365 (Special Edition)

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So the reason why I got this album in the first place was because of True Love 365. YUP, a collection for the drama.

1. 365 Overture (365序曲). This is the bonus track for the album. It’s all right, I guess. Creating the hype for the beginning of the album.

2. 365 Days (365天). The main theme of True Love 365. My ultimate favorite track. Not only is it catchy but also quite romantic and dreamy, lol. Hopeful indeed. It always reminded me of the drama and was seriously suitable for the theme of the drama.

3. Believe In Love (相信愛). Very uplifting and heart-warming on many levels. Although it reeks of this overly mushy feeling toward love and life in general, it’s in no way fake. Because the lyrics flow really nicely and genuinely with the guys’ singing.

4. Internet (feat. Kimberley). Upbeat song. Those who enjoy this style would definitely love it.

5. Crazy For Love by Mao Di/Qiu Yi Cheng (M-邱翊橙). Another nice song. Not too mushy, but does live up to its title with the lyrics practically screaming to be noticed and to be given love.

6. I Don’t Miss You That Much (我沒有很想你). A very nice and mellow song. Touching even. The guys really harmonize well together in this song. (Not that the other tracks didn’t show that, but this one seemed more obvious.)

7. She Wanna Go. Upbeat song, but it doesn’t mean it’s a happy song. Only semi-happy, because it’s another one of those songs where the guy gets dumped. But it’s not too pathetic either since it encouraged him to stand up bravely and move on, etc.

8. The Next Slope of Love (愛情的下坡). Another don’t know why the girl left him kind of song. OY! Not that it’s a bad song, but sort of old theme, lol. But it’s okay. Still catchy in a way to listen to.

9. It’s Fine With Just One Person (一個人也好) by Wang Zi / Qiu Sheng Yi (P-邱勝翊). Another sad song, but not too pitiful. It’s just trying to reassure oneself that it’s okay to go on alone, etc.

10. Laughing At Oneself (笑自己) by Xiao Jie /Liao Jun Jie (J-廖俊傑). Kind of bitter song, but not too morbid. Just sad.

11. Singing 4 Love. One of the sub-themes for True Love 365. Lighthearted and nice. Fun and fleeting.

So the conclusion? Aside from track #2 being an ultimate favorite like I stated above, I think it’s hard to say which one of the others is after that. Because they’re all quite good for me. Perhaps track #4 could be the least favorite, but that’s just me, not because it’s not good enough. I must admit it’s a bit surprising. Mostly because I just got this because of True Love 365 as stated numerous times already. But I realized that this album is quite good on its own.

So aside from the bonus track, what else is there to be qualified as the special edition? Well, there’s the typical lyrics booklet with pictures included. Then there’s also a storage box (which was folded for shipping purposes). I stored it away for the future, lol. NOT sure if I’m ever going to use it but it’s in a safe place for now.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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