A Second Thought

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I sure took my precious time where Eric’s albums are concerns of recent. Yet I think it’s worth it because I get to spend more time listening to the songs. Anyway, how was this one? Full of ranges and variety. Like most of his recent albums, he wrote and/or composed the music for the majority of the songs. He even produced ’em. So, of course, he had a lot of control over the album. It really steered toward his artistic side so that was reassuring.


1. Healing Dryness (療Dry).  An upbeat, powerful song to start the album off. Very addicting and affecting one’s mood. Although it’s supposedly somewhat of a sad song since everything seems to be just about going on and doing stuff according to routine. But the saving point was the ending by saying how one doesn’t have to feel that way, etc. A very nice song to lead the album.

2. Rock Bottom (谷底). Penned by Eric. A very sad song. The feeling of the song reminds me of this 90s Aaron Kwok song for some reason. (Which I can’t recall the title at the moment, but it’s just madly familiar.) Anyway, a very good song by Eric, capturing the feeling so well with the lyrics and music.

3. From Now On My World Has One More Second (從此我的世界多了一秒). Another song penned by Eric. It’s one of those songs that I know it’s a good song yet I couldn’t get into it.

4. I Do. Yet another song penned by Eric. A very uplifting and free-flowing song. Sweet and promising in many ways, obviously because of the mood. Could be called mushy but I’m a sucker for it. Love the song! Could be my 2nd favorite in here.

5. Magnificent Friendship (超友誼). Mixed feelings. On one hand, I really like the music and flow. On the other hand, the feeling of the lyrics makes it somewhat off.

6. One Hundred Meters (一百米). Another mixed feelings. Catchy in a way yet I couldn’t get into it. I like the theme and imagery but not as much as the arrangement.

7. One Million Miles. 3rd favorite song. I don’t know. It’s just so addicting and catchy. Not too depressing yet not too over-hype either. A balance among some of the songs.

8. Returning Home (回家). Deep, nice, and inspirational. A very nice, flowing song.

9. The Battlefield’s Final Christmas (戰場上的最後聖誕). Powerful. Probably meant to be since it has to do with X-mas and all.

10. Breaking the Waves (浪踏破). Featuring Hardpack. Uplifting and exciting. Liveliness with the addition of the collaboration.

11. Letting Go (放開手). Sad, slow song. The tune makes it even more depressing. Nice and sorrowful exit.


1. Mini Movie: Give Me A Second To Say Love You (Mini Movie [給我一秒說愛你] ). The last time Eric did a mini-movie for an album was for In the Name of…Love. I loved that one because of his chemistry with Vivien Yeo. This one? Short, but it was cute in a way. I didn’t like it that he was taking it out on his girlfriend after a day of unfruitful tackling at work. Yet it was cute with the ending.

2. Healing Dryness (療Dry) MV. Very lively and addicting. I repeated it several more times before moving on, lol. The creation of the music video was very interesting. Unlike those recent fast songs that kept selling something, this one played on the visualization and his liveliness.

3.  (谷底) MV.  Love the concept. I felt I could get into the song more. The haunting feeling of the overall story drove the song through. What bugged the world out of me was the way the lyrics were boxed in. They could have done a better job of arranging it in a way that was easier to read.

4.  From Now On My World Has One More Second (從此我的世界多了一秒) MV. It’s a rehash of the mini-movie, which made me felt kind of robbed. But I think the other 2 MVs made up for it.

Overall feeling? It’s like another must-have for Eric fans! Yes, although I wasn’t feeling so strong about some of the songs, I think in general, it was a very good album.

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