Asian Wave Moments: The Return of Zhu Shi Xiong Di

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Just the other day, James posted up an old picture of the brothers’ performance on one of the shows. It sent me chasing a possible new performance down. One question later and some unfruitful findings, I finally matched the outfits to a certain tiny clip of them singing something only to find out it was old. So just to direct my attention away from the lost, I hunted down some clips they were performing on Asian Wave last year.

The song in the clip above is actually “Once Again“, one of 183 Club’s songs from their first album. Fans are too familiar with it yet it seemed refreshing to see the brothers sing it together onstage. I really miss those times when Jacky sing the old songs from time to time for different performances with 183 Club. But this time, it was really cute to see how James was chanting along (even when Jacky was singing it).

Because of how James would randomly share moments from past performances when he was in one of his sentimental moods, it was really misleading sometimes if they have a new performance or not. Yet it would make sense that they don’t since Jacky’s mad busy filming for Dong Jiang Heroes right now. It would be too hard to juggle for both, especially how much energy it would take to film for the historical drama.

But while we’re still waiting for a possible future performance, here’s another song for the road:

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8 thoughts on “Asian Wave Moments: The Return of Zhu Shi Xiong Di

  1. Where Zai Yi Bian is concerned, I think he wrote and produced it. He sang it live at his recording studio unplugged gig in late December 2011.

    1. Maybe? I meant stuffs went quiet regarding performances because Jacky was busy filming Dong Jiang Heroes. His schedule should open now. Unless his company has more stuffs for him to do after a short break (that is). Like how it was with Ci Hun.

      1. I also wondered if Yale Talents were sensible in finding him work on the mainland, giving him time to live down his latest drug arrest–even though he was acquitted.

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