As Fate Would Have It

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Just when us QiaoRu fans are getting kind of restless with the non-existence of interaction (aside from the fact that they both added each other on Weibo already and that she had commented on one of his posts), things hyped up once again–courtesy of the media. (Yeah, that was sarcasm.)

So one fine day when Calvin was promoting his new book, The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen, the media considerately cough cough (Yeah, sarcasm again…) asked him about his relationship with Qiao Qiao instead. How nice of them to care really. Since we’re on the topic anyway, here’s the regular version and here’s the deluxe version. (What’s the difference between the two versions? Don’t ask me, I didn’t get it. Still stuck in Brokesville…)

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After scrambling to explain… No, wait, what in the world am I saying? Calvin was more composed than that, sorry. I’m not supposed to write my fanfic here. LOL! Sorry about that. The media’s already doing their weaving of the stories, right? I don’t need to do it too. Anyway, back on track, Calvin had to answer some questions but still remained cool while explaining that they were just friends, just like any of his other female friends. YET he dug a hole for himself when he said that some friends you carry an ambiguous relationship with (or something like that). NICE…just when I was giving him points for being the cool dude.

Moving on, the media was already let loose, so why should they stop, right? It’s okay. Time for more explanation from Calvin. The media also managed to ask Qiao Qiao about the two of them when she was talking about her latest drama (I think) because she’s still in Mainland China filming (or something like that). Not only did Calvin feed the media some fuel, but Qiao Qiao also did some herself, complimenting Calvin on his sunshine look, and also mentioned wanting to collaborate with him in the future. (Check here.) Where are those producers when we need them? Here are some people wanting to work together! (LOL!)

What does that mean for us QiaoRu fans? More feeding on our obsession and a hopeful glint that they would collaborate in the future. If only their schedules would clear up. Possible? 2011 is far from over. If they’re packed until next year, we still have next year to hope for, right?

Meanwhile, Calvin and Qiao Qiao are doing damage control. Or at least in between those media attacks. From what was said and done, Calvin did mention that he had contacted Qiao Qiao (via text message?) and apologized for having involved her in those rumors. (Aww…so considerate…) But she replied saying that she was also in the e-circle so she knew how things were. His words mostly, but it still showed that their friendship is pretty good thus far. I have to give them both a round of applause since they had handled the situation so well, answering questions in a positive manner, not losing their cool at all.

Until next time, my fellow QiaoRu fans…

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*Courtesy of nastyhobbit for finding various news articles and video clips AND most of all, sharing translations with us.

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