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While half of the world is out there admiring whichever hunk is making the charts at the moment, I must say one of the most admirable ones has been forgotten. Yes, he was recognized by certain parties and fans but was not brought into the limelight as much. So what exactly did he accomplish to make such an impression? Just by releasing two Cantonese albums last year–2008. What’s so extraordinary about that? It has not been tried by most famous singers for years. Those singers would rather play it safe and release one Cantonese album and one Mandarin album per year. Eric broke the record and braved the public by doing so. What was the outcome? Instant success. During the time when he was releasing So Far, So…Close, his fans were ecstatic. They were just excited that he was back with a new album. They’ve never guessed that he would release another one at the end of the year. Even when “Here I Go” was brought out, most thought that it would be in the second version or other releases of So Far, So…Close. No one knew there was going to be In the Name of…Love until the end of last year.

Some may say, “What’s so amazing about this guy anyway?” But have you ever thought about how he never changed? I meant his voice. It just seems that he’s so stable that his style might have changed but his voice is still the same as before. It’s still that clear voice, not losing an edge at all. Even some of the most notable singers have stepped down a bit or their voice has changed due to age. But his is still amazingly familiar as always. It might have changed like slightly but not that noticeable. That…is something that needs some major acknowledgment.

Eric’s achievements do not stop there since he has always been trying out new things and hoping to bring us more good music–from his perspective.

So what is his latest album? It’s somewhat a quiet release, but it’s called Only Want To Be With You with 11 tracks and 3 MVs, including the main theme song from the TVB series Pages of Treasures. Will he surprise us again with another Cantonese release this year?

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