Angel Lover

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Interestingly funny that I just watched this properly. SO I was waiting for better subs since my understanding of overly complex and/or deep ones aren’t to its fullest yet. And of course, I wanted to make sure I understand completely for this one. Despite being quite long, this drama was one of those worth it and actually another gem within all those pebbles. Though consisted mostly of idol drama cast, their performances were convincing and the plot had helped the cause greatly throughout.

Main Cast:

  • Ming Dao as Yang Tian You (楊天佑). Did I ever say that this is my favorite Ming Dao role? YES, many times before. The character was so silly at times yet could be quite considerate as well. Quite loyal to his friends and could make blunt statements at any moment though accurate with his analysis. Though kind of clueless that his method could help others greatly, but that made him more down to earth. I guess his personality and weird yet effective life philosophies have to do with his grandma, which he mentioned throughout the story and often quoted her. (That also said that he was very filial.) OMG, I almost forgot the part where Tian You was the panda. That was funny and cute at the same time. Man, his perverted moments when he just said some enlightened words previously. Was his question about if he and Vivian looked like a couple hinted at future collaboration between him and Cheryl? YET they didn’t know at that time, right? Looking back, it rang true later on.
    • Acting. I think the thing with him that would be so addicting to watch was he made it so natural. His character wasn’t very smart as in knowing a lot like the people around him since he was sort of a country boy hence being clueless at times about city stuff. Yet he exuded a very down to earth persona. Ming Dao could capture those moments quite well. It must have helped because he has a similar background outside. (And as soon as I realize this similarity, this made me so worried since sometimes I ponder if he was really good at acting or he was just being himself. But then again, in other roles, his movements were NOT so out of normality either so I’ll give him credit for now.) However, what I liked was he was NOT going so slow with his actions when he was just clueless (aka his mind) at times. I was glad the rest of his movements were still the same as the others. He had his smart-aleck moments, but it was not like too over either.
    • Tian You’s first kiss. Actually, his first kiss was when Xi Ai forced kiss him, NOT the part where Vivian played out the skit (so his “no” wasn’t a lie). This was a response to Han Shao’s question afterward. But I must agree with Han Shao that it would be a shame if he lost it for work.
  • Bianca Bai as Sylvia Li Xi Ai (黎希艾).  She seemed kind of naive at first? I don’t know, it was funny how she appeared somewhat clueless to her boss. But I soon found out she was just faking passiveness and slow to avoid interviewing or having to do with those silly stalking of a certain star. Her character grew on me as I found out how real she was with her reactions to certain matters, especially with her co-worker who was also talking about their boss, lol. (They were so in for good.)
    • Peggy Fu as the childhood Li Xi Ai (黎希艾). I actually like this child actress. She was quite convincing with scenes. It wasn’t just about crying or whining but she managed to project the emotional turmoils quite well.
    • Impressive. I couldn’t believe saying this though I have my bias for her in the past. But she was quite amazing for a model turned actress. Seriously, I could so feel it during the rain scene when she was running all over the place to find her mother and was sitting there in the rain like a little lost child. Yes, the background music helped, but the emotional state was seen on her face yet not overly done at all.
    • Blind Spot. Her only blind spot was where her mother was concerned. Can’t really blame her yet it was quite fishy with the other woman and her wandering eyes at times.
    • Xi Ai’s English name. I seriously felt it was weird that Angelina had an English name but Xi Ai didn’t. I meant okay, it wasn’t like mad weird. But if parents named their kids with English names, they would keep it consistent, right? Then we found out it was concealed on purpose so the link wasn’t so obvious until later.
    • The reunite scene with her mother. Since I was already crying because of the other events anyway, I went all out on this scene too. That was quite traumatizing and dramatic in so many ways yet I didn’t think it was overdone at all. It matched with Xi Ai’s personality and how she wanted to ask all those questions for so long already. It had to all come out. They both needed some kind of closure to the past–even if they couldn’t be together as a family at the moment. Then the scene after with Xi Ai reading her mother’s birthday cards was quite emotional too. So much bottled up feelings and so many lost moments spent together yet the cards said it all.
  • Alex To as An Yu Tai (安宇泰).  A smart and witty veterinarian. Loved how he often placed in some traps here and there but didn’t say much at times.
    • He was Michael. OMG, big surprise. I thought how some of his gestures reminded Angelina of Michael hence transferring the admiration for him. (But of course, she had decided to move on and cherish the current person by her side.) YET it was him, no wonder they were so similar with their habits. Well, Michael’s soul resided in Yu Tai’s body but it wasn’t any different at that point. But on a tangent, was Alex busy with something else hence cutting off his character or he was just a guest star? It was too lame to end his character like that though, wasn’t he part of the main cast? NOT that I want everything to be so gift wrapped with a bow on top, but it seemed too early for him to go.
    • Yu Tai didn’t disappear. YES, like this other angel said, Yu Tai will resume his life, it was just that all his memories when Michael was inside him will be gone hence him not recognizing them at all, returning to his normal life with his sister, etc.
  • Coco Jiang as Angelina Li. I liked her while watching her the first time around yet I found it hard to like her this time around. NOT sure, but maybe because I no longer find her somewhat witty attitude charming. I meant it felt too ‘trying’ for some reason. I actually found it hard to focus around the second case already. Still felt it was too trying, I don’t know. Maybe will change my mind later. Okay, so she seemed more natural when she was just her regular self and not the lady boss in front of them. NOT sure why. Or was it because of her voice (along with everyone else’s) was practically echoing off the wall of her house during meetings that made it a bit eerie at times? (LOL!) She sure was unlucky. OR should I say I’m greedy? Anyway, I think her best scenes were during the realization that Michael had returned using Yu Tai’s identity and then he had to leave again. Then, of course, the ending case where she got so mad at that dude that she wanted to tear him apart for ordering them all around and trying to hurt her family. I could totally feel her fury (along with Xi Ai/Bianca’s) at that moment.
  • Ix Shen as MARS. The cool face in this drama, always projecting such cold exterior and somewhat of a bad attitude. Yet of course he was a very caring person hence even joining the agency.
    • His many injuries. YES, a meeting with Angelina and she was asking about his injuries but he said it was nothing. Poor him, lol. All of his past injuries during his motorcycle competitions couldn’t compare to the ones Hao Yun caused. OY!
  • Remus Kam as Han Shao Xi (韓少熙). Mixed feelings at times yet I decided to like him in the end. I guess he can’t be perfect so there had to be something going on in his life that made his attitude terrible at times.
    • Musical capabilities. He was actually quite gifted. If he hadn’t been forced to play the violin, he would have been a wonderful violinist. AND he knew how to play the guitar.
  • TAE as Sunny. His name described his character to the dot. He was the sunshine spot of the drama in here. Too bad he didn’t appear more. Anyway, I found it extremely cute that he was so attached to milk. His speech in the second episode was so cute yet suave at the same time.
  • Kagami Tomohisa (加賀美智久) as Angel. He didn’t talk in the story because of the language barrier. When he did talk that one time to clarify stuff to Yu Tai/Michael, I think it was dubbed. But it was cool seeing him around nevertheless.

Guest Stars for the Cases:

