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Okay, SO I finally had some free time to listen to this more carefully and reviewing it. And I don’t know, but I felt like I should free my mind of all the side criticism from others as well. I meant, we all have our opinions, but sometimes I get so down that those opinions influenced my own SO I had to make sure I give this a fair listening, lol.

Now, first off, this time, it was much easier to do the review, mostly because I didn’t have to jump around to look up words that could have stumped me (since I’m still learning, of course). Because behind the big poster are the lyrics–in both Chinese and English. So if you get the album, that’s the upside. Not to mention some other goodies. The photo book this time is designed so that the pictures are transparent, so you could see through all the pages, but you could also lift the first layer up and look at the next one on its own page. There’s also a coupon for Angela’s Temptation Styles. (The coupon expired on December 31st, 2014.)

So on to the songs now.

1. Bandage (OK蹦). Strong, upbeat song. Lively and suitable for opening up the album. Kind of metallic feeling although it’s supposed to be somewhat of a love song. Well, sort of. There are just too many heartbroken things in this world, sometimes it’s better to be or rely on robots.

2. When You Live For Love (為愛而活). Very powerful and inspirational song. Moving on and all. I especially like Angela’s voice for this track. I don’t know, it brings back some of the feelings of the past, like fighting on, etc. Although there are heartbreaking events in life, there are also things to look forward to, etc. Love the encouraging messages in here.

3. My Tears (我的眼淚). Another somewhat of an inspirational song. Be true to oneself, even if there are prices for it. Somewhat sad and haunting. Okay, it’s very sad and haunting, lol.

4. Sunshine Air (陽光空氣). Kind of lighthearted and sweet song. More uplifting than the last few songs, honestly. (Though that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the last 3 songs.) It’s more hopeful and playful too.

5. Love Isn’t Wrong (愛沒有錯). Sad song. Just plain sad. Not really focusing on the blaming game, but just wanting to move on.

6. Travel Enthusiast (愛旅行的人). Awesome song about life. There are many things we cannot control and can’t change others’ opinions, but it doesn’t mean we can’t go on living our lives.

7. Love Magnetic Field (愛磁場). The true uplifting, upbeat and encouraging song in the whole album. I swear, LOL! Even if some of the other songs are still encouraging us on and be positive, but it’s still in the morbid mood. This one just reeks of happiness and one couldn’t help but be affected by the positive vibe.

8. Pleasing (討好). Another sad song. Too sad for words. I don’t know. But I think most of us could relate to this song, with trying hard to please others but then losing ourselves in it. Or forcing other people to see it our way yet in the end, it would cause even more frustration. This one was just telling one to let go or to stop playing mind games.

9. Tattoo Love (刺情). Another sad song. Love, breakup, and denial. I think this one especially tugged at my heart more than the others because it sort of hit close to home.

10. Live In This Moment (活在此刻). Actually, this song is quite uplifting and encouraging one to live and cherish each day with happiness, not dwell in sorrow or waste time. However, for some reason, I couldn’t get into it. Yeah, finally complaining. Maybe it’s the mix of the song or the beat. NOT sure. It felt off for me.

11. Never Forget You. Ummmmmm. I don’t know what to say about this either. I meant it’s not a bad song, but for some reason, I’m not feeling it either. Oh yeah, Angela sings in English for this one so there’s no need to look at the lyrics unless you’re not fluent and need the Chinese counterpart of the lyrics, lol.

So after all of that, what’s my final decision? I like it. But for some reason, I feel a sense of anti-climatic at times. Maybe it’s because they’re on the same wavelength, not really standing out over one another for some reason. NOT implying or saying it’s monotone, but I felt because each song was sung with the same technique, except for some I guess, so the songs ended up being somewhat the same. And I think what most of us Angela fans want to ask is: When is Angela done with being a robot? NOT saying she’s a robot, lol. I meant the style. I will say that I like it that she’s breaking out with different styles and continue to show her talent, but I hope she would move on from the robot theme the next time. I hope she would go back to being an earthling soon. LOL! But all in all, I found most of the tracks enjoyable.

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