanson’s version of the story. Capt. Fuller wanted to run away from the bomb? That did not top it either since Sal and the others were falling asleep with her story, LOL. Sal even jumped in with his own version. The Rabbi and the priest joke was also incorporated into this one, lol. Sal’s version was whacked all right! WAY off! Ah…it was finally Doug’s turn. James Bond? LOL! Too funny and shouldn’t be watched at night since you would be disturbing the neighbors. Double Zero? LOL! (And that dude part of the band in Judy’s case was also in this one. Not to mention all the joke with ‘the Rabbi and the priest’ told by the Senator himself–once again.) Sal was the bad guy in Doug’s story? LOL! Never knew James Bond was that incapable! He needed help with every single task! Was this mocking James Bond? His story actually connected with Judy’s! LOL! So Judy threw the instrument in so the other guy got knocked out AND not because of Doug’s skills. Capt. Fuller was in a Western! LOL! He exaggerated about that part but he did catch the prankster. So there was no bomb! Geez! Still an awesome one!

“Every Day Is Christmas” brought out the dark side of being a cop and using that power to get different privileges. This episode also introduced a new character, Officer Dean Garrett (David Barry Gray). He sort of reminded me of Hanson with his ambitious talk about being a cop and all. It was a shame that he did not get to stick around as much for the upcoming season.

Darn, I feel so robbed. There was supposed to be another episode but they left it off for this season. Since I got the Season 3 and 4 from Mill Creek Entertainment, I wonder if they would release it on the 5th Season OR NOT. At least Anchor Bay Entertainment released some extra stuff. It doesn’t really matter with the cover–honestly. Moreover, I went and checked back with the 1st and 2nd Season from Anchor Bay and found that when I played it on my DVD player, the captions popped up SO that when I have to turn it down at night, I could still read the captions OR it could be for my mother who needs it to understand better when people are talking so fast.

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