  • Chamder Tsai as Hao Yun(郝韻). Her situation was both pitiful and funny since it was the intro scenes for them wanting to recruit Tian You. It was hilarious how she ended up pushing him down, but lucky the others had been on standby and were prepared hence him landing on the raft.
    • 5th case. I always thought she was just part of the intro scenes yet she returned later. It only made sense because it was hard to imagine how she suffered all these years YET just got it within moments where Tian You saved her? Well, it wasn’t impossible but the seeds of lack of confidence had been reaped for years so it was hard to dispose of so easily.
    • So hard to commit suicide. I guess the angel had something to do with it since she couldn’t even commit suicide with all the techniques she thought of. OR she was just lucky that it didn’t work out.
    • They had to unleash MARS on her. LOL! MARS looked so clueless then.
    • The FIRST date. OMG, MARS didn’t believe in bad luck when she apologized YET he had to admit it was so much of a coincidence that he got hit by a soccer ball seconds later. LOL! I didn’t stop laughing yet and they had some more accidents already. Suddenly one couldn’t help but be a believer. LOL!
    • The SECOND date. It was so perfect with how he planned everything to make her birthday a special day. YET accidents started to occur again when she wanted to kiss him. LOL! Of course he wouldn’t want to since it wasn’t in his job description. POOR MARS. From being the coolest agent to the most pitiful (because of his injuries). He finally believed in bad luck? LOL! I agreed with Tian You, he was such an expert but turned into that?
    • Switch! OMG, Angelina’s look when she said they needed to use a different method. LOL! Tian You was staring at MARS’ injuries and didn’t realize it yet. AND MARS got it from Angelina’s glare, lol. It was then that Tian You got it but he can’t back out, lol. Angelina grabbed his bag and pulled him back, lol. NICE one, Angelina. Heaven will protect him from all the bad luck? LOL! We’ll see.
    • Tian You taking over for MARS. OMG, she was being extra careful with him. Of course, how could she not after what happened to MARS? Their conversation at the restaurant was really funny, kept having to repeat everything at a higher volume since they were sitting so far away. And I thought they totally forgot but she mentioned that he looked familiar. (He did say to Angelina that her stories sounded familiar at first yet it was a long time already and so many things happened so it was reasonable to forget.) OMG, they finally remembered when they were standing by this one bridge after breakfast/lunch, lol.
    • MARS as the fortune-teller. OMG, I thought he had to go home and recover from past injuries and all. YET he was active again. I guess as long as he wasn’t her boyfriend, he was good? LOL! Man, he was really good. Gotta give more points, lol. The sacrifices he had to go through. But at least he wasn’t getting injuries again, right? (OR I spoke too soon again?) Great, he messed up. What 2.5 lifetimes? LOL! He had to check his notebook? Priceless! Lucky it was under the table so they couldn’t see it. He had to take off his beard and Tian You put it on? LOL! Crazy all right, but she wasn’t looking so…but the cell phone had to ring. Lucky he incorporated it into the skit, lol. OMG, she burned the place down since she knocked over the candle. OY! YUP, I spoke too soon.
    • MARS and Tian You teamed up to beat up Da Ke. Well, sort of. Tian You tripped him and MARS sort of taught him a lesson. He sure deserved it.
    • The final skit. DARN, lol. MARS played him good, right? How did MARS expect him to get out of that? LOL!
  • Lily Tien as Lin Fang Hua (林芳華).  She sure was convincing with her episodes within the memory lapses.
    • Xiao Xun as the young Lin Fang Hua (林芳華). She made a cute younger version of Lin Fang Hua.
    • The Skits – Fake fireflies! LOL! I laughed so hard at that part.
  • Janel Tsai as Sun Jin (孫瑾). A very strict boss that had high standards and was feared by her employees. A typical professional role. Yet I thought it was suitable for Janel. She always has such a sophisticated look regardless and it was hard not to cast her in such roles. SAD, but I wasn’t convinced when watching In Between since I was having a hard time imagining her as some clumsy, clueless person. (OR possibly because I only watched a bit at the beginning. Might try again later.) Okay, so I find her cute in different situations too for this drama, but the setup for In Between just turned me off. And on a tangent, though she was super strict with her employees, I found them really annoying, especially that Mei Zhen who got bitter because she scolded her (Mei Zhen) during working hours AND so she wanted to bad-mouth her boss on purpose. I guess some of the others were all right, just curious. YET Mei Zhen was the worst. And Ah De seemed to be the most hardworking (though possibly because he liked her so he cooperated).
    • Architectural Matters – I swear at the scene where she knocked down the wall, I felt she wasn’t too unreasonable. Honestly, building a house is very important. She was fierce, yes, but what she said reflected some trueness in it all. If they do it carelessly, what would happen to the house in the future? Or were they expecting to just wing it through and not care for others who could possibly die if the house collapse or whatever else happens?
    • Side Comments Regarding Her – Well, if they were implying everyone needed men to be happy, I disagree. I know that was the purpose of AL agency aka helping people become more happy or in finding true happiness, etc. YET I dislike Han Shao’s comment about her problem. YES, he had a point but did that make her hateful? He meant it as a joke, but I just don’t like how it misinterpreted her even more. So she needed to be more tolerant of certain situations, but I feel she didn’t need to cave in to those principles, like cutting corners in cases such as using poor materials or negligence with diagrams, etc. (Negligence with diagrams would cause misleading info hence the end product not turning out correctly as expected.) I think only MARS’ comment made my day since he thought that they were all in just to satisfy some nosy employees’ pleasure of embarrassing their boss.
    • The Skit – It was actually quite funny. And so great to see them all working on the case. At least the initial part to get Tian You in. LOL, even the dog was good at acting? NICE…and MARS don’t know how to drive? Good acting indeed since he looked so clueless then YET his usual MARS vibe was so cool and full of “don’t mess with me” attitude. Then come in Sunny, who got hit by MARS (which wasn’t an accident–obviously). Then MARS was so into acting that he didn’t realize Sun Jin was gone already and Sunny had to point, then they did another high five–their style.
    • Sun Jin and Ah De. I felt they were cute in a way because of how they could talk so comfortably during after work that one time. She wasn’t offended or reacted too strongly when he asked her about having a boyfriend or not–versus Xi Ai previously. Perhaps she was trying to protect herself, considering how reporters could be so scary. It was funny how he let it slip that he admired her and had to fix to ‘her professionalism’ instead of the other one, lol. Then she made a joke about it. Oh, she turned the light off as well? But actually returned and turned it back on for him, even apologizing.
    • Han Shao as a backup. OMG, I felt so bad for Han Shao. He had to endure Tian You’s idiotic behavior the whole time, lol. No wonder he kept writing “idiot” with each note. Luckily, the end result was good because once he got into his comfort zone regarding what type of house he wanted to build (tying in with her profession as well), he was smoother. PHEW. And that was priceless of how Han Shao faked some urgent appointment to dodge from reimbursing Tian You for all those fees that he had to cover throughout the assignment.
  • Wang Xin Yi (王欣逸) as Xiao Guang (小光).  Poor kid. My heart totally went out for him when he kept working so hard to please his father and wanting to prove that he was a good kid so his father would come back one day, etc. He had no idea but it was close to real-life situations. SAD, but these things happen all the time.
    • Yu Tai posing as the father. At first, I wanted to laugh because he once again had to take on some role for the case, but I stopped laughing. NO, it wasn’t because it was sad, only partially. I just remember they were actually father and son in Pawnshop No. 8 so it was kind of cool seeing them interact once again for this drama. They were so cute together, playing with the cup communication devices. And OMG, Xiao Guang made him test the soup first! (YUP, Angelina messed up on the rice.) Their last meeting at the hospital was sooo touching. (NOT kidding.)
    • MARS and Xiao Guang’s bond. I thought they gave some contrasting personality to MARS liking kid as to somewhat balance out his ‘cool’ attitude at times. Yet it was revealed that he and Xiao Guang have a similar background, at least somewhat with not having a father since young and all.
    • Yu Tai, Angelina, and Xiao Guang. They sure were like a family of three all right. Camping together was quite cute.
    • Acting. If you watch older dramas, he was one of those kids with great potential and always managed to convince in his roles. Even if he only appeared in a short amount of time.
  • Cheryl Yang as Vivian. She was mentioned previously and Xi Ai even did an article about her and her mother.
    • Idiot. Sorry, I had to put this in since her manager warned her about how the media could bring her up or pull her down. AND she didn’t listen? Well, she thought there was no one around YET she had no idea.
    • Xi Ai’s inference. I felt it was already a stretch that Xi Ai was trying hard to fix this mess–though she had no responsibility for it anyway. Or was she pitying the mother? YUP, Xi Ai was considering about the mother, especially the way Tian You had told her if the mother found out about the other thing. Then I really wanted to slap Vivian right then and there because of how arrogant she tried to act in front of Xi Ai when Xi Ai was only trying to remind her about her mother’s well-being, etc. SURE, it wasn’t her place to say anything, but it wasn’t like Xi Ai did all of that to frame Vivian so the manager’s rant about ‘conscience’ to Xi Ai and the reporters were irrelevant. IF they had framed Vivian, it was despicable, but this time, it was really so. And I do know Vivian had to deal with a lot, especially being a celeb and how she didn’t want people bothering her mother, etc. YET it was really uncalled for when she didn’t get her way.
    • The other side of things. I know it was probably somewhat an influence from Xi Ai YET I found it really funny that when Vivian and her manager needed the media for promotional purposes, they raved the reporters like MAD, but when negative stuff came out, reporters were despicable beings without conscience. SURE, there are newspapers out there (and gossip magazines) that would go out of their way to toss stories together just to reach sales. YET it was extremely funny that they were welcomed when they were being used to promote some others BUT were scolded upon when not needed anymore? I swear it was like a two-way thing, either you hate the reporters/paparazzi or just plain deal with it than be such hypocrites. Don’t act so high when you’re not any different. SO, I swear I was actually supporting the editor (though he was really senseless at times) for not taking any money from Vivian and the manager.
    • Cowards. I guess there was a good thing with the so-called “news” breaking out after all. SO Vivian could open her eyes and see what types of person the other man was, seeing how he was hiding from the whole thing and she had to deal with the backlash from the media. I think this might be closer to real-life situations than how the other dramas often portray with the guy always protecting the girls–regardless of what happened. OR how he would be the one shielding her from the public, supporting her along the way–without caring about what others think. RIGHT.
    • Han Shao’s deduction. Honestly, I forgive Han Shao for his past rants on Sun Jin just for all his deduction with Vivian and the businessman. Honestly, being smart did help his case. It was not like he was judging. But more like he was presenting the case step-by-step.
    • Tian You’s jealousy. YEAH RIGHT about the comment that Vivian had to face the consequences if she’d done wrong. He was just jealous because Han Shao got to pose as the ‘fake’ husband while he was on the out. Didn’t he just say it was only a possibility with Han Shao’s deduction like seconds before?
    • The switch between Han Shao and Tian You. Okay, so it was because Han Shao couldn’t make it (because his father collapsed), but seriously, someone got their wish. I guess he wasn’t so against it anymore with ‘lying’ for her.
    • Can’t sympathize with her. I don’t know. Because of her past and all, I felt really bad for her at first and was glad Xi Ai reconsidered with the ‘pole-dancing’ story and erased the evidence. YET when she finally appeared, I felt like I couldn’t sympathize with her at all. I already said that I totally understand she was protecting her mother so she was being fierce to reporters BUT I found her even flakier than ever with all the excuses. SO she needed to get out of the situation, but it just made me realize how she deserved the whole ‘negative press’ instead of just sympathizing with her situation. (Or was this giving us a different side of the story of how celebs could be so fake at times too? Protecting yourself and your family was one thing, BUT creating a fake image for the public?) And for the record, though I’m biased toward Xi Ai, that’s not why I’m attacking Vivian. I just find her sooo hard to sympathize with. Maybe it was like what Angelina said, she lost herself after covering up and protecting herself so long. That was why they needed to help her find herself again, that was all.
    • Mother and daughter relationship. I must admit that the conversation between her and her mother that one time brought forth a touching moment. Indeed, it was only when she was with her mother that she was herself again. Perhaps that was why Xi Ai and the others have a hard time wanting to believe the other incident and would want to cover up for her–or come up with some other excuse.
    • Acting. I swear, I need to acknowledge this point since Cheryl managed to capture Vivian’s many sides quite well. It just got me into noticing it when she was talking to Mr. Zhang about why she was with him during those times. Then I started to think about her reactions when she was putting up a strong exterior to protect herself.
  • Li Jia Ying as Xiao Jing (小靜). Small case. Poor MARS, had to deal with another psycho. But then again, she looked so cute and innocent when she smiled.
    • Dating rules. DARN, MARS was in for good. Being a tough guy, did that mean he couldn’t die? LOL! These girls were driving him crazy, considering how he didn’t have much patience but had to deal with all these craziness, lol.
    • Tough girl. I swear usually drama portrayed the sick girls always so gentle, always so accepting of death. Yet she was so fierce and strong. Yet that didn’t mean she didn’t have a kind heart. She just chose to hide it since she didn’t want pity. And she didn’t lack in courage either.
    • Acting. For her age, I thought she did quite well.
    • The editor was scared of needles! LOL! That was priceless! Tian You and Xi Ai got a good laugh out of it. At least he had a good heart and was willing to come.
    • Tian You, Xi Ai, and MARS putting up a doll and sunflowers show for Xiao Jing. That was so cute yet funny at the same time. Tian You and Xi Ai seriously couldn’t stop arguing regardless of situation.
  • Phyllis Quek as Li Shu Yun (李書芸). The typical perfect wife image yet surrounded her life too much around her husband that she didn’t have time for herself–or know how to love herself properly.
    • Tian You and MARS acting like a couple. This was almost mean, but seriously, they were like one during their meal with Shu Yun. Well, they were so used to arguing so the skit worked out well.
    • Calling the shots, pulling the plug. Though I knew she had problems yet I felt it was quite admirable that she told Tian You that she was married and it would cause misunderstandings if others saw them together–regardless of his good intentions to just be friends. Whether that loser of a husband deserved it or not, that would make her less suspicious than letting him pin something like infidelity on her to slam down the divorce, considering how he was waiting for an opportunity to make it her fault.
    • Tian You recommended a woman friend. This made even more sense. I had thought it already with why Angelina didn’t go since it would be easier to have a female friend versus sending Tian You out. It would be too risky and would burden Shu Yun even more with needing to keep distance and protect herself. Tian You nodded and showed his support toward Angelina’s every sentence, lol. Well, now he could have more free time to accompany Xi Ai (LOL). This would be a win-win situation, right?
    • Xi Ai’s experiences. I thought it was clever having Xi Ai around Shu Yun during that time they were on vacation. I meant it was an excuse for Tian You to spend more time with Xi Ai too. But then it made sense to have Xi Ai around with Shu Yun, not only because it was safer than two guys accompanying her, it was also because Xi Ai shared her own experiences with Shu Yun about learning to be independent. It took time indeed for her to get there. It might inspire Shu Yun to think otherwise and analyze her marriage all over again. (I’m not trying to play the ‘moral cop’ role here, but whatever it is, at least she has another perspective to think about.)
    • An eye-opener for both Shu Yun and Lisa. Well, Shu Yun was still in shock to find out about the other woman. Yet I think it was a big eye-opener for Lisa after planning that trap to put both Wen Jie and Shu Yun into a hard spot (and toward the road of no return). NOT trying to make excuses for a third-party, but I was actually convinced in what she was saying, like how she didn’t plan on falling in love with him since it was all a ‘game’ between them in the beginning, just having some fun. Yet now that she learned of how he was planning to trap his wife, etc, it also scared her to see how brutal he could be because cheating was one thing, but framing stuffs on her was another. (NOT that cheating is right since it never is, but adding in with some more deception to put his wife into a bad light just makes it even more terrifying.) Going back to Shu Yun, will she find the courage to let go at last or still a struggle? Don’t blame her if she can’t sever the ties quite yet because they’ve been married a long time now. And her head was already filled up with so much confusion.
    • The actual confrontation between Shu Yun and Lisa. Another nicely done scene. Not too flaky either since Lisa said after the slap that she didn’t want Wen Jie anyway since she knew that he only loved himself. Yet she didn’t aim to discourage Shu Yun by saying that Wen Jie didn’t love Shu Yun, but she just said that the matter between the two of them (Wen Jie and Shu Yun) should be up to them. AND I swear she nailed it when she said not to blame their marriage problems on her. Seriously, people are thinking that she’s just making up an excuse for being despicable and stealing someone’s husband, but if the marriage doesn’t have holes in it, how could she jump in? And not to mention how Lisa said Shu Yun shouldn’t lie to herself anymore.
    • Shu Yun decided to take nothing. Wow, I didn’t even guess she would make that move. It wasn’t out of question, but more out of the typical formula of how the scriptwriters often write about leaving the guy with nothing, etc to punish him for cheating, etc (if the situation was the guy like in this case). YET Shu Yun chose to take nothing. I also felt surprised because I didn’t realize she could be that strong to just let go. Perhaps Tian You’s words had gotten her thinking real good? (But honestly, I liked how this was approached more since oftentimes during divorces, people would fight over possessions and trying to win–which is real too–but it missed the whole point majorly. Sometimes when you’re trying to prove a point that you don’t need money to be happy or all those crap, then you turn around to fight over possessions, that’s just being ironic.)
    • Start Over. YAY, she finally found the courage to start over. Got a new shop up. (And I didn’t think her keeping the house was flaky after claiming to take ‘nothing’ because honestly, the rest was his anyway with the money and all so it was more than hers, and she ended up selling the house anyway to get money for her shop so it was more like a step forward into taking risks and starting over.)
  • Queenie Tai as Tang Tang (糖糖). That one old lady Tian You met at the park’s grand-daughter. Her parents fled overseas to hide from debts, leaving her there to fend for herself. She didn’t want to use her grandma’s money to pay for her own debts like the way her parents and uncles did.
    • The ending. I didn’t guess that Zhan Ge would die. Not at first. But I thought it made sense because when one was involved with some gang-related stuff, regardless of the initial reason that caused them to drift, it couldn’t be too good. That ending was more realistic than say some happy ending. Lesson learned for Xiao Yun but in a good way as in she learned to cherish what she has even more, especially family.
  • Li Lie (李烈) as Zheng Ma Ma (鄭母). Her daughter, Sylvia, had a car accident and was crippled. She had to look after her daughter and encouraged her daughter to get well again, but it was in vain hence needing their help.
    • Sylvia Zheng Xin Yi. Zheng Ma Ma’s daughter. Reality was guilt and grief had delayed her progress more than her actual health.
    • Spoiled brat. I seriously wanted to slap her when she was yelling at her mom and didn’t want food. NOT because she was yelling at Tian You too, but her attitude just made it so hard to sympathize with her.
    • Let Go. YES, it was always so hard. Only a mother would understand.
    • The reason for Sylvia’s spoiled brat attitude. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming (see the ‘surprise section’ since I wrote it earlier than this part), but I guess in a way, Zheng Ma Ma wanted to put all her love onto Sylvia to make up for Xi Ai as well. It made sense even more to what she was saying before that she couldn’t just let go of Sylvia and how she was afraid of Sylvia disappearing. Having given up on her daughter once already, it was too much on her, so she wanted to protect this daughter from harm regardless of method.
    • Graveyard scene. Since I was already bawling with the other scene, I ended up going all out for this one too. Indeed a very moving scene with how Sylvia was blaming herself for Alan’s death. Yet Tian You pulled through again by convincing her to move on.


