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Hurray, another 183 Club update, right?

In an interview like months back (possibly last year but I’m not totally sure), Ming Dao said something about the possibility of 183 Club holding a reunion concert in the future. Fans will be more than happy to see this reunion. However, that’s just talks. At least for the moment. Will they wait for the ten-year mark instead? Meanwhile, what’s going on with their lives as of recent?

Ehlo Huang Yu Rong (黃玉榮)

I would like to make some clarifications regarding what I wrote about Ehlo Huang on the last post of changes. Ehlo is still with J-Star and under his new manager, Tony Sun Xie Zhi. Yes, Senior Xie Zhi has become Manager Xie Zhi. Tony seems to be doing just fine with getting Ehlo’s career back on track. Ehlo mentioned in his Weibo of various projects. Can’t wait to see the developments of those.

Jacky Chu/Zhu Fan Gang (祝釩剛)

Jacky was recently seen on Jin Qu Chao Ji Xing (金曲超級星) again helping one of the current contestants. That was a successful collaboration between him and Xiao Lu. Also, it was fun to see the Chu siblings standing alongside each other on stage again.

In the previous update post regarding Hong Ju Zi artists, I mentioned about Tang Feng and Xiao Xiao Yu being in Rookies’ Diary together. I found out several days later that Jacky’s actually in it too. Great or what? He mentioned in his Weibo that he has not filmed for three years and is a bit worried about it. However, I can’t wait to see it either. This time, he’s portraying a medical examiner. It’s a new type of role for him–as any other, but this seems to be a positive sign that he’s making his way back gradually. Now, where in the world is that long-awaited album?

Johnny Yan Xing Shu (顏行書)

I have no idea what he’s doing nowadays but I’m guessing still in basketball?

Matthew Lin Ming Dao (明道)

There’s no need to worry about Ming Dao’s career, like always. He’s actually shooting Zhong Wu Yan right now with Cheryl Yang. It’s their reunion since Angel Lover. And interestingly enough, Xiao Xiao Yu’s also in this drama–as Cheryl’s friend this time around. This is another reunion taking place since Ming Dao and Xiao Xiao Yu was last seen together in Always Smile. Fourth time’s the charm? When will they get to reunite for a drama that they pair up once again? Wishful thinking on my part actually.

Sam Wang Shao Wei (王少偉)

What is Sam doing? Probably still maintaining his bakery. But of course, he’s out of J-Star already. He mentioned about returning to help his good brothers if they needed him.

Short updates and that’s so cheating for the sake of updates, BUT maybe I’ll do a better one next time. Just feeling like updating about them since I haven’t for a while.

*Most images were captured by DTLCT, some were by SoTN

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7 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Singaporean says:

    Hi there. Nice blog you have 🙂
    Finally Ming Dao back doing a TW drama
    Xiao Xiao Yu is a 2nd lead actress?
    Hope Zhong Wu Yan will turn out great.

  2. DTLCT says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting.
    Not sure if Xiao Xiao Yu is second lead or not. Maybe she’s just part of the supporting cast since there’s also Wu Yan’s rival and all. Have to wait and see. I do hope it would turn out great too.

    1. catherine anne berongoy says:

      I’m a fan from the Philippines so its nice to see a blog about this group, I know little of their whereabouts since I get to see them only in their dramas shown here, I didn’t even knew that Sam is already out of J-star,I hope Jacky’s comeback would turn out really well I believe that he is genuinely talented especially in singing, I heard and watched Affective Line and that stirred up my interest in their group, I know they’ve disbanded already that’s why I hope that the alleged reunion would really happen I hope Ehlo’s career would turn out well also under his new manager and hope to see them in a new drama soon. CHOW!!!!

  3. vgag says:

    I was pleased to see Tang Feng is episode one in a very intriguing role as a recruit new to military training–and with a somewhat mysterious past. I was stunned when I saw a link to promo photo for Rookies Diary on Hong Ju Zi Fans that had Jacky Zhu in it. I’m pleased he has a role that at least sounds reputable–but maybe his character will be a flirt or a sleaze–but I hope not!

  4. DTLCT says:

    I think he shouldn’t. At least I hope not! ‘Cause the production team seems to be respecting the military’s strict rules and how they enforce it thus far. They won’t ruin the image of someone like that. (I know the new recruits are behaving quite immature right now but I think that will change and the trainings will allow them to grow up.) IF Jacky’s indeed portraying someone with some authority within the military base, they (the production team) won’t let him take on such typical roles. (I just hope so… since it seems to be down to earth enough so far.)

    1. catherine anne berongoy says:

      Nice blog I’m a fan from the Philippines and I know little of their whereabouts today since I only see them in their series shown here I tried looking for updates in different social networking sites but nothing seems to suffice my curiousity on how they are doing, I didn’t know that Sam is out of J-star, I hope Jacky can have a good comeback I believe that he is genuinely talented especially in singing,and that Ehlo would have a good career under his new manager, and hope that the alleged reunion concert would truly happen and I also hope they would reunite in a new drama I missed seeing them as a group I’ve always liked them ever since I saw The Magicians of Love, and when I saw their video of Affective Line, well Good luck to you guys especially to Jacky!!! hope everything would turn out great for all of you!! CHOW!!!!!

  5. DTLCT says:

    @catherine anne berongoy – Thanks for visiting and commenting. I try to update on 183 Club whenever I can since there seems to be lacking of information on them – or at least not focused as a group anymore. Though it makes sense since to the public, they’re passe right now. BUT I still want to show support on this blog.
    And I usually moderate my comments so if you don’t see it appearing right away, it’s still stuck in the queue and I haven’t gotten around to check it yet.
    Thanks for visiting once again.


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