360 Degrees

“Like I want to react in that way, but she started it.”

“I’m liable to make mistakes, I’m human after all.”

“Shouldn’t you’ve considered all consequences before diving in?”

“Even an idiot knows that you shouldn’t have done that.”

What are your thoughts on each of the phrases? We all react to certain phrases in a different way because it reminds of possible past experiences or situations to which we’re in. It’s a bit interesting that we tend to be more aggressive when attacking others but retaliate back to defend ourselves faster by coming up with excuses that we thought should not have been used by others. It is probably a natural instinct that we would jump at any chance to defend ourselves but it’s a bit sad that we can’t be as understanding towards others and think they too could be going through the same problems as us and would need as much of a break as we do.
So…what is your priorities or standard in defining the line? Do you consider it out of fairness for others as well or just could not care less if it doesn’t concern yourself?



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