  • Zhou Yi Jun as Xiao Jun (小君). Xi Ai’s funny co-worker yet she was quite cute in her own girly way.
    • 200% Desperate. GOD, I tried soooo hard to restrain from attacking Xiao Jun but it was soooo hard. She was so desperate with her attempts that by the time she learned Tian You was in the ‘Angel Lover’ agency and even resorted to blackmailing, I was just about to give up. SO she liked him and whatever, but I hated her method at that moment and really wanted to hit her with something. It was so hard to sympathize with her being so immature. I tried to say that she was a different character yet it was sooo hard.
    • Going to bars and expecting to find true love. Seriously? I’ve heard this one so many times before in real life and also saw them in dramas. Are people that naive?
    • Loneliness is NOT a good excuse. Call me heartless but I don’t see a reason behind trashing yourself to fill that hole in your heart. I do understand she didn’t have proper guidance and had never experienced warmness from her family hence wanting some type of family of her own. But I can’t see the reasoning behind it all with ruining herself like that. And maybe that was why she had to be helped–even if she was just posing as a client to get information (or so she claimed).
    • Compensation. What was admirable about her was how she realized that Tian You was truly an honest person and tried to help her with her problems, so she didn’t sabotage anymore and actually tried to protect Tian You for real (and not because of ulterior motive anymore).
  • Zhang Hao Ming as Batman. Funny guy, but too bad he wasn’t appreciated by that one girl. Her lost actually since he was quite kind-hearted as well. One of Tian You’s co-workers at the park. He didn’t appear later on but I thought he made his own contribution to the drama and that was that.
  • Jack Na as Li Zhong Qiang (李中) aka Qiang Ge (強哥). OMG, I loved him in here. He was just so funny. Not to mention a good senior since he was always looking after Xi Ai despite the fact that he had to scold her sometimes so she would learn to not aggravate their boss. He was just worried for her and all.
  • Huang Jian Wei as Peter. Vivian’s manager. Regardless of his attack on Xi Ai (because he was trying to protect his asset), I felt so bad for him. It was like he was trying hard to come up with reasons to solve the matter but he got yelled at too? She could at least give him credit for NOT abandoning her YET. Besides, didn’t he tell her to be careful? Like it was his fault.
    • OMG! I loved him for the whole ‘skit’ with switching clothes with Tian You. He was protecting his asset after all. BUT that was such a sacrifice when he came out in that outfit.
    • Umm…what? Tian You making fun of him in that outfit? Uncalled for. YES, Tian You was just returning a smart comment because the manager was talking about their company not reliable, but really?
    • He snatched the dried vegetables from Vivian and said it was for him, right? LOL! I sure loved him regardless of his schemes at times. But I didn’t like Tian You’s attack though. Like Tian You wasn’t working for money too. Stop making Peter the evil person when no one forced Vivian into the e-circle. She had a choice. (There were debts, etc BUT she had a choice to choose whichever to do to solve her problems.)  But it was so silly seeing two grown men fighting over the dried veggies bottle, lol.
  • Tao Chuan Zheng as Han Shao Xi’s father. He appeared strict outside and had a lot of expectations but he wasn’t that stubborn to think he was right all the time. He just didn’t know how to express himself to others around him, especially his son.
  • Tang Zhi Wei as  Director Zhang Ying Tai (張永太). Seriously? Like making him a bad guy could bring the others up even more? Maybe I’m biased because I like him and have watched him since ages ago. AND that was so suicidal of him to leak those photos of Vivian. Honestly, all she had to do was leave the e-circle, but him? YES, he was stuck with the public. Really smart. (IDIOT!)
  • Tender Huang as Mai Da Ke (麥大可). Hao Yun’s first boyfriend. I thought he looked familiar when he first appeared. His smile was so familiar. Yet had to look later to make sure. YUP, it was Tender Huang years ago.
  • Deng An Ning as Ding Qing Shui (丁清水). Xiao Jing’s father. The director/producer took it into his hand to enter this role.
  • Debbie Yao as Selina. MARS’ older sister. Another woman who was lost yet through helping Xiao Jing, she found new meaning in her life and moved on.
  • Li Zhi Qi as Lu Wen Jie (陸文傑). Another dude who liked to play with fire. Well, he could come up with whatever reason, but he had to do that? Serves him right for encountering a crazy mistress. And what? He knew MARS? OY! Oh, MARS was his cousin. I swore his ending was so satisfying. Well, he got the assets from the divorce, but he lost everything else. This could be a lesson learned since he totally risked his luck. He listened to his right-hand man YET the dude abandoned him. (I would be running too if I know the situation was bad.) Well, at least now he didn’t have any more pressure, right? (LOL) That was mean, but seriously, he had his choices too, no one forced him so why was he blaming others?
  • Ehlo Huang as the singing Spiderman by the sidewalk that Tian You encountered near the end of episode 40. Ehlo was so cute in that outfit, lol. And singing the main theme, lol. Did Tian You see his shadow in that guy so he handed him the card and gave that little lecture similar to what Yu Tai had told him ages back? LOL! Indeed, it was like what Tian You first thought, filming AVs! LOL! That got Tian You laughing since it was his similar reaction all right, lol. I liked how he kept singing after Tian You left and Jacky’s voice merged in with him. (Of course, the main theme used for the soundtrack had kicked in right now, not Ehlo’s live version right there).


