The Return of Wong Fei Hung

After watching this, I had to re-analyze all Andy Lau dramas back then when he was still with TVB. I used to think that Felix Wong was the one who got the short end of the stick, but Andy wasn’t too far behind. I have watched the majority of Andy’s TV series so I think…

Maestro: A Wallace and Yang Mi drama

I saw this posted on HuaJae’s Facebook page first. Then I got curious and went on Weibo to do some stalking. (Go here for their Weibo page) I thought it was going to be a movie like their previous collaboration but I was wrong. This will be a TV series, possibly about 50 episodes. The…

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2018

Yes, someone finally went through with this one although there were rumors of a certain someone doing it for years. I was glad it wasn’t going to be that person. Anyhow, I got curious, of course, so I looked it up after seeing some stills floating around on Weibo. It seemed a tad more promising….

White Fox by Ai Yi Man

(Uploaded by: Grace yen) Song Title: White Fox (白狐) Music by: Li Xu Hui (李旭辉) Lyrics by: Sun Hong Ying (孙红莺) Key: Bold = Chinese Sky Blue = Pin Yin Grayish Blue = English Faded Violet = Vietnamese 我是一只修行千年的狐 wo shi yi zhi xiu xing qian nian de hu I’m only a fox that has…

The Chinese Ghost Buster

I recently stumbled upon this series. I am a fan of Law Lok Lam so of course I dived in and watched. I must admit that it was disappointing for an ATV series. Yes, I usually liked it for most ATV series that I watched in the past. There were exceptions, but not by much….