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Okay, the saga continues with the 2nd candidate. Or should I say, victim? YES, like having a ‘Special Profiles’ page for him wasn’t enough (and him hogging the banner for months wasn’t enough either).  But I think that the ‘Special Profiles’ page is too general at times so I need to talk about him more in detail and get it out in one post, considering how I’m lazy at times to do serious discussions with individual posts about some dramas.


ULTIMATE Favorite Character: Wang Wei (from Rookies’ Diary). YES, I’m that sure to put ‘ultimate’ in. I don’t think any upcoming role could be that good. Sure, other roles could be complex and different from this role yet it couldn’t beat the aura this role was built around, earning him even more attention from viewers. This role has so much grace and charm that it’s hard to beat. And the humor at times is just an added bonus to his already awesome persona in the drama itself.

2nd Favorite Character: Lin Zhong Ze (from Love Together). Could be categorized as the typical “cold/cruel” person on the surface yet is a good person deep down character in most dramas. Yet this one has more complexity to it. Having him in constant conflict with himself because of the uncontrolled events unfolding around him one after another kind of made one think differently of him than just the typical ‘cruel’ guy. Then he wasn’t just some ‘cold-blooded’ person but there was also the ‘revenge’ thing thrown in so it was much harder to blame him for some of his actions.

Impressed: Qin Mo (from King Flower). I made a post about it so it’s hard to miss how impressed I was with him in that role. (Though I didn’t care for the rest of the soap.)


Favorite Serious Drama (so far): Love Together. Though the ending made me a bit sore about some things not completely covered, overall, I loved it. It was the chemistry between Jun Ya and Jia Yu. Then there were the hilarious random scenes at times. The revenge plot also made it interesting to see how things would unfold.

Favorite Random Drama: Rookies’ Diary. This had a lot of subplots so it wasn’t boring in that way. However, because he wasn’t around for some of the middle scenes, it kind of made me impatient at one point. (Yes, I have to admit that.) Then I was thinking perhaps it was due to the fact that he was filming Love Together with some of the other cast so it made sense he wasn’t around as much during the middle parts. But still, the middle of Rookies’ Diary was kind of frustrating–though I did understand the conflicts, so this sort of had to rank lower on my list.

Unbearable: King Flower. Honestly, I didn’t understand the hype. AND I’m still sore over the fact that I got ‘lashed’ at when I was stating my opinion about it being a typical plot. (YET it was okay that others were saying that a certain drama I actually enjoyed was boring. NOT saying everyone must agree with me, but I’m saying if others get to say that they do not like the stuff that I like, it would make sense that I could say I don’t like what the majority are enjoying.) It was one of those times when I skipped around to watch some scenes and NOT all the way through.


Favorite Female Pairing: Tang Zhen. Perhaps it was his first pairing that I watched so it stuck with me. They were indeed so cute though. So little scenes too. Yet I guess they (the scriptwriters) didn’t want to overwhelm us with his ‘romance’ story versus his duty within the military. I should be happy that it was another nice touch to the overall story, not letting it be draggy with just focusing on one couple or another too long. (Except for some I could name but I won’t even try to say it here since it’s irrelevant to his story.) I actually talked about this couple in another post already so I don’t want to get repetitive regarding my views of them in this post as well.

2nd Favorite Female Pairing: Ye Jia Yu. OMG, I’m still not over them yet. They have such great chemistry. (Even if I like some of their other pairings as well.) I think they turned a typically formulated drama convincing for me because of their maturity like the roles they were cast. There were, of course, hilarious immature moments between them too in the drama, but I felt what made me even more hooked was because of their age. I guess what I’m trying to say is I was more convinced because of the realistic elements in there, not just the usual ‘kiddish’ formulas. And I never waited longer (though the drama didn’t seem that long with the pace being just right) for the main leads to get together. They seemed to spend a lot of time together and only had to be apart during the parts in the middle, but it was like so frustrating to wait until they were actually together. Then they were torn apart again. It was driving me crazy and I was scared that they wouldn’t end up at all because of so much misunderstandings and confrontations throughout. Yet it worked out in the end.

Favorite Male Co-Star: Ah Pang. They became the sole reason why I stuck through season 2 of Rookies’ Diary. (I didn’t say it was ‘that bad’ but it was driving me insane sometimes with not being able to watch more of some characters at times.) I really liked their friendship and how they were providing comic relief at times for the drama. His character seemed so strict with the recruits yet he was really funny and random when he was hanging out or making random comments with Shan Ren/Ah Pang in there.

2nd Favorite Male Co-Star: Tang Zhi Wei. His mentor and somewhat of a friend in Love Together. They were the only ones in the know regarding the revenge plot and I felt Ah Sir had been there for him throughout, either supporting him or mocking him at times about his revenge plot. But Ah Sir could be so serious about his advice too, trying to tell Zhong Ze that he didn’t have to burden himself with all the revenge and the hatred inside him.

NOT SOLD YET: Li Xiang Lin. I need to catch up some more on Lucky Touch to decide but I’m putting her in this category for now.

A Funny Team: Xiao Xiao Yu. Seriously, I enjoyed their interactions on the “Game Union” for the time that it lasted. And I have to say that was the first time watching a show just because of the hosts. (Though the games were cool too but I don’t usually watch those to know what was out of recent, I usually do that at the local store or online to check for prices, etc.) If they work together in the future in some drama together, that would be cool. Off-screen, they’re like brother and sister (since it was mentioned at one point of the show) but he could get all random with her and the rest of the cast of Rookies’ Diary at one point that it was really funny.


Dream (夢想): A very inspirational song and very suitable for his voice.

Under The Same Sky (同一片天空): Liked the song but there were too many people in there (though I do like some of their voices) for me to enjoy his singing. I remember one time when he and some of the cast went to promote and he was sick BUT there were only two guys there (including himself) and two girls so he had to try and wing it through. It seemed obvious that he was still able to carry on.

Point? OMG, I wish he has some more opportunities to sing in the future. One could only repeat a song after so many times.


How random is he? YES, he’s one of the most random people I’m following. It seems like he’s operating on his own wavelength or something. But that makes it funnier to follow him on Weibo or Facebook. At times, from some references he made with the posts, he’s quite intelligent with the stuff that he reads. Yet other times, he gets super silly as well. (I guess it’s hard not to.) Then there’s surfing. (Yeah, he loves posting those to show off his surfing skills.) He also knows how to cook (from this one show I saw this one time)–and could possibly be a pro at it. But other than those, he’s just really fun to follow at times, not afraid to share even his not so notable moments. Still funny though.

*Will be updated in the future for more rants.

*Images were captured or scanned by DTLCT

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