  • The team of “Angel Lover” agency. Just loved how they got together and got so random at times. The meetings were the main purpose yet their interactions just cracked me up every time. I found the part where they were training for Tian You in episode 6 was hilarious. Each one had their own training method and tried to sharpen up his skills for each area and Han Shao was shaking his head, making the comment about him being a narcissist, lol. Not to mention MARS and Sunny’s special training too. OMG, I feel so bad for them. Okay, so MARS seemed like he wanted to kill him more than help. But Sunny? Poor guy. (Were they putting this part in to emphasize Ming Dao’s poor dancing skills? LOL!) AND what about the time after training sessions that they sent him out to the real world, letting him meet all sorts of clients, wanting him to treat them all equal–and help them with their problems, NOT having biases against them whatsoever. He sure had a field day. It was also so funny how Angelina announced they had to help Tian You get into the situation of Sun Jin’s case and MARS was like frowning but Sunny looked all happy–though he soon turned his smile off because of MARS’ threatening glare, lol. To top it, Tian You (late again) walked in at that time, apologizing for his tardiness, and even made a comment about MARS’ bike so Sunny had to restrain him when MARS wanted to jump up, lol. (Of course Tian You was kidding but no one was really laughing–or didn’t dare to laugh because of MARS’ expression.) So funny how Han Shao said it was his “luck” to help Tian You along the way after the initial meeting BUT he looked so reluctant, lol.
  • Ming Dao and Bianca Bai as a couple. They were so funny whether at the beginning bickering or later becoming friends, and eventually a couple. I loved their moments during meal times–whether at their apartment building or at that one Yang Chun noodle stall. It was really fun to watch and see how their relationship changed just from those random talks.
    • Spying on the ‘fake’ mother. Tian You’s good call. Actually, lucky he was around since it was her blind spot after all when it came to her past and her mother. It was mad suspicious with all the coincidences all right, but of course, she needed a reasonable voice to sort it out. The effect was another emotional roller coaster for her (with thinking she found her mother but it wasn’t so) yet it would end the deception plan the other party skillfully laid out. Well, to be fair and not stomp on her completely, Xi Ai still had her stalking skills when they were still in the process of spying and trying to figure out what was going on.
    • She got drunk and forced-kiss him. LOL! That was hilarious and somewhat priceless that she pretended she had forgotten what happened the day before. (And didn’t return his newspaper, lol.)
    • Jealous rants and/or attitude. So funny how he was oozing over Vivian’s photo so she didn’t want him to meddle into her family matters either. AND how he begged Vivian to give some of her gentlenesses to Xi Ai. What was priceless about the whole thing was she heard him so she tossed stuff his way. Then there was the whole thing with her moods being killed when he brought up topics about Vivian again when they were in the middle of their ‘noodle’ dinner.
    • Borrowing Salt. SO funny how he played on her weakness and said she would get fat if she lay there. YET she resorted by daring him to say it once more and even said that she wasn’t home, lol. One can answer when one wasn’t home? LOL!
    • Tian You’s attacks regarding Vivian. I really wanted to hit him too. SO he didn’t understand Xi Ai’s exact job AND she didn’t understand his either–YET wouldn’t that put them on the same ground? Why was he jumping ahead like that when she was already in a bad mood? Like worrying about matters that she shouldn’t have at all. I want to see a freaking apology from him later on this when he finally found out how ‘pure’ and ‘godlike’ his ‘angel’ was. AND why the hell was he holding her responsible for the whole thing with Vivian having to face her mother? What the heck? YES, I definitely want an apology after this OR else. BUT I was so glad that Xi Ai fought back and left the scene since it was too much for her to endure JUST because he wanted to speak up for his ‘angel’. At least she wasn’t a doormat, taking in all his attacks and didn’t do anything.
    • The confrontation at Vivian’s press conference. DARN, I never enjoyed anything so much. Lucky Xi Ai didn’t just feel all sad and tuned out on them all. I loved how her character didn’t back down like that. Who was scolding her for lying and being despicable earlier? (Well, he was talking about the whole newspaper place YET he might as well be talking about her too.) YET too bad it was short-lived since he attacked her right back with the ‘camera’ comment. ARRRRGGGG, I’m getting pissed off (obviously). He needs to apologize major time later OR else. AND her jealousy forced her to jump back up for questions. (Poor Qiang Ge who got shove though, lol. Or was that a stomp on his toes? Ugh…they just don’t pay him enough.) GRRRRR…failed again, since of course, everyone knew the whole “I Love You” thing. I guess jealousy made her moves less witty than previously. OMG, Xi Ai was really committing suicide with wanting Vivian to kiss Tian You. Wouldn’t that work against her? YUP, jealousy was really clouding her brain up.
    • Xi Ai’s celebration regarding Qiang Ge’s explanation about Tian You was just a smoke bomb. It was so cute to see that she was all celebrating with that smile.
    • Forgiven Point. Tian You reacted so abruptly when he realized Xi Ai had caught him kissing Vivian. Well, Vivian was kissing him to make it looked like they were having a secret get together. YET I sort of forgive him because of how he had gotten out of the car after Xi Ai ran away. And Vivian’s words about ‘nothing to worry about now’ couldn’t be more ironic, especially when Tian You had to clarify stuff with Xi Ai later. That haunting look from Xi Ai when she was wandering around and Qiang Ge caught up to her was really sad. (I swear Bianca totally knew what she was doing to capture that moment so accurately. It wasn’t all about the music either. Though the music helped as well.)
    • The confrontation backstage. Snappy all right, but it was so funny how he was asking about why she was there and she said she was there to do her “paparazzi” duties. And the fact that he looked sad when she left after saying that they didn’t know each other and had never known each other before (to Vivian’s question) made me forgive him even more. AND what was priceless was he chose not to clarify his relationship with Xi Ai to Vivian BUT had somewhat tried to explain to Xi Ai that it was a complicated situation. Perhaps this case had gotten him into realizing his feelings for Xi Ai? (OR I’m just reading too much.)
    • The meetup at the noodles stall. Okay, I’m a sucker for it, but I guess all was forgiven because he looked so happy when he spotted her sitting there eating noodles. AND the best part was him not minding her sarcastic responses. OMG, he tried to explain to her about the parking lot incident. NICE…Seeing him trying to explain BUT not expose too much about their work–OR not really know how to explain his job–was too priceless. YUP, he definitely liked her at this point, if not, why would he waste so much time to explain to her?
    • The confrontation with Vivian. This was when Vivian was asking how Tian You knew her mother was blind and he said he read it in the magazine with the article Xi Ai had worked on. She kept asking and even told him to stay away from Xi Ai or they both would be exposed. NICE that he kept dodging the question and didn’t clarify his relationship with Xi Ai to Vivian.
    • Bringing the seaweed bags back for Xi Ai. LOL! I never laughed so hard since the last few episodes. OMG, he was that dumb. LOL! So she was getting leftovers? Well, NOT really. But the way he explained, it sounded like they (he and Vivian) bought too much hence just disposing the rest to Xi Ai. LOL! YET he left the bag on her doorknob anyway.
    • Xi Ai caught Tian You and Vivian singing and playing with the leaf (as an umbrella). Of course, she had to make up an excuse that she was working and not spying. But the sadness on both of their faces was unmistakable. It was like he wanted to explain but couldn’t. And she just walked away like that.
    • Text message of concern. I had a gut feeling it was to Xi Ai when he sent it since it wasn’t that clear on the screen on his side. When she checked her message on the phone, it was confirmed. The devastated look she had on while the editor was asking her to confirm/dissolve the rumors was really, really sad. It was like she wasn’t disappointed because they didn’t have a cover story, BUT it was for her own situation–like her last hope got extinguished already. Then even the editor was worried for her since he had said that every time he said one sentence, she would respond with ten but now she was just acting like that? (YUP, usually she would dish out her own witty responses to get back at him.)
    • Excuse to go home. SO funny how Tian You was saying his flowers needed watering but it was an excuse to get home and look for Xi Ai. He looked sooo happy when he heard Xi Ai’s voice ordering noodles. And I didn’t mind him getting upset when she was saying that she just wanted a story (or something like that since she was paparazzi). Since he was actually disappointed that she wasn’t worried for him. Then she didn’t answer either when he confronted her about not texting him when she returned to Taipei.
    • The reunion after the argument with Vivian. Sure was priceless for Xi Ai, but she wasn’t so cruel either, wanting to invite him to noodles so he would feel better. I guess he was really clueless on matters since she had to spell it out for him that she hadn’t written anything at all regarding him–though she had proof. AND too bad they couldn’t eat noodles together since it was Thursday (and he had to go stalk Han Shao’s father).
    • Their little celebration on the roof. YES, they were back at it again like old times. But it was so cute with his promise to read her articles and she promised to continue writing even if only one reader existed. YET he retorted by saying if her magazine place didn’t close down already. So funny how their banter just kept bouncing back and forth.
    • The followup of the promised meal. They were cute at the noodle stall eating like that. Finally, he got to fulfill his wish. SO funny with his toasts to her, except for the last one, which triggered her major time. YET it was so funny with their argument, so childish.
    • Losing keys. OMG, was he trying to help her or insult her? Well, it was true that she always lost her keys. YET did he have to point it out so obviously? LOL!
    • Another ‘jealousy’ round. The joke was on her when she found out Xiao Jun was at Tian You’s place. Darn, look at her all worked up though he had told her not to drink like that or she would choke. (And she sort of did.) Well, he wanted to bring Xi Ai to the movies too SO it wasn’t like he had forgotten about her. Also, he had asked about her when she left to Xiao Jun. Then he finally realized what Xiao Jun meant when she said only the two of them would go to the movies.
    • “I’m not hungry.” Tian You’s countdown was so accurate with her coming out in seconds, lol. DARN, it got to the important moment and then Xiao Jun called. It wasn’t the first time their happy mealtime got interrupted, but still. He was going to ask her out, right?
    • Xi Ai caught him hugging Hao Yun at the noodle stall. Okay, the boss saw her first and then looked worried YET it wasn’t his place to say so he didn’t say anything. But Tian You was in for deep. He could always explain it was a ‘congratulations’ hug, which it was. But how would he get her to believe?
    • Xi Ai’s crazy sticky note messages. LOL! That was too much all right. It could get so scary when she was jealous. BUT the funniest thing was her snatching all of it off the door when he actually returned and startled her, lol.
    • Tian You tried out MARS’ mantra and other instructions. OMG, that was sooo funny. He actually went home and tried out the technique that MARS taught Hao Yun. AND he was really in deep, lol. He imagined the whole scene! That was mad funny. The cell phone interrupted his dream, lol. (And coincidentally it was some credit card company again, lol.)
    • Tian You and Xi Ai’s talk at night–and matchmaking. YUP, this was after helping Hao Yun see the light. What was funny was how they were talking about Hao Yun and Xing Fu and the two sneezed each time their names were mentioned, lol. OMG, that was so cute, them making plans to get Hao Yun and Xing Fu together. The craziest thing was they messed it up between exits 3 and 5, LOL! AND yelling at each other would help? LOL! They still argued after the other two got together already? Well, they didn’t know but it was so funny. Back to being childish again.
    • Giving roses. Darn, Tian You was in for good. Not only did he give Xi Ai the roses that his client couldn’t take (’cause she was allergic), but also had to pose exactly like the ‘man’ whom the other victims were describing. He put his foot in his mouth, LOL! Someone didn’t want it and he even admitted? She snuck out and got it anyway (after shoving it back to him and he placed it by her door)? LOL! YUP, she definitely wanted the flowers yet was pretending. He caught her red-handed when the magazine fell off to reveal the roses! (LOL)
    • Angel Lover card. YUP, he lost his own card so had to make up an excuse to go into her apartment and search. YET it wasn’t around anymore. DARN. But I guess it was the next case so it would need to be resolved or would cause more harm for others and more misunderstanding between their own agency and the flaky one.
    • Spying on Tian You. Yup, I knew she would do it sooner or later because she had suspected him. Can’t blame her since they had similar goals after all, but one was of deceptive intent while the other was just to help others stand up for themselves, etc.
    • Misunderstandings, confrontations, and whatnot. It sure got serious all right. It made sense though since he didn’t realize she suspected him of it, considering how he was just on his way to buy a necklace for her. AND yup, it was definitely hard for him to say things from his heart than just the usual teasing. Of course it was harder with her fierce attitude, lol. Could that be considered a semi-confession and a somewhat subtle acknowledgment? And a loose, sparse date? (LOL)
    • First Date. OMG, he made her climb in that outfit and that high heels? LOL! What a guy. But it was so funny how he triggered her by saying she was a ‘rich girl’ that can’t tolerate hardship, lol.
    • Investigating Henry. YAY, Tian You finally have to admit that reporters/paparazzi are very useful at a time like this, lol.
    • Dancing with Cinderella. What? LOL! That was so random but funny. She made him go change just for that dance? LOL! The funniest thing was he came back with the jacket on but not the rest of the suit. They started laughing all of a sudden? I thought they would get into the mood and start to say all those mushy things. YET the sudden laugh made them more like themselves than suddenly turning all mushy, lol. Awww…Xiao Jun so ruined the moment for them. OY! Oh well, later…
    • Xi Ai’s dream turning into real. OY! That was too exaggerated but of course, it didn’t go far from Xi Ai’s creative imaginations and her usual rash behaviors and overly jealous attitude.
    • Discovery and apology. All hell broke loose and Tian You finally had to tell her everything. I felt that part was nicely done. Not overboard or exaggerated at all. With them talking from their apartments and him finally letting out his true feeling.
    • The second dance. She wasn’t wearing anything too fancy this time yet he kept to the code and wore somewhat of a suit, lol. Just like old times indeed. Their embarrassed look when Xiao Jun caught them was so funny and cute.
    • Waking Xi Ai up for work. That was so cute! Or that was just me, lol. Awww…he made breakfast and brought it over, romantic style too, lol.
    • Late for dinner. OMG, I so didn’t see it coming. She pulled a trick on him with her attitude. Two hours and she got bored? Typical Xi Ai. Yet she wasn’t that unreasonable. It was so funny seeing his expression though. I thought she would go all paranoid again–even after knowing his job. Yet it wasn’t so. PHEW! And wait, I thought she was scared of getting fat, why was she eating so much? LOL! Major jogging and exercising later to make up for that large dinner, lol. Awww…she didn’t want him to change just because of her (even when he offered to quit his job). That was great though since I thought they both acknowledged the issues that had to do with their timing and how she wasn’t so unreasonable like that (as said before). Their random laughter, those were the best, always managed to dissolve the somewhat hectic atmosphere.
    • No time for dating. Awww…that was sad. I was looking forward to another cute date. Oh well…
    • Rushed back to accompany her. Awww…I can’t stop using the ‘cute’ with their interactions. She tried not to let him worried by making up stuff about going out with Xiao Jun and doing shopping, etc. YET he found out.
    • Older women/younger men relationship is the current trends. OMG, didn’t see that one coming. But of course, Xi Ai was full of surprises. It was so funny seeing him all annoyed when he told her his concerns and she just joked about it. LOL! But that was so nuts, asking him what did he think about her and he had to be so honest, talking about her features like that. So they were back to being two little kids again.
    • Romantic dinner. Okay, I thought it was romantic since it only had to be feelings and moods AND not as much as those ‘actual setting’. They were eating dumplings and talking about girls’ shopping frenzy. It was so cool he got to consult with her about his cases now, no more hiding stuff and trying to get by. And she was feeding him…awww… (OKAY, getting carried away again, but couldn’t help it.) and he did the same a minute later (or so).
    • Begging for a vacation. OMG, the finale was priceless. He was in second grade back then? He played on her jealousy! That was so funny!
    • Vacation Time. They were acting like two little kids running around, lol. OMG, that was priceless with their conversation when they were in the girls’ room. (Tian You: There’s a monkey outside! Xi Ai: The monkey’s inside! Tian You: Really? Both Xia Ai and MARS started laughing, lol. YUP, Tian You’s the monkey.) MARS had to coax Tian You out of there since he was laying on Xi Ai’s bed? LOL! And they were at it again, out and about like two little kids. But Xi Ai was so considerate and understanding, wanting Tian You to talk to Shu Yun Jie while she lured MARS away for taking pictures elsewhere. They were writing down their wishes at the wishing tree and Tian You yelled “Don’t get fat” in Xi Ai’s direction, hinting at her wish. (LOL) Arguing over the wishes? Awww… And picking on Xi Ai’s pigging out habits again. NICE…
    • Hospital Scene. OMG, I thought it was going to be amnesia. I swore I was so scared they were going toward that path when Xi Ai got hit and all. It wasn’t so unreasonable since the doctor said she had a concussion and was still unconscious, it would eventually lead to that formula. YET it didn’t! PHEW! That was indeed touching and the reason why I was still even watching and still found them addicting to watch was how she didn’t get mad at him for missing her birthday or yelling at him for putting others in front of her. (It would make sense if she did confront him but it made her different from other whiny girls because she didn’t care for technicalities so much.) She actually only cared about his touching words. AND she played a trick on him even during that time, lol, since she woke up a while ago already.
    • First Date Location. NICE…she got him back for that one time he was saying about his ‘first vacation with the girl he liked’. LOL! He sure got stirred up, lol. Awww…he pretended not to know about her birthday, lol. But he backed out of the ‘present’ part. She had to take the initiative. That was so cute. Not too much that it got overly dramatic.
    • Going to the GBA. LOL! She always managed to make me laugh out of nowhere, lol. Well, he dressed so nice so that just strike her curiosity. Anyway, she said she remembered the incident and said that he stole the thermos, LOL! NICE…her interrogation about his whereabouts and what he was doing at the bar, casing the joint and then…man, her tone was just priceless. LOL! OMG, this was getting better and better. She decided to come with him! LOL! OMG, no one should even watch this part at night! Xi Ai as a guy was quite exaggerated, LOL! He told her not to get the suit dirty since Angelina gave it to him, lol. Yup, the other girl found her out since she paused after ‘handsome’ and finished with a flat ‘men’, lol. NICE…Tian You’s question was another one of his ‘genius’ moments, lol. Getting crazier, Xi Ai was playing like mad with the girls while Tian You was sitting there being worried? LOL! They’ve gone overboard, more Xi Ai than him, hence Angelina having to come to the rescue.
    • Bringing her breakfast part 2. I don’t know. Again, sucker for every single moment they spend together–whether doing random things or discussing a serious topic. It was kind of funny of how she said her job was so stressful writing all those articles YET still got scolded by her editor, and then he jumped in to remind her that the ‘hostess’ job wasn’t easy as it seemed. Like he thought she would switch jobs or something, lol.
    • Xi Ai actually working at the bar. OMG, I should’ve seen it coming BUT NO, I got deceived again, lol. YUP, they would run into each other eventually, but I wouldn’t even guess at the restroom, lol. The trip home was hilarious! SAD for him but he had to balance her and drive at the same time.
    • The ‘S’ situation. OMG, awkward all-around all right. Tian You was cleaning the restroom and he was coughing at the same time, LOL! Like Xi Ai was going to sacrifice herself just for some lousy report she had to turn in, but that was so funny when Xi Ai was talking to Feng Jie.
    • Tian You jealous! Okay, so he had his jealous moments in the past. But I think this one topped it since he was going bananas with her dressing style and how Feng Jie kept saying she should dress like that every day. AND indeed he exploded when he saw the other guy trying to kiss Xi Ai. His pissed off mode was so cute though, lol.
    • Tacit understanding. I love this about relationships the most. It’s not easily developed. But over time, some couples would click so well that it’s like they finish each other’s sentence and a perfect example of their case was when Xi Ai said she could tend to Tang Tang on her own but asked him to do one thing, he got it. Well, it wasn’t hard to get it, considering the situation. But it was like showing their understanding without having to say it like some other relationships out there.
    • Failed backpacking trip. Awww….looking at him all sad when she went on and on about her senior and his many trips. Then later when he went to ask Angelina regarding that ‘senior’, Angelina was having a kick out of it since she was saying how Tian You was afraid Xi Ai wasn’t only leaving her job.
    • Jealous monster. It was so funny and cute. I was glad she wasn’t all clueless when he wasn’t himself, and when she finally got it, it got funnier. She knew he was jealous and explaining to him, even teasing him about how he loved to get ‘jealous’, lol.
    • The hug after a long day. I felt it was long overdue, considering how hectic the situation was.
    • Another jealous round. I lost count, but that was funny how she was knocking on his door and calling him furiously to wake up yet he returned from somewhere. He didn’t want to come because of her senior? OY. She coaxed him by saying that he was her boyfriend, lol. AND even asked if he didn’t want to be anymore, lol. That was cute.
    • Fighting over what to eat. Man, I felt like it was getting back to the normal days, almost, lol. They were talking about Zheng Ma Ma’s situation but ended up talking about going to eat and were fighting over what food to eat. Those were the days really.
    • The big fight. OMG, I knew the storm was coming with the accumulating intensity bit by bit. It would be too unrealistic that they don’t acknowledge the major issues in their lives yet it was so sad seeing how they were saying those words to one another. Tian You couldn’t be blamed totally for his insecurity yet I found that he became a typical man with a big ego. Or was that more realistic than making him too good? With her background and his clashing like that, they would have the ‘fight’ one day. Yet I guess better now than later? Xi Ai’s response was awesome though. I know Tian You didn’t want to hold her back (which was what he said), but I was a tad disappointed that he didn’t fight harder. He showed attitude when the other guy was joking about not pursuing Xi Ai earlier (at the get together at the Li resident that one time), but now? Again, it probably was him not wanting to hold her back with chasing her dreams. But that was it? He didn’t want to hear her side of it but just assumed away? I guess the scriptwriters were making up for all the parts where we’d seen Xi Ai misunderstanding at the beginning and walking around all devastated. It was his time to be vulnerable, right? Then I forgive him again because of his rant to Sylvia about how he was actually feeling, etc. I don’t know, I’m such a sucker for it because he actually said it out in that way, even a slight complaint would do and not act like “too good” and “too giving” on the surface though it was masking for his own insecurities. (I just needed to hear it from him instead of the whole coverup with other dramas trying to say ‘wow, what a good guy’, etc.–though it was just masking up all the other flaws by coming up with other lame reasons.)
    • “I don’t want you to go.” Okay, major confession: I actually cried. NOT kidding. That was so touching. The fact that Xi Ai kept ignoring him or was quite passive until he asked if she really had to go made all the difference. It was really obvious that she really cared about him (like she had said). When he actually let all his feelings out and admitted that he was scared and how the world was a really big place, it made him the lovable, down to earth Tian You once again. NOT that I wanted him to be absolutely perfect, but it made his character consistent with how he’d been honest and open about his feelings throughout the stories. He wasn’t ashamed to admit his fears and vulnerabilities. It also reminded me of his conversation with Xi Ai after she found out he was working for Angelina and how they talked through the wall of their apartments.
    • The talk at the countryside after she calmed down regarding her mother’s situation. I knew it was coming when he sort of jokingly asked about how she didn’t need anyone by her side, etc. (The hug was mad cute like always.) Anyway, what I meant was I’d seen the goodbye scene coming in his eyes as they sat down on the grass field. And at first, I was wondering why he said that she was a dove, but then his explanation made sense.
    • Departure scene at her apartment. It was obvious she was trying so hard to keep it under wraps with her past histories of goodbyes, etc. Yet that goodbye hug and the quick kiss said it all. And the somewhat reluctant with him kept pulling her back for the proper goodbye and how she was avoiding eye contact. It was like if she had lingered or looked at him, she would not be able to go. BUT her return beat it all since when he heard the doorbell, he immediately jumped to open it, expecting her. Then she jumped in and hugged him, crying out that she didn’t want to go, etc. OMG, that was so them all right. (Okay, that sent me crying again. Darn, I sound like a crybaby now, especially since the last two episodes.)
  • Ming Dao and Alex To as a team. GOSH, it was just so hilarious. Almost like watching a tennis match between them. Tian You have no idea what Yu Tai was trying to do YET he often opposed. Well, he knew, but he just didn’t agree. Just funny how he kept arguing with Yu Tai yet continued to eat the man’s food–among other things. Always priceless when Yu Tai brought the debt situation out to blackmail Tian You, lol. OR try to reduce the amount to lure Tian You in. Then the part where Tian You was working at the gas station (or was it a car wash place?), dressing up as a panda and Yu Tai went to find him, making him attempting to run and bumping into the wall. Having Yu Tai calling him “Pan Pan” was so funny. (Kind of cute nickname though.) Too bad their team had to end when Yu Tai/Michael had to leave. But he passed on the record-keeping duties to Tian You.
  • TAE and Ix Shen as buddies. They were my two favorites as a team in here. Totally opposites but balanced each other out. And loved how they sent secret signals to one another at times, especially when Angelina was narrating about Sun Jin’s background. So funny how they did a fist-bump when MARS was saying how Sun Jin might commit suicide if she saw Tian You in the Spiderman outfit. (Of course, it was sad with shooting Tian You down but it was indeed funny that they thought the same thing–or at least Sunny found him funny.) OMG, really don’t want to go on and on, but couldn’t help it, MARS was looking at Sunny when Tian You was asking if he was really that of a failure that they had to help him with the start of the case. YES, of course, they were both amused that Tian You had to ask.
  • Alex To and Coco Jiang as a couple. At first, I didn’t think much since I was watching along with how they were part of the team, working together. I didn’t mind if they got together and thought they would. Yet when their story unfolded more and more, it was really sad and it made me feel so unwilling to see their separation process spinning itself into being–without her even knowing it at first. And the song Forgotten playing in the background didn’t help either. To take it into serious consideration, Alex and Coco’s chemistry wasn’t bad at all.
  • Ming Dao and Remus Kam as a team. Well, after Yu Tai left, I guess Tian You had no choice but to be stuck with Han Shao’s training. I thought he was only with Tian You for initial training and the first case. But now he was in the picture more often so I like to focus more on the discussion as well. They were actually a funny team since Han Shao was a young master after all and had his attitude versus Tian You’s country boy type of image. They sure drove each other nuts with conflicting beliefs. Yet I guess they do make the best of it for the sake of the case. AND because Han Shao said he messed up the case so he had to help Tian You cover everything. And how funny that Tian You kept going on and on about what his grandma said and Han Shao was saying how it was already late, his grandma needed to rest too, lol.
    • The nagging of a father. I guess in a way, Tian You was around to possibly help mend the relationship between Han Shao and his father. What he did differently was just passing along his grandma’s words and his own experience so Han Shao could relate to, knowing that they were in the same situation with having been nagged by their fathers numerous times already.
  • Bianca Bai and Zhou Yi Jun as friends. At first, I was slightly amused with Xiao Jun’s constant rants about her beauty tips and girly side. Yet as the story progressed, she helped Xi Ai a lot with finding information, especially with her mother. And even covered up for Xi Ai regarding things. I think Xi Ai really owe it to her with the ‘Tian You scam’ situation since she got scolded by their editor for not having sharp eyes. (But she wasn’t as clueless at her personality seemed to project at times since she got the message from Xi Ai when Xi Ai denied knowing such a rich person as Tian You.) That was funny how Xiao Jun was saying Tian You pretended to be poor so he could get close to Xi Ai (because he likes her). Wild theories all right! Yet they had to figure out something. And I don’t blame Xiao Jun for moving in on Tian You. Come on now, it was only realistic, who wouldn’t be curious about some handsome, rich guy–especially when you seemed to know him previously? I must admit I was slightly annoyed with her moving in on Tian You so abruptly. But I actually sort of forgave her because she wanted to include Xi Ai with the movie date too–after realizing Xi Ai was left alone without a boyfriend hence not wanting to be siding ‘man over friendship’. Kind of admirable though she was too happy when there was no ‘light bulb’ around. At least she tried.
  • Tao Chuan Zheng and Remus Kam as father and son. I swear I was quite annoyed by Han Shao’s attitude toward his father at times. YES, I do get it that he had suppressed his feelings since little because he had no control over his life hence the reactions now. YET I’m just sick and tired of this type of plot so I was getting impatient. Like seriously, if it wasn’t for his father’s hard work, would he be able to wander around to do whatever right now? It’s SAD, but it’s the truth. Like money’s all that easy to earn. BUT I soon realized why he was so against his father.
    • Misunderstanding on the affair thing. YES, it happens that lonely old men tend to go out for affairs, etc. YET it wasn’t so in this case and Han Shao had misunderstood major time. Perhaps he thought that was the reason his mom left hence contributing to his annoyance toward his father?
    • Buying butter biscuits. That was hilarious with the father pretending not to care while Han Shan was pretending to read the newspaper but was listening in. The father got pissed because Han Shao was picking on his choice of the store? LOL! YET it was Han Shao’s way of showing his happiness and letting his father care for him. Lucky Yang Ma interpreted that for the old man. OY, this pair of father and son could be so stubborn.
    • Their joint performance at the Riverside Music Cafe. A really moving moment. I guess music does transcend all barriers.
  • Ming Dao and Ix Shen as a team. YES, they had to switch back and forth at times. They were quite cool together actually. I thought MARS wouldn’t be able to tolerate Tian You but they got along fine. I guess it was for the best of their client so they had to cooperate. Yet it wasn’t like they couldn’t talk to one another smoothly. It was a matter of getting to know one another through time.
    • Borrowing the Vespa in exchange for the motorcycle. POOR MARS. Had to sacrifice so much. And he had to deal with Tian You’s rants, lol. Man, MARS had to give up his helmet too? LOL! NOPE, MARS didn’t give in. He already had to bite his tongue (NOT really) to let Tian You take his bike for a while. No way was he surrendering the cool helmet too. OMG, the Vespa got knocked down by the bullies AND MARS was laughing, lol. Well, he had to because of all the pain Tian You caused him previously, lol.
  • Ix Shen and Li Jia Ying. I didn’t think much at first since it was part of a small story and how she was supposed to be their client so I thought it was just another case of helping her to look toward the positive or strike some confidence to enjoy life, which was before I found out about the sick thing. Yet their relationship touched on other matters as well, making MARS realize it wasn’t that simple. He had unknowingly gotten involved too deeply–though he had never imagined it before because he was somewhat annoyed with her attitude at first, which could only sum up as tolerance for the sake of the job.

Funny Moments:

  • Tian You and Yu Tai interactions. YES, already put their bond above but feel like I need to list it again for its comedic elements.
  • Xi Ai and the chief editor. OMG, I cracked up so hard when he talked to her. She drove him insane with her unwillingness to do stuff just ’cause she didn’t find it interesting. Then how he was the boss so she would have to continue listening since she would want to advance toward having a section that would have more meaning to her job. I couldn’t stop laughing at those moments. One of those parts was when he wanted to bang his head on the glass wall because she was asking him for the address of this one place. LOL! This could top Tian You and Yu Tai moments, lol. It was that crazy yet so priceless at times. He slammed the magazine with a corpse as a cover down at her desk when she was eating? NICE… No wonder she lost her appetite. And he shoved Xi Ai out of the way when Xi Ai and Xiao Jun were out eating at this one place? LOL! He scolded them for still having time to eat and chat when he had to run around like a dog? (Well, he implied it.) Then what was funnier was how he ordered a similar dish as Xiao Jun but was told it was all gone already, lol.
  • Wang Jie rules! OMG! I just love her. YES, being a gangster boss, of course, she had to be fierce. I couldn’t believe Tian You would encounter her again. Yet the scene with her coming to Tian You’s rescue was a followup to her promise previously.
  • The chief editor and Qiang Ge spying on Xi Ai and Angelina. That was sooo funny when Xi Ai opened the door of the conference room and the other two men just practically fell inside since they were like leaning on the door to eavesdrop.
  • Xi Ai caught the chief editor in one of the rooms. OMG, I thought Tian You would have a run-in with Xi Ai first since they were close by, etc and would soon bump into each other. BUT noooo, it was so funny seeing him dancing like that, and he turned around and saw Xi Ai. He still dared to say before that he would never go to a bar? LOL! (WELL, it was obvious he was lying since people would cover up their personal matters, but so funny seeing him being caught red-handed like that.)
  • The Return of Wang Jie! LOL! I thought her scenes were over yet it made sense for her to get involved during Tang Tang and Zhan Ge’s case. It was hilarious how Tian You thought the red substance on Wang Jie’s hand was blood, LOL!


  • Angelina and Xi Ai were sisters. Well, half-sisters. We know this by episode 8. Not much of a surprise since if paid attention carefully, it could be deciphered. Okay, so they have common last names and it wasn’t like anyone with common last names would be related. But more like in dramas, it always meant some sort of relation.
  • Bao Sheng was actually the person responsible for the whole trouble with the ‘City of Hope’ years ago. What? Man, was I lost. I thought it was Xi Ai and Angelina’s father for sure since he looked so regretful of what he’d done. YET he was just feeling pain for what happened to the victims. Okay, so I know that those things with how the person in charge of the project could pull a fast one for the money YET I was convinced that the scriptwriters were saying that even Xi Ai and Angelina’s father had some skeletons in his closet. YET he was only partially responsible (aka putting that one dude in charge). And I was glad that he volunteered to go and apologize to each and every one of those for his past wrongdoings. Well, it didn’t help much since all those who had died couldn’t return anyway, but at least it gave them a different story into the whole thing.
  • Zheng Ma Ma was Xi Ai’s mother. OMG! I realized it at the beginning of episode 39 when Tian You was talking about Xi Ai to Zheng Ma Ma when Zheng Ma Ma was asking if they had fought, etc. I should’ve seen the dots connecting with how she had returned from Australia. (Didn’t one of the info earlier said Chen Shu Mi went to Australia? Or at least one of them.) When Zheng Ma Ma reacted a bit when she heard about Xi Ai’s name, etc that she told Tian You to take Sylvia for a walk, etc. I thought Xi Ai would learn to accept her current family and the whole searching for her mother would still be unknown. (NOT too unrealistic since it take people a long time to search for someone OR not at all in their lives yet they still have to move on.)
  • Tian You’s grandma appeared. I thought they would still keep her in the dark, lol. Like letting Tian You representing her and quoting her all the time. Yet she made an appearance and also sent Xi Ai off. Indeed she sounded so like how Tian You had quoted her all along, lol.

Other Likes:

  • Soundtrack. It was hard not to include it since it contributed a lot to the show, whether fun, uplifting moments, or really touching scenes. With Jacky, Ehlo, and Ming Dao, it seemed less crowded but still worked out well with the parts where they harmonized. But the song Forgotten, I like the live version they performed this one time on Channel V more since Jacky had to take over some of the major parts at the beginning. YES, I’m biased, but it sounds so good like that. Not only were the songs used memorable but also the background music that accompanied the drama throughout. It also made me miss the old days of VJ creating great music. They still are, but I’m not really listening to the artists who they are composing for at the moment. Hope to enjoy more in the future.
  • Mystery. Though the majority of the stories in here were about people who got hurt in past relationships, I liked the whole discovery process and all that followed.
  • Tian You’s grandma’s many enlightened messages. I loved them throughout. It even helped me think differently about situations.
  • LIKING SOMEONE IS LIKING WHO THEY ARE, NOT HOW MUCH THEY COULD DO FOR YOU. Yes, I had to put it in caps. This was said to Tian You by Angelina in episode 38 while she was trying to tell him how he shouldn’t look down on himself just because of this one instance (of not knowing first or what he could do, etc–like comparing himself to Xi Ai’s senior). Many other dramas made it like a game or a contest or whatever else you call it. Always someone doing a bunch of things for the other person BEFORE he/she was touched and they eventually got together. YET this one, the fact that Angelina’s character said it out loud regarding how it wasn’t about ‘what one could do’ made all the difference. That was why I needed to put it in caps. It was like ‘do you like someone’ kind of thing or ‘do you want to use them’. At least that was what I always thought. Liking someone for who they are is different from liking what they have to bring to the table. (Isn’t that sounding more like what you do in a job?) I always thought liking someone was about feelings, NOT about what kind of showoff someone was (NOT that I’m hinting that regarding Xi Ai’s senior BUT just saying in general since I was glad the senior followed through with his curiosity and saved them in time). That was also why I get so irked when even the viewers kept fighting over why some characters did so much for someone else YET didn’t get the main girl/guy or whoever in some triangle.


  • Xi Ai’s senior. At first, I thought he was quite cool. YET later I found him super annoying. Seriously, it wasn’t about Xi Ai’s dreams at all. BUT more like if he was able to coax her into going, he would have a chance with her since she would be going to a faraway place and unfamiliar environment so she needed to rely on him–at least he had experiences with going and doing travel stuff. That was what it seemed like to me AND it wasn’t about siding with Tian You either. He had implied many times that he wanted to watch the moonlight with her hence hinting at romance, right? SO it wasn’t like he wanted to help her with advancing her career or fulfilling her dreams YET it was all about him after all. That was why I can’t even see his point in helping Xi Ai versus just helping himself. Why was he calling Tian You selfish when he was just trying to steal someone’s girlfriend? What freaking right did he have in lecturing Tian You? Seriously. I almost thought he was Xi Ai’s husband. IF not, father. IF there was anyone giving Tian You the whole lecture about holding Xi Ai down, it should be her father, NOT him who was just an outsider. I do get it that he was making a lot of sense about how they were still young and Xi Ai should be able to take on opportunities at the current point. BUT if only he hadn’t like Xi Ai, then I would believe him more. AND it wasn’t about not trusting Xi Ai since this would be a good chance to test their (Tian You and Xi Ai’s) relationship, but having the senior poking his nose in and having ulterior motive made it a major turn off with his lectures, etc.

The plot? I liked it because it focused on case-by-case and tried to squeeze their daily life stuff in between within those cases so it wouldn’t appear so draggy. It was a refreshing feeling. And the humor was just about right, making me appreciate it a lot more with the subtle touches here and there. So the ‘angel’ could be considered somewhat of a fantasy side, but the rest of the stories involved all sorts of people with real problems.

For once, I wouldn’t mind a sequel even after 40 episodes. I’m so serious. It was addicting to watch because of its inspirational messages and the stories involved. They still have a lot to develop yet I guess after all these past years, it would be hard to? But they could still get Ehlo back to do part 2 since didn’t Tian You hand him the card? It was like an indication to pass on the job? Or like recruiting him? So it would make sense, and would also be cool to see Ehlo lead for part 2.

Oh yeah, how could I forget the soundtrack? (I placed it above but want to add a bit more.) The addicting soundtrack that played throughout, whether the actual songs or just the tunes. (So funny that they had the poster in the background when Xi Ai was considering things at this one scene in episode 38.) Listening to the soundtrack made me miss 183 Club all over again.

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10 thoughts on “Angel Lover

  1. Agree with you on virtually everything. I agree that Janel’s character and Ah De had potential because they did indeed have a comfortable working relationship. She was so brittle and driven but he knew how to help her without being condescending or macho about it. ANd I love an office romance.
    Now, here’s a question: who plays Ah De? I couldn’t find him on any of the standard cast lists.

    1. OMG, you’re done with the drama? Or just finished a certain case so want to discuss more? LOL! I so agree with you on the Ah De and Sun Jin (Janel). It’s true that he doesn’t have to be all “macho” or looking like he needed to prove anything. He’s just so supportive of her and all. And honestly, I couldn’t find all the names either so it’s really a shame. The thing about this huge cast is, some of them weren’t even listed ages ago. Maybe because I waited until now to watch it properly that I did manage to get some of the names because some of them had become a lot more famous now, i.e. Li Jia Ying and Tender Huang, etc. perhaps I will go on one of my hunts to figure out the names one of these days, lol.

      1. I can’t find who plays Ah De anywhere, even though most of the standard sources like DramaWiki or IMDb list the extended cast at great lengths. Some cast lists even include Ehlo Huang’s cameo appearance in the final ep! If you ever find out who played him, pls let me know!

      2. OMG, I found it! I just googled the drama name, using the Chinese characters. It’s on Baidu, Ah De’s name is He Hao Jie (何豪杰). A nice name actually, lol